Consumer Engagement Marketing: A Better Way to Do Email


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    I also wanted to take a second to address any attendees who are familiar with Marketo’s existing products. The Dialog Edition relies on some of the same technologies that are included with other Marketo products, like the Spark, Standard, Select Editions and Marketo Lead Management. However, The Dialog Edition is built to solve challenges faced by marketers who are marketing to consumers or at least those who don’t have a direct sales force. For example, The Dialog Edition doesn’t include the functionality to help drive sales team and marketing team alignment, like Marketo Sales Insight. It also doesn’t include the native B2B CRM integrations with platforms like It’s built to provide marketing automation to companies who have hit a ceiling with their email service provider.
  • On any given day, the average customer will be exposed to 2,904 media messages, will pay attention to 52 and will positively remember 4 – SuperProfile 2010

    60% have a negative opinion of marketing
    61% feel amount is out of control
    65% feel constantly bombarded
    59% feel marketing has very little relevance
  • This is largely because most marketing is interruptive and not engaging. This leads to low open and click rates for emails, and doesn’t enable an immersive, engaging marketing experience.
  • So how do we create engaging email campaigns that drive better results?
  • First, we need to listen to each individual’s activity, at scale, to understand how each person is engaging with your marketing today. That means listening to how each person interacts with your emails, your web pages, and other online and offline channels.
  • We have to use what we learn to Be Revelant. Every marketer knows how important relevance is to getting your message heard. But being relevant goes beyond just the message itself and includes sending messages at the right time.
  • We know traditional batch and blast does not work – it is simply less engaging.
    One way to be more engaging is to be more targeted. Smaller sends = more engaging.

    Here’s some data that we’ve collected on how engaging an email is based on the size of the send group. As you can see, the smaller the send, the more engaging it is. We use a Marketo metric, Engagement Score, here which combines open, click, unsubscribe, conversion, and so on into a single metric.
  • Third, we need to carry on conversations across channels. Today’s consumers move seamlessly across digital and offline channels.
    According to a recent Experian QAS® survey, 36 percent of U.S. organizations interact with customers and prospects in five or more channels.
    In retail banking, 61% of consumers use three or more channels each month (e.g. branch, phone, online, and mobile – in addition to email).

    However, Companies Not Prepared to Deliver Integrated Experiences
    QUOTE: “Fewer than 10 percent of brands are executing true cross-channel communications informed by one view of the customer.” - The 2013 Digital Marketer, Experian = Big opportunity to increase relevancy.

    This is especially a problem with ESP. Email “grew up” with companies using stand-alone email service providers (ESPs) and outside agencies. This legacy hangs over email today. Traditional email service providers (ESP) = not multi-channel, not channel agnostic

    Marketers shouldn’t expect the consumer to adapt; companies should adapt. This means moving from channel- or promotion-centric marketing plans to customer-centric marketing plans, and enabling those plans with marketing technology that is ready to deliver across channels.
  • And finally, marketers must engage with customers appropriately throughout their lifecycle. This means understanding where your customers are in their lifecycle and marketing to them with the right message based on that.
  • Here’s some data from Marketo’s own email campaigns. As we migrated away from email marketing that was largely based on demographic segmentations only to behavioral, triggered engagement that followed the practices laid out here, these are the results.

  • Enter The Dialog Edition – An email marketing platform that goes beyond email and makes it easy to automate your campaigns and trigger emails in real time. Let me give you some examples of what that means. With The Dialog Edition, you can set up ongoing, automated campaigns in a matter of minutes. One campaign could send out a coupon to your subscribers, then trigger different emails based on whether they opened or redeemed that coupon. With multi-channel triggers, you could trigger an email to someone who shares one of your links on their Facebook page. And with the Customer Engagement Engine, you can set up series of content, like a series of welcome emails, as a way to keep your brand at the forefront. In fact, you can even move people between series of content based on their behaviors, such as purchasing a specific product or visiting a specific web page. With these capabilities, you can imagine a world where your marketing platform does the work for you. Just set it and forget it, creating campaigns once and just reviewing and refining over time.

    These capabilities in The Dialog Edition are powered by a smart marketing database that can store demographic, behavioral and transactional information. It collects behavioral information about each individual person across digital channels automatically, and can act as a standalone database or take in data from other systems. And, with robust analytics that go beyond email, you can see the ROI of your marketing campaigns and understand which channels, programs and campaigns are working best.
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