How Marketo Structures Marketing Operations


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The growth of marketing automation has coincided with marketing operations, making it a very strategic role representing an intersection of marketing, technology, and business process. In this presentation, you'll learn how to build out your marketing operations role and function, and structure your team.

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  • Saw this article a few months back and have seen many like it – MOPS constantly evolving & becoming more of a defined and critical field/role
    With the wider adoption of technologies like Marketo, it just means more folks out there who will fill a MOPS role
    And the evidence is there, one of the top questions I get from customers and folks in the industry is about how to build out the MOPS function/role/team. For many companies this role is brand new. Uncharted territory.
    That’s the reason for this webinar.
    Because technology is advancing so rapidly and things in the marketing tech space are changing, it means that there are no hard and fast definitions in MOPS. So this isn’t about how you SHOULD structure MOPS, but more about the Marketo journey since I’ve been here.
  • Here’s just another data point as to why structuring your MOPS team is important – it’s taking more of your staff!
    First inclusion of Marketing Operations was in 2005, at 2.5% of staff.
    Clearly MOPS is growing within Marketing organizations, and as teams get bigger, you continually need to think about the best structure for your growing team and your growing company overall.
  • Marketo is at 11%, double the industry standard. Likely this is something that is uniquely Marketo, since we develop the product that is the core of a MOPS team.
  • Even as MOPS staffing increases, the range of responsibilities is also increasing.
    MOPS professionals are taking on more, and the role is becoming more important.
    We’ve certainly felt this at Marketo – if you just simply look at our expanding product (personalization, financial mangement, calendar… these are all functions that MOPS must support)
  • Tactical -> Strategic is also how I would view the maturity model.
  • Flat team, direct reporting to VP
  • Our core responsibilities were very tactical
  • Except for measurement & analytics, where we had a defined role for this function. I think this is where you mature fastest because of just how important it is to the business.
  • Combined with Sales Ops to form Revenue Ops team
  • Starting to move up and tackle more responsibilities
  • Data became much more important, esp with the alignment with SOPS
    Also more emphasis on budget management with MFM
  • Split from Sales Ops
    Much more of a focus on MOPS and managing that team well
  • Continued drive in Data management… taking a leading role in selecting technologies
    Continued advancement in budget management
  • Specialized benefits
    1- other teams had a “go-to”, consistency in working with the same person, building rapport/history
    2- mops team members were more focused, could gain experience & expertise, had a sense of responsibility
    3- no confusion over who does what

    JIRA benefits
    1- no confusion over who does what, no email mess, could track progress of tickets
    2- resource planning – should I devote more support to a particular team? Should I hire more folks? Is one person on the team being unproductive?
  • SCALE!
  • Continued expansion of data & budget management
  • Focus on enablement!
  • Type of candidate:
    -experience in demand generation or performance marketing
    -someone who likes to organize/be organized… to-do lists
    -programming experience or math/science/eng degrees/backgrounds … technical marketers
    -Marketo/marketing automation/SFDC experience actually not that necessary, pool of candidates quite small and this can be taught
    -Marketo experience can sometimes be over-valued – you must look at how they were using Marketo specifically. “Marketo experience” can mean a lot of things
    -EXCEL. They need to know this very well. If they don’t use the mouse, you know they are good.
    Where to find them:
    MOCCA, Community, in other marketing teams, no magic bullet
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