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5 Ways Your Sales Team Will Make the Next Webinar a Success



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Editor's Notes

  • Thank you for taking the meeting today.
    I’d like to cover the following three topics in the next 20-30 minutes.
    First, I want to quickly recap our understanding of your needs. I know you have spoken to some of our sales development reps and they got an initial understanding of the challenges and what you’re trying to solve. I want to recap that and make sure we are aligned to your challenges. The rest of the presentation will be very contextual to that.
    Second, I want to quickly give you a quick overview of our company and then discuss two main sections:
    Highlight some of the similar challenges that enterprise marketing teams are facing today and introduce the concept of engagement marketing
    Illustrate how Marketo can uniquely uniquely address your specific marketing challenges

    Finally, I’d like to answer your questions as we go along and discuss next steps with you at the end of my presentation.
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