SmartBear Software Success Story - Gary DeAsi


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Gary DeAsi, Senior Marketing Manager for SmartBear Software and Two-Time Marketo Champion, speaks about his company's experience using Marketo's marketing automation software - sharing his journey through evaluation, implementation, and integration.

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  • Unification. Integrate 3 disparate marketing processes into single, unified workflow for marketing operations and lead management – one database/lead management environment, consistent lead routing and processing, consistent data

    Scalability. Establish a scalable system for future growth. Needed to support volume, added team members, efficiency of staff and program execution, more acquisitions

    Quick and Easy. Quick implementation and ease-of-use. Needed to get up and running right away, no time to waste in order support booming growth. Small team back then, needed to support all of the above

    Powerful and Sophisticated. Enough so to leverage complex APIs, multi-product environment, a high volume, high velocity model

    Strong Integration Capabilities. SFDC, CMS, licensing servers, GTW.

    Tracking, Reporting, Analytics. Metrics-oriented organization
  • Sales Insight
    Making meaningful data readily available and actionable for your sales team. Web activity, email engagement, interesting moments, lead score, watch lists

    Complexity of landing page and email creation. Customization. Do I need HTML, JavaScript, coding experience and resources? How easy to reproduce/repurpose? Do I need to create a separate form for every single campaign I create?

    Templates. Use templates across things like emails, landing pages so that you can make universal changes easily. Pre-built and customizable, create your own. Reports and programs.

    Customization. Can I customize objects, features and processes to align with specific business objectives? SmartBear free trial model – custom program successes, reporting, email marketing process, email/landing pages –everything is customized to serve trial generation. Also by market and product.

    Flexibility and Granularity (Filters and Logic). You don’t always want every marketing initiative, email campaign, and operational process to affect everyone in your database. You want to suppress certain leads, include certain leads. Sample database

    Behavioral Data. Very powerful. Some marketing automation systems are limited in behavioral data – focus on things like opened email, basic demographic/firmographic data. Want a full toolbox of behaviors to choose from, even though you probably won’t need them all.

    Lead Nurturing. “If open or click do this, if not do this…” can turn into a mess really easily. What if you have new content to add or is only relevant for a certain period of time? How do stop leads from receiving same content multiple times? How do you transition leads through different stages in the buying cycle?

    Support and community. Help articles, support and community strength. Whelp, good luck! Not just support, but collateral – videos, how-tos, articles. Ask specific questions in forum. Strong community is always a good sign

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