IWA SEO Presentation - So Effin` Overwhelming


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Made it to the IWA meeting July 22nd, 2014 but was too confused to retain the information? No worries! Now you can view, re-view, and review the entire presentation.

Wasn't able to make it? Go ahead and view the presentation and see what topics were discussed. There is a lot of information that was discussed so go ahead and contact me for anything questions.

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IWA SEO Presentation - So Effin` Overwhelming

  1. 1. Fundamentals of SEO A Big Nose Marketing production Directed and Narrated by Ryon McCamish (who really has no idea what he’s doing)
  2. 2. What is SEO? SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is optimizing a website to be shown in a SERP (Search Engine Results Page) to a user for the relevant keyword or key phrase that is being searched for.
  3. 3. What is SEO really? An online marketing campaign or strategy that needs to be heavily tracked, researched, and adjusted at a moments notice that requires hair pulling outing, not understanding anything, and rocking back and forth in a corner crying when you realize what you’ve gotten yourself in to.
  4. 4. or as I like to call it…
  5. 5. So Effin` Overwhelming
  6. 6. Topics of the Hour • SEOing Factors • Internal & External Factors • Your Website • Your Blog • Online Directories • Reviews • Social Media • Backlinks (Link Juice) & Co-Citations • Google Analytics • Google Algorithms • Spam • Spotting a Fake SEO Guru
  7. 7. SEOing Factors SEOing Factors • Neuroscience • UX & Design • Keyword Research • Screen Responsiveness • PR • Social Media • Reviews • Backlinks • Website Copy • Blog Copy • Website Auditing • Performance Tracking • Online Directories • Content Marketing • YouTube • Brand • Co-citations • Landing Pages • Email Marketing • Algorithm Knowledge • Site Speed • And much, much more…
  8. 8. SEOing Factors SEOing Factors Or as Rand Fishkin from MOZ says: “Anything that affects input directly or indirectly is SEO.” http://moz.com/blog/does-seo-boil-down-to-site-crawlability-and-content-quality-whiteboard-friday
  9. 9. SEO: Ranking Factors SEOing Factors: Ranking Factors There over 200 of them. If you print this infographic out, it would measure 11 in wide x 23 FEET long! http://blog.hubspot.com/marketing/google-ranking- algorithm-infographic http://moz.com/search-ranking-factors Ranking Factors Importance Ranking Factors Description (Infographic source)
  10. 10. Internal & External Factors Internal & External Factors Internal Factors: Website, Hosting Provider, Entire Online Marketing Strategy, Landing Pages, Site Performance External Controllables: Backlinks, Online Directories, Social Media posts, Outbound Links External Uncontrollables: Backlinks, Hosting Provider, Social Media engagement, Algorithm Updates
  11. 11. Your Website Your Website Title Line URL Path Website
  12. 12. Your Website and Google Your Website and Google Title Line Page or Meta Description – 512px long (~65 characters) - ~160 characters
  13. 13. Responsive Website Your Website: Responsive Website What is it? A responsive website is a website that scales according to screen size. Not to be confused with a mobile site.
  14. 14. Responsive Website Your Website: Responsive Website
  15. 15. Responsive Website Your Website: Responsive Website What makes them so special? Loves Them!
  16. 16. Your Blog Your Blog Is a content holding, thought sharing, lead generating powerhouse that Google eats up. Your blog should have per post: • 1,500 words • SEO’d title line • SEO’d permalink • SEO’d blog title • SEO’d page description • SEO’d content • Lead generation
  17. 17. Online Directories Online Directories
  18. 18. Online Directories: NAP Online Directories: NAP Name Address Phone number
  19. 19. Online Directories: NAP Online Directories: NAP The key to with Local SEO is consistency. John’s Shop 123 Johnson St. (651) 123-4567 St. Paul, MN 54321 http://johnsshop.com Johns Shop 123 Johnson Street 651.123.4567 Saint Paul, MN 54321 www.johnsshop.com
  20. 20. Reviews Reviews Man, am I EVER going to shut up?? I’m thinking the same thing, “What is this guy TALKING about?” I really have no idea what I’m doing…
  21. 21. Social Media Social Media There is: And then there is:
  22. 22. Social Media and SEO Social Media and SEO Compelling Content Creates Engagement For More to See WANT to Follow You Gets Web Traffic To Convert
  23. 23. Backlinks & Co-Citations Backlinks & Co-Citations Backlink: A link to your site from another site Co-Citation: A mention of your business on another site Quality Vs. Quantity
  24. 24. Google Analytics Google Analytics Nothing to see here. Just more mindless babble…
  25. 25. Google Algorithms Google Algorithms Panda Penguin Hummingbird
  26. 26. Spam Spam • Duplicate Content • Too Many Keywords • Full Screen Ads • Duplicate Business Listings • Backlinks • Too Many Errors(404) • Heavily SEO’d Landing Pages • If it feels wrong, it probably is
  27. 27. The secret sauce recipe is… Spam
  28. 28. Spotting a Fake SEO Guru Spotting a Fake SEO Guru 1. Promising Page 1 2. Talking Up Backlinks 3. All about keywords 4. Get you on hundreds of directories 5. Can’t/won’t explain tactics 6. All you need is SEO 7. Can fix SEO for a flat rate 8. Don’t worry about algorithms 9. “Hi, this is Google.”
  29. 29. Fin
  30. 30. Q&A Time Q&A Time ryon.mccamish@gmail.com • bignosemarketing.com (Coming Soon!)