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Making Content Your Competitive Advantage #MAICON19


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Too many companies are stuck in a “publish and pray” mentality and spend way too much time conducting keyword and competitor research. Bringing AI into the content creation process not only saves weeks of research but uncovers more audience insight than can be physically researched by hand.

In this presentation, MarketMuse co-founder Jeff Coyle explores how AI can drastically improve productivity throughout your content team and help them create more effective content. Learn how to:

Identify gaps and opportunities in your content and your competitor’s.
Use content clusters to build topical authority.
Incorporate buyer intent into your content plan.
Avoid publishing bad content.

Published in: Marketing
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Making Content Your Competitive Advantage #MAICON19

  1. 1. Making Content Your Competitive Advantage: How to Ensure Every Article Delivers ROI Jeff Coyle Co-founder and Chief Product Officer, MarketMuse @jeffrey_coyle #MAICON19 TM
  2. 2. @jeffrey_coyle 1. The Evolution of Search 2. Content Clusters 3. User Intent 4. Leveraging AI Agenda #MAICON19
  3. 3. @jeffrey_coyle 1. The Evolution of Search TM #MAICON19
  4. 4. Google has been challenging keyword-driven content for years @jeffrey_coyle #MAICON19
  5. 5. Too much time is spent on keyword research @jeffrey_coyle #MAICON19 Many keyword research practices are out of date. By the time you have finished thoroughly researching, the SERP has changed.
  6. 6. Content is not just articles and SEO It touches everything: @jeffrey_coyle #MAICON19 It’s used for a lot of things: • Traffic • User engagement and communication • Lead nurturing/generating • Branding and loyalty • Prospecting SEO Email Audio / VisualSocial UX / UI
  7. 7. You need a strong foundation High-quality content: • Adds value to the user by answering their questions/needs • Is topically comprehensive • Connects to other relevant content @jeffrey_coyle #MAICON19 A strong content strategy helps you: • Become an authority • Improve content quality • Fully cover the buy cycle • Increase content ROI
  8. 8. Only 41% of large organizations have a documented content strategy* @jeffrey_coyle TM #MAICON19 *Source: Content Marketing Institute
  9. 9. @jeffrey_coyle 2. Content Clusters TM #MAICON19
  10. 10. Content cluster example #MAICON19 @jeffrey_coyle
  11. 11. Topic cluster analysis #MAICON19 @jeffrey_coyle Are you… Covering the right related topics? Connecting related content together? Filling gaps in coverage?
  12. 12. @jeffrey_coyle 3. User Intent TM #MAICON19
  13. 13. What is user intent? #MAICON19 @jeffrey_coyle
  14. 14. Content strategy should map to user intent #MAICON19 @jeffrey_coyle
  15. 15. How to evaluate user intent #MAICON19 @jeffrey_coyle
  16. 16. @jeffrey_coyle 4. Leveraging AI TM #MAICON19
  17. 17. Topic modeling #MAICON19 @jeffrey_coyle #MAICON19
  18. 18. 65% of users think web content is “hit or miss” or “unreliable”* @jeffrey_coyle TM #MAICON19 *Source: Content Science
  19. 19. Save time by having AI do the research for you #MAICON19#MAICON19 • Analyze millions of pages, vs just the top 20 • Identify gaps in coverage • Pinpoint optimization opportunities @jeffrey_coyle
  20. 20. Score content to predict and improve performance before publishing #MAICON19 @jeffrey_coyle • Identify poor quality early • Improve topical coverage • Compare to competitors ahead of time
  21. 21. Jeff Coyle Co-founder & Chief Product Officer, MarketMuse @jeffrey_coyle #MAICON19 TM Help us gain real intelligence about this event. Navigate to your event app and take a few moments to rate this speaker. All feedback is helpful and appreciated.