Dreamforce 2013 - 10 Ways Marketing Automation and Inbound Marketing Work Together


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You've heard the buzz about marketing automation and inbound marketing, but do you really grasp their full potential – and how they work together to drive revenue? In this Dreamforce 2013 session, Jon Miller, co-founder and VP Marketing at Marketo, and Rand Fishkin, CEO of Moz, join forces to share their “secret sauce” for driving their own company’s growth. You'll see how the experts at Marketo use marketing automation themselves, including actual results and metrics. And you’ll learn how Moz uses content, SEO, social, community, and email to attract thousands of new customers.

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  • For those of you who don’t know Marketo, let me give you a quick overviewWe’re aSaaS software company that pioneered the marketing automation category and is now charting a course for the Marketing platform of the futureMarketo was one of the fastest growing private companies, and is now one of the fastest growing public companies, sustaining over 130% compounded annual revenue growthThe most important thing to note on here on this slide is our customer experienceWe serve over 2700 companies worldwide – names that you all know – we are lucky to count folks like British Telecom, Accenture, GE, Google, and Facebook as customers.We’ve learned a LOT about what the New World of Marketing is by working with these great folksI’d like to share a little bit of that today…<next slide>
  • Changed buyer
  • HOW MANY OF YOU GET ASKED “WHAT’S IT ALL WORTH”?With your sales reps converting more business, it’s really important to understand which campaigns are driving revenue. And that leads us to #4, which is, marketers must be able to prove the impact of their marketing investments to executives.
  • And nurture! And lifetime value / engagement
  • Explain
  • We create a ton of content… go to marketo.com/resources
  • Some systems are simple, but require manual repetition of basic tasks, over and over again. In Marketo, not only are campaigns launched rapidly, they can be replicated in a matter of seconds, as only Marketo offers the ability to clone a campaign, including all of its assets, in a single click.
  • Take a webinar for example. You’ll have the email invites, registration page, reminders, follow-ups, and more. Once the webinar is cloned, simply change the date, title, description and more, and all of the assets in the cloned campaign will be updated in one fell swoop.
  • Unlike Moz, we have a sales team (not ecommerce).
  • You can do this simply by creating more content, but we’ve found it helps to push your message sometimes!
  • What I want to focus on here is two models that you can use to calculate the ROI yourself. In the first, the key is to estimate
  • So how can we be more relevant and engaging?You can’t be relevant if you’re broad.We know batch and blast does not work – it is simply less engaging. One way is to be more targeted – smaller sends = more engaging. Engagement Score enables marketers to quickly judge how effectively each piece of content is engaging prospects and customers over time… combines open, click, unsubscribe, conversion, and so on into a single metrics.
  • 18 triggers11 batches19 campaigns to manage the whole thing
  • Not all segments need to be different email versions
  • The key to relevance is behavioral targeting.So you want relevancy and engagement – but this requires sophisticated targeting that combines online body language (web traffic, search behavior, email response) plus transactional data plus with lifestyle and demographic data (personas)When behavioral cues are not used, email can be experienced as a dissonant interruption. What the sender considers a coordinated "drip campaign" may feel more like water torture to the receiver.
  • Here’s an example of how Marketo created even more relevance.Topic of interest nurturing: Nurture tracks based on four different topics that we thought our customers were interested in (email, social marketing, marketing automation, and Microsoft Dynamics). Welisten for signs that may be interested in this (events attended, web visits, keywords used etc.), and if so assign them to the specific track nurture track. If they get to the end of that specific track, we put them back to regular until they do something else specific.
  • Result: Big lift!More on our blog about this: http://blog.marketo.com/blog/2013/06/topic-of-interest-based-nurturing.html
  • While this may be straightforward for programmers, it’s a foreign language to most marketers…This makes the marketer reliant on technical resources for anything that’s not simple, especially anything that incorporates behaviors beyond email open and click
  • Mention Positive and Negative Demo Score
  • Here’s how Marketo does it. Latent behaviors – interestActive behaviors – buying intent
  • Active vs Latent Leads – very different follow-up. Active <5 min response. Latent, craft a personalized message.
  • OK, so we’ve generated Prospects from Inbound and Outbound sources…. What next?
  • Many marketers are perceived as a cost center. You can’t expect your organization to place value on something you’re unable to quantify. But when you do use the right metrics and processes, there is nothing more powerful to help marketing earn it’s rightful seat at the revenue table.Here I show you how Marketo does it.
  • Step 1: Important to track all touches
  • Step 1: Important to track all touches
  • Here we see what works for Marketo (over the last 12)58% ofpipeline from Inbound activities
  • With this change, marketing has the opportunity to seize the day and take a much larger share of revenue – since Marketing is responsible for that 70%. Requires Marketing to think as rigorously about their process as Sales typically thinks about their. Here’s Marketo’s…. Let me explain.
  • ModelNote Success Path and Detours; Inventory and SLAs
  • Google Analytics for Revenue
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