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The Mobile Shopping Summit is a 3-day conference focused on the mobile commerce challenges, issues and opportunities across a range of industries, including: Retail, Entertainment, Travel, Retail Banking, Utilities and News Media. Everything you ever wanted to know about mobile commerce but were too scared to ask! WBR has been helping organizations navigate the e-Commerce maze since 1999 through the eTail West and eTail East ( conferences. You’ve been telling us all year that Mobile is your biggest opportunity…and your biggest obstacle, so we are here to help. Mobile Shopping Summit will simplify the challenge for you.

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Mobile Shopping Summit 2010

  1. 1. Featuring Presentations From the and Case producers of Studies From: October 25-27, 2010 • Bridgew aters, NYC m Attention Retailers: Miss out on a mobile strategy at your own peril ! You can’t have failed to have picked up on the mobile buzz. It’s everywher that, mobile commerce etc etc. e you turn, in everything you read, iPhon e this, App But who can help you separate the hype from the reality? From all the noise in that will drive your business forward? the market place to the actual nuggets Who is using the mobile channel effec of gold experience and drive sales? Leaving that tively to get more customers, to impr aside, how can you get help on actua ove customer steps 1, 2 and 3? lly kick-starting your mobile presence? What are This is exactly why I’ve spent the last three months researching and putting identified and selected leading-edge together the Mobile Shopping Sum retailers who have gone through a mob mit. I’ve ready to share their experiences. The ile revolution. They’ve emerged battl good, the bad, and the downright profi e scarred and table! Your three BIG questions will be answered at the Mobile Shopping Summit: 1 “I know that the mobile channel can potentially be as big as traditional eCom - Brandon McGee, the Mobile Strat merce. But where do I start?” egist for Dell’s Consumer Business Mobile: Where Do you Start When Build , guides you through Understanding ing Your Mobile Roadmap? the 101 of - Tim McCauley, Director of Mobile Commerce from Walgreens joins a discuss how to Overcome The Hurdles panel with Baron Concors, CIO of Pizza In Developing Your Mobile Commerc Hut to - In addition, I’ve put together roun e Site. dtables that will literally provide you with a mobile “how to” guide (see page 3). 2 “I’ve got a mobile site, but I don’t think it’s working too well. How - A “can’t miss” session: Andrew Kove can I optimize it?” n is President of eCommerce and Cust an eCommerce guru and has been optim omer Experience at Steve Madden. izing web experiences for 15 years. He He is mobile into your marketing, customer will show you how to tie together service and technology strategy. - 3 unmissable, “best practice” case studies from 1-800 Flowers, Gam successes and potential pitfalls you must eStop and Sears outlining the chall be aware of when embarking on a mob enges, ile strategy. 3 “Look at all these technologies and platforms springing up every sites. Let alone optimization! Help pleas where. I’m totally confused by platforms e!” and apps and - The Mobile Solutions Demo (see page s 4-5) gives you the opportunity to hear a “quick fire” format, exactly how their from leading mobile solution providers, solutions can help you get more custo in - The Retail Mobile Apps Demo (see mers and more sales page 5) puts the spotlight on mobile can you develop your own apps? Learn apps. Which ones are working well and from these innovators how they are how - You must sit in on Ed Deutscher’s changing retail! session too. He heads up technology functionality you need to include in your for and will be sharing what mobile offerings. key The Mobile Shopping Summit is the most comprehensive, informative, in-de Compare it with any other program pth mobile commerce event on the mark and you’ll clearly see the benefits. The et. providers; the best networking. Maki most retail case studies; the leading techn ng the decision to attend is easy if you ology are serious about mobile. See you in New York in October! Best regards, the Focus Day Don’t forget to attend ping Your on October 25th – “Develo p” which will set Leanne Laudico-Arcinue Strategic Mobile Roadma cussions on Executive Director Mobile Shopping Summit the stage for all our dis mobile during the summit! Sponsors: Organized by: REGISTER Call: 1-888-482-6012 or 1-646-200-7530 Fax: 1-646-200-7535 NOW! Email: Web:
  2. 2. Who Should Attend Mobile Shopping Summit 2010: Mobile is an emerging channel for many companies and industries, and we’ve found Typical job titles relevant to Mobile – CMO, CTO, CIO and SVP, VP, Director of: that mobile initiatives are led by executives and teams coming from the eCommerce, • eCommerce • Mobile Strategy • Product Marketing Marketing, and Technology departments. Mobile-specific job titles are also emerging • Marketing • Mobile Marketing • Technology but just because you don’t have the word “mobile” in your job title doesn’t mean • Web Marketing • Customer Experience • Marketing and you’re not leading the mobile efforts of your organization. Mobile Shopping Summit • Online Marketing • Consumer Products Communications welcomes all leaders and experts who are leading the way in advancing mobile • Digital Marketing • Consumer Business • Interactive Media commerce across the following industries: clothing and accessories, travel, • Digital Media • Strategic Marketing • Digital Media entertainment, computers, electronics, music and books, toys and baby, fragrances • Digital Business • Interactive and Emerging • Advertising and beauty, flowers and gifts, luxury brands, autos, and food. • Mobile Commerce Technologies • Mobile Payments DAY ONE: Focus Day Developing Your Strategic Mobile Roadmap On top of the research conducted on mobile commerce from the eTail conference in the past two Monday, October 25, 2010 years, the Mobile Shopping Summit team probed deeper into the challenges of the industry and what’s holding you back in moving mobile commerce forward. In the last six months, we’ve had interesting and eye-opening conversations with key e-Commerce, Marketing, and Technology executives about mobile and found 3 important nuggets: 1) Executives recognize mobile is the next big channel and can potentially be bigger than PC-based e-commerce, 2) Executives believe having a mobile presence – whether it’s an app or site or both - is not a question of IF but HOW. But many struggle with where to start, what tools are available, and what resources they need, 3) Executives will take extra caution on acting on something they don’t know much about yet. And what they don’t know is not just about the ROI of the mobile channel, but more so what the smart phone technologies are going to be like in the near future or how consumers are going to adopt new trends and shift behaviors again. This special focus day gives you answers. Answers to each of the above questions. Straight from the mouths of those who had the same concerns when they started their mobile strategies. But they took the risk early to pilot test their ideas. Learn invaluable best practices in starting your mobile commerce and give your customers the opportunity to engage with your brand and enjoy the novelty and convenience of mobile shopping! 9:30 Registration And Networking Breakfast Hear from a mobile commerce champion and leader to help you understand and set up the key elements and tools you need to pursue 10:15 Chairperson’s Opening Remarks your mobile commerce initiatives. • Sharing the Pizza Hut journey – from conceptual planning to execution 10:30 Understanding The 101 On Mobile: Where Do You of our mobile strategy. Start When Building Your Mobile Roadmap? • Overcoming the hurdles and winning your management and organization’s support in expanding into the mobile channel Brandon McGee • Why mobile shopping is not just for clothing, travel, or entertainment – Mobile Strategy, Consumer Business demonstrating opportunities to compete and win in the mobile channel Dell • Real-life lessons learned and best practices on how you can also Brandon McGee is a well-known, well-respected industry expert on mobile become the next best mobile shopping application having been a trailblazer on mobile banking. He joins Dell as a mobile strategist and brings with him a wealth of knowledge and experience in 11:50 PANEL Session: Overcoming The Hurdles In developing mobile strategies. In this opening session, Brandon will help Developing Your Mobile Commerce Site outline the important steps in starting your mobile roadmap and help Tim McCauley dispel myths in launching your mobile channel: Director of Mobile Commerce • App versus WAP: what’s the real purpose of your mobile strategy? Walgreens • Understanding the core of your customers • Understanding the available and emerging mobile technologies Jason Taylor • Understanding how you can measure results Vice President of Global Product Strategy • Understanding how you can tie mobile back to other channels and UsableNet improve a unified shopping experience Baron Concors Chief Information Officer 11:10 Best Practices In Getting Your Mobile Brand To Pizza Hut Market Tom Wills Baron Concors Senior Analyst Chief Information Officer Javelin Strategy and Research Pizza Hut You’ve expressed your struggles in putting together a strategic mobile Baron Concors, CIO of Pizza Hut joins the Mobile Shopping Summit to roadmap. And yes, it’s not as simple as we all thought it would be. As share the success of their iPhone application and how you can take with the emergence of the internet more than ten years ago, here we are advantage of the opportunities in the mobile channel. Last year, Forbes trying to understand and optimize a new channel. Join successful leaders named the Pizza Hut iPhone application the #1 branded mobile representing different industries to learn effective and practical tips on application of the year. Baron brings extensive experience in technology, how you can start your mobile roadmaps: operations, and marketing with an emphasis in retail, hospitality and • Outlining the hoops and challenges you had to go through when you consumer goods. In 2009, he was named by Computerworld Magazine as started your mobile initiatives one of the Premier 100 IT Leaders in the world. • Sharing important lessons learned and best practices to address the hurdles 2 Call: 1-888-482-6012 or 1-646-200-7530 Fax: 1-646-200-7535 Email: Web:
  3. 3. • Understanding your customers’ need for mobility and delivering the most basic questions about mobile commerce and how you can improve right mobile content and platform to engage them the mobile shopping experience for your customers. Meet experts in • Demonstrate how you are able to simplify and streamline the mobile mobile commerce who will teach you everything you need to know about shopping experience building a mobile roadmap. • Practical tips for companies that are just starting to build their mobile Each round table topic will be led by a table moderator who will rotate commerce strategies every 30 minutes. This gives you the chance to hear and learn from each of the industry leaders and spend quality time on each topic. 12:35 Networking Lunch For All Attendees Table #1: Driving m-Commerce Sales Through Mobile Advertising 1:35 – Taking It To The Streets Brendan Kraham Team Manager of Mobile Sharon Knitter Google AdMob Senior Director, Consumer Products, Chairman of the Mobile Committee, IAB Table #2: One App Forward, Two Steps Back Randi Barshack Sharon Knitter is the Director of Product Management for and Vice President of Marketing has led the site’s mobile initiative, working to bring the best of Mashery to shoppers on the go. Join Sharon as she talks about their company’s vision and objectives for their mobile strategy. She will share significant Table #3: Interactive Integrated Engagement: The New Age of results and usage, as well as changes they’ve made along the way. Sharon Local Store Marketing will also outline their future plans to continue to improve and drive their Pierre Barbeau mobile commerce strategies. She is currently the co-chair of the IAB Chief Executive Officer mobile committee and can help answer many of your questions about Moblico developing and analyzing new opportunities in the mobile channel. Table #4: Digital Marketing Solutions For Mobile Executive Speaker from InfoGroup Interactive 2:15 Coffee And Refreshment Break If you are interested in moderating a round table, please contact Scott 2:30 Rotating Round Table Workshops Rossen, Sponsorship Manager at 646-200-7526 or email Delegates are looking to learn about best practices, practical solutions, “how to” guides, even a “Mobile Bible” to help develop and implement a 5:30 End Of Focus Day One strategic mobile commerce strategy. Here’s your chance to ask even the DAY TWO: Main Conference Navigating Your RoadMap: Optimizing The Mobile Shopping Experience “Mobile is ramping up faster than desktop Internet did and will be bigger than most think – 5 Trends Tuesday, October 26, 2010 Converging (3G + Social Networking + Video + VoIP + Impressive Mobile Devices). Regarding pace of change, we believe more users will likely connect to the Internet via mobile devices than desktop PCs within 5 years.” Source: Morgan Stanley Report, April 2010 By attending the two days you will meet leading-edge retailers currently building and deploying a mobile store. These industry leaders will share their stories with you about how they executed their mobile roadmaps, and will share fascinating results – successful or not! Because mobile is becoming THE channel-of-choice of your consumers and there’s a lot of buzz around cool mobile shopping apps, there is a natural tendency to rush into getting a mobile presence out there to beat the competition. Yes, it’s about acting swiftly and letting your customers know you are innovative and up-to-date with the latest mobile technologies. But more importantly, you also have to do it right. You have to deliver what your customers really want. Understand how you can truly optimize the mobile channel so your customers can shop with ease, with confidence, and often! How better than to learn from the early adopters and mobile experts at these engaging sessions? 8:00 Networking Breakfast And Conference Registration Join Andrew Koven, an E-Commerce guru for over 15 years, who has created innovative ways to get people started buying things on the web. 8:45 Chairperson’s Opening Remarks He’s the force behind the double digit growth for the online business and profitability of Steve Madden Ltd. Andrew has built the marketing, Bernardine Wu technology, mobile, service and fulfillment foundations that solve the 5 Chief Executive Officer prong go-to-market strategy a multi-channel retailing manufacturer faces Fit For Commerce and leverages all the hottest new technologies, including m-commerce, social media and viral techniques that engage audiences of all ages 9:00 E-Commerce, Social Synergies And Mobile-Minded anywhere and everywhere. Must-Haves To Drive Your Entire Business Andrew Koven 9:40 The Impact Of Mobile Devices On Consumer's President of eCommerce and Customer Experience Behavior And Retailing Steve Madden Abhi Dhar The multi-faceted, E-Commerce strategy at Steve Madden leverages Chief Technology Officer, e-Commerce mobile, social media, viral, personalization and predictive remarketing to Walgreens heighten awareness and spark lively conversations about the brand. Abhi Dhar heads IT in Walgreens’ e-commerce division as chief technology Andrew will detail new “socially minded” site enhancements and officer, responsible for end-to-end delivery, development and innovation analytical results that illustrate how grabbing share of mind — and mouth of the online and mobile platform. An effective motivator with direct — translates to greater market share across all channels. leadership experience in all areas within technology, software product Sponsors: 3
  4. 4. development, services, enterprise program/change management and 2:00 Mobile Solutions Demo Part 1 related functions Abhi shares his experience and expertise in defining the impact of new technologies in mobile shopping and retailing. In this unique interactive session, leading mobile solution providers get the • Ordering from mobile devices or online channels - fulfillment in stores opportunity to demonstrate their innovative mobile commerce solutions or at home through a “quick-fire” presentation in front of the entire audience. A 10- • Changing consumer, increased use of mobile devices to: minute Q&A Panel follows after all the demos are completed. • compare prices Presenting Companies: • research • place orders to pick-up/shipped to home Randi Barshack • communicate status Vice President of Marketing Mashery 10:20 Morning Refreshment Break And Network David Sikora Opportunity In The Mobile Marketplace Founder and CEO Digby 10:50 PANEL Session: Unifying The Shopping Experience – Integrating Mobile Across All Sales Channels Interested in demonstrating your mobile commerce solutions? Space is limited. Contact Scott Rossen at 646-200-7526 or email John Tighe Director of e-Commerce Genesco Retail 3:30 Afternoon Refreshment Break And Networking Steve Deller Opportunity In The Mobile Marketplace CEO Virid 4:00 Mobile Spotlight On Rue La La: Mobility And The Velvet Rope Rob Gelick Senior Vice President and General Manager Stephanie Brocoum CBS Mobile Vice President of Member Marketing Rue La La Executive Speaker InfoGroup Interactive Stephanie is Vice President of Marketing for, an invitation- only, private sale website featuring limited time sales of coveted brands. • Driving your mobile strategy to stimulate and increase customer Stephanie’s primary responsibility at Rue La La is member marketing and engagement in this role, she focuses on the Rue La La member lifecycle, including • Providing mobile enabling services such as location based service, price acquiring new members, engaging current members, and rewarding the comparisons, click to call, etc. to bring your brand closer to your site’s most loyal customers through marketing programs. Join Stephanie customers in this exciting presentation about mobility and engagement 24/7. • How do you tie back mobile commerce into your multi-channel strategies and initiatives 4:40 Beyond Brands – Mobile Shopping Enablers: Retail • Delivering a seamless shopping experience from the mobile store to the Mobile App Demos online store and brick-and-mortar store • Developing a measurement strategy to track channel performance According to recent reports, Apple claims that cumulative app revenue has reached $1.4bn in June 2010. This is based on 5 billion downloads, both 11:35 Are You Fit for Mobile? Benchmarking Your Mobile free and paid. Several reports have also showed that there are 225,000 Commerce Program And Ensuring That You Are apps in total (and counting). How many of these apps are related to shopping? According to another report, there are at least 83,000 mobile- Bernardine Wu enabled commerce sites, ranging from mobile shopping assistants to Chief Executive Officer banks and mobile real estate sites. FitForCommerce This one hour sessions puts the spotlight on cutting-edge mobile apps Mobile may be the future for all of us, but are you really fit for mobile? In that help your customers shop on their mobile devices. Enjoy ten minute this session, attendees will review a mobile benchmark of the most active demonstrations from these innovative companies that are changing the mobile commerce practitioners and be able to assess your mobile future of mobile shopping. evolution. Then, with the help of existing best practices and expert advice, you will be able to develop an informed and stepped approach to mobile Presenting Companies: success that matches your business and operational needs. • • Fast Mall, presented by Samuel Feuer, CEO and President 12:15 Networking Lunch For All Attendees • Shop Savvy, presented by Alexander Muse, Founder Space is limited! If you are interested in showcasing your mobile-enabled 1:20 Sealing The Deal Through Mobile With Amazon shopping apps, please contact Leanne Arcinue, 646-200-7466 or email Payments: Be True To Your Brand As You Streamline The Checkout Experience Baris Cetinok 5:45 Networking Cocktail Reception For All Attendees GM Digital & Director of Marketing After a day filled with constructive discussion, case studies, and interactive Amazon Payments demos, relax and unwind at the Networking Cocktail Party! Enjoy a drink The principle tenets of a good experience for e-commerce website – or two while enjoying the view of the Hudson River and the world-famous discoverability, usability and security also hold true for m-commerce. But Brooklyn Bridge. It’s New York City, the shopping capital of the world and the bar for a good customer experience is even higher on the mobile the best place to take in an amazing view of Manhattan while making phone due to the size & form factor, plus the fact that mobile interactions new friends and building new contacts. occur on the go and often under time constraints. We will explore how the brand-conscious seller can provide a mobile shopping experience that is seamless and smart from end to end. 4 Call: 1-888-482-6012 or 1-646-200-7530 Fax: 1-646-200-7535 Email: Web:
  5. 5. DAY THREE: Main Conference Navigating Your RoadMap: Optimizing The Mobile Shopping Experience Wednesday, October 27, 2010 8:00 Networking Breakfast And Conference Registration 11:50 PANEL Session: Gaining Successful Returns From 8:45 Chairperson’s Opening Remarks Your Mobile Channel Rob Gelick 9:00 Optimizing The Mobile Experience For Your Senior Vice President and General Manager Customer With Differentiated Experiences Across CBS Mobile Devices Brandon McGee Ed Deutscher Mobile Strategy, Consumer Business Director of Technology Dell and Advanced Services, HSN As with any new strategy, you want to know what the real tangible In a time when customer engagement through technology is a focus return is going to be like. Join top leaders in mobile commerce to across industries, Ed Deutscher will discuss how to understand who share with you the undeniable benefits of investing your time, your you are targeting with your mobile offerings, determine key money, and your resources on the mobile channel: functionality to include in your mobile offering and whether your • Defining the channel performance metrics of your mobile store mobile offering should be extended to mobile apps or other devices. • Gaining customer insights through mobile analytics As Director of Technology for and HSN’s Advanced Services, • Demonstrating the benefits of mobile “couponing”, loyalty cards Ed Deutscher is responsible for guiding the direction and • Maximizing the opportunities in mobile search and mobile development of technology supporting HSN’s dynamic e-commerce advertising site and implementing the company’s robust mobile • How do you see mobile commerce and mobile payments strategy. As a leader in transactional innovation, HSN is the only improving in the near-term to truly enable mobile shopping? retailer to stream live HD video across three screens – television, online and mobile – allowing customers to access the HSN shopping 12:30 Networking Lunch For All Attendees experience whenever and wherever they choose. Ed played a pivotal role in the recent launch of the multi-channel retailer’s HSN Shop App, which is now available across numerous devices including the Best Practices In Mobile Commerce – Apple iPhone and iTouch; Android-enabled phones and select Nokia Mobile Leaders In The Spotlight handsets and continues to work broaden its reach. 1:40 Best-In-Class Case Study: Mobile Spotlight On 9:40 A Cohesive Mobile: Going Beyond Having A Sears Mobile Site Jim Hilt Jay Scannell Divisional Vice President and General Manager, Online Services Chief Operating Officer and Chief Home Manager for Manage My Home SkyMall Sears Holdings Corporation Jim Hilt is the Divisional Vice President and General Manager of Jay Scannell is responsible for all SkyMall's business units (in-flight Online Services for Sears Holdings Corporation and the Chief Home catalog, e-commerce, mail-to-home and loyalty rewards) and he has Manager for Manage My Home. Sears was recently recognized again managed the design and development of SkyMall's proprietary for Best-in-Class Mobile Excellence for leveraging the mobile channel enterprise platform for e-commerce, eCRM, collaborative supply to improve the customer experience. Their optimized site across chain network, virtual warehousing, in-flight entertainment systems, multiple platforms and applications allows their customers to shop m-commerce, SaaS and point of sale terminals. He joins the Mobile anywhere, at anytime. Sears offers a variety of mobile shopping Shopping Summit to share best practices in integrating your multi- channel strategies to your mobile initiatives, including discussions on: options such as Sears2go, Kmart2go, Sears Personal Shopper, • How all apps and sites act together Manage My Life and mygofer2go giving customers plenty of • Similar checkouts opportunities to engage with their brand. Join Jim Hilt as he shares • Similar search functions the winning formula in providing value and convenience to your • Allowing mobile sites to be found via search engine > directing to customers through the mobile channel. proper results • Tracking promotions cross apps/sites 2:20 Best-In-Class Case Study: Mobile Spotlight On 1-800 Flowers 10:20 Morning Refreshment Break And Network Kevin Ranford Opportunity In The Mobile Marketplace Vice President, Online Marketing, Mobile & Social Media 1-800 Flowers 11:00 Mobile Solutions Demo Part 2 1-800 Flowers has been getting rave customer reviews and multiple In this unique interactive session, leading mobile solution providers get the opportunity to demonstrate their innovative mobile awards for their mobile application. The company leads the industry commerce solutions through a quick-fire presentation with their retail in implementing innovative strategies to improve and optimize the partner to share their path to success. A 10-minute Q&A Panel mobile shopping experience. Winner of the RIS 2010 Mobile App of follows after all the demos are completed. the Year Award in the “Best Shopping” category, 1-800 Flowers shows how retailers can seize opportunities to respond to customers’ Jason Taylor needs and their ever-changing behavior by embracing and leveraging Vice President of Global Product Strategy mobile technology. Join Kevin Ranford in this inspiring presentation UsableNet on how you can also build a best-in-class mobile application to Interested in demonstrating your mobile commerce solutions? expand and customize your storefront and enable a seamless mobile Space is limited. Contact Scott Rossen at 646-200-7526 or email shopping experience for your customers. Sponsors: 5
  6. 6. 3:00 Best-In-Class Case Study: Mobile Spotlight On aggregation and retail strategy, employing a multi-channel approach GameStop that embraces GameStop’s more than 6200 stores across the globe as well as the company’s web site, Shawn brings Shawn Freeman with him 20 years of senior management experience building and Senior Vice President and General Manager leading online businesses including travel, mobile and live GameStop entertainment. Hear best practices in developing and deploying new Shawn Freeman leads the mobile commerce initiatives at GameStop, mobile commerce strategies and uncover ways to overcome the world’s largest video game and entertainment software retailer. challenges and obstacles in optimizing mobile. He leads the development and management of their digital 3:40 End of Mobile Shopping Summit Solutions Zone - Interactive Mobile Marketplace The Mobile Shopping Summit Solutions Zone provides you with the opportunity to evaluate mobile commerce solutions. The Mobile Marketplace features companies that provide technology and services to help you manage your mobile commerce strategies and initiatives. Delegates can talk with mobile solutions experts to breakdown their toughest challenges and find practical solutions to help move their mobile strategies forward. There is a vast array of solution providers available out there but the key is finding the right one for you. Today, more than ever before, it is critical for you to make smart investment decisions that will produce immediate results. Do you have a product, solution, or service that helps optimize the mobile shopping experience? Interested in joining a panel sessions with key industry leaders, or presenting at the mobile solution demo, or simply showcasing your solutions in the Interactive Mobile Marketplace, call Scott Rossen at 646-200-7526 or email for sponsorship opportunities at the Mobile Shopping Summit. Registration Information Conference Pricing Venue & Accommodations Information Bridgewaters Qualified 11 Fulton Street Register & Pay Register & Pay Register & Pay Retailers Atop the Fulton Market Building at the South Street Seaport By July 25th To By Aug. 25th To By Sept 25th To New York, NY 10038 Pricing Get $300 Off Get $200 Off Get $100 Off Full Price 212-609-7400 Two Day Main Situated in the heart of the historic South Street Seaport and minutes from Conference PLUS the Financial District, Bridgewaters boasts some of Manhattan’s finest views. Pre Conference Focus Day Directions: (October 25-27) $1,398 $1,498 $1,598 $1,698 BY SUBWAY: Take the 2, 3, 4, 5, J, Z or M trains to Fulton Street; A and C trains to Broadway/Nassau. Walk east on Fulton to Cobblestone area of Two Day Seaport. Make a left on Front Street. Conference (October 26-27) $799 $899 $999 $1,099 BY BUS: Take the M15 (South Ferry Sign) down 2nd Avenue to Fulton Street PARKING: We Recommend the CENTRAL PARKING SYSTEMS outdoor Please note a qualified retailer is not: Any service provider to retail organizations - Including software parking lot on the corner of Beekman and Pearl Streets. Entrance to parking vendors, internet developers, technology vendors, solution providers, third party logistics providers, lot is on Pearl Street. After parking, walk east on Beekman Street one block consultants or companies with primary revenues resulting from commissions, subscriptions and/or and turn right on Front Street. Fulton Market Building is on the left. advertising. Worldwide Business Research reserves the right to enforce the rate for non-retailers. TO ACCESS BRIDGEWATERS AND THE MUSEUM CLUB: Access through Payment is due in full at the time of registration. private entrance at corner of Beekman and Front Streets • For Team Discounts contact Bill Penney at 1-866-691-7771 or email Team discounts must be booked and paid for at the same time. Team discounts do not apply to For a list of recommended hotels in the area, please go to sponsoring or exhibiting companies or non retailers. and click on accommodations • All discounts are taken off the full conference price. No two discounts or offers can be combined. • Payment is due in full at the time of registration. Your registration will not be confirmed until payment is received and may be subject to cancellation • For cancellation and substitution information please visit 4 Easy Ways To Register 1 Call: 888-482-6012 • Connecticut residents must add 6% sales tax to their registration fee. 2 Email: 3 Web: 4 EFT or WIRE TRANSFER PAYMENT DETAILS: All Others HSBC Bank USA Pricing 452 Fifth Ave New York, NY 10018 Full Price Routing #: 021001088; SWIFT: MRMDUS33; Worldwide Business Research USA LLC: Account # 619782161 Two Day Conference (October 25th and 26th) $2,599 Please reference code: 19025.001 when registering 6 Call: 1-888-482-6012 or 1-646-200-7530 Fax: 1-646-200-7535 Email: Web:
  7. 7. About Our Sponsors Amazon Payments provides consumers, sellers, and developers with the simple way to pay and get paid online and on mobile. For retailers, Amazon Payments offers Checkout by Amazon, a complete e-commerce checkout and payment service, now also available for your m-commerce website or application. Tens of millions of Amazon customers can make purchases on your e- commerce website and mobile website or application using the shipping addresses and payment information stored in their accounts. Accelerate the success of your mobile strategy with Checkout by Amazon Mobile. Offer your customers a seamless, mobile- optimized payment experience with unique features such as, 1-Click ®and Amazon PayPhrase enabling them to complete purchases quickly and easily on mobile devices. Retailers currently offering Checkout by Amazon on their e-commerce websites include, and also offers Checkout by Amazon Mobile on it’s m-commerce website. Learn more about adding Checkout by Amazon to your e-commerce or m-commerce website. Digby is the premier mobile commerce solution provider powering the mobile channel for top retailers. The award winning Digby Mobile Commerce Suite is a fully managed, SaaS solution giving retailers the ability to engage and sell to customers on the go. The combination of on-device, rich applications and mobile web storefronts creates a best of breed offering that provides retailers everything they need for a complete mobile channel strategy. Digby mobile storefronts include easy search, browse and purchase capabilities, account management, integration with on device personal information, secure wallet and location based service functionality. Led by software industry veterans, the privately held company is headquartered in Austin, Texas. For additional information, please visit 60% of eCommerce investments end in divorce due to poor planning or choice in solution. Working to bring that percentage down on a case-by-case basis, FitForCommerce has established itself as the leading boutique eCommerce consultancy by helping hundreds of online and multichannel retailers and manufacturers make informed eCommerce investment decisions. Using years of experience, state-of-the-art tools, strategic diligence and tactical planning, FitForCommerce helps retailers define business and technical requirements and find their "best fit" technology solutions including eCommerce platforms, back-end systems and critical points solutions including mobile., managed by FitForCommerce, is the eCommerce industry’s most comprehensive knowledge base and educational resource. For additional information, please visit and or email AdMob is one of the world's largest mobile advertising networks, serving billions of mobile banner and text ads a month across a wide range of leading mobile websites and applications. AdMob helps advertisers connect with a relevant audience of consumers on mobile devices and gives publishers the ability to effectively monetize their mobile traffic. Google acquired AdMob in May 2010. Infogroup Interactive is a new digital solutions and services company for marketers. The power behind the Infogroup Interactive brand includes Infogroup sister divisions, Yesmail and Walter Karl, in addition to a key digital partnership with a leading interactive firm. Infogroup Interactive is the newest division of Infogroup that brings marketers a comprehensive, cross channel, digital marketing solution to build and execute powerful marketing campaigns that include email marketing, mobile and SMS marketing, social media, direct marketing media and web-based applications. Mashery's API management and strategies help companies connect with customers in a changing digital world by expanding their presence across devices and the Web. Mashery leads the industry with a holistic approach for API initiatives-from setting business strategy to the managing of infrastructure to facilitating relationships with our 50,000-strong developer network. Our knowledge, experience and proven strategies enable companies to focus on their core business while building new revenue channels and realizing faster time-to-market for innovative applications. Mashery was founded in 2006 and has built an impressive list of clients that include Best Buy, Netflix, the New York Times,, Hoover's, Billboard magazine and more. Moblico provides a custom mobile solution that enables its clients to effectively acquire, retain, transact and support customers with mobile technologies. Extending far beyond typical, standard SMS offerings, the company empowers brands to engage in long-term, continual interaction with target audiences, fostering deeper and more personalized relationships that inspire brand loyalty and boost revenues. With real-time analytics reporting and strategic activities, Moblico's mobile solutions network allows businesses to better understand and leverage knowledge found within their clients' customer base. Additionally, Moblico designs its services around the needs of the organizations it serves, giving companies a competitive edge that makes them market leaders and ensures they stay ahead of their industry rivals. Virid helps retailers grow by developing strong strategic partnerships with our clients to build and power distinctive online and mobile brand experiences. Virid helps identify market opportunities and provides a multi-channel solution that marries smart, nimble technology with cogent creative to design, develop and manage online and mCommerce sites. Our solutions solve complex business issues and in return increase revenue, build customer loyalty and are easy to deploy. Since 1999, Virid’s expert team has been delivering real business results for national and niche brands alike and is driven by one goal – the success of our clients. Usablenet works with leading brands to translate their existing websites content and functionality to mobile web and app interfaces. The solution requires no IT resources on the client side, works on all mobile, tablet, kiosk, and assistive platforms worldwide and can be implemented in six to eight weeks. The platform extends marketing, commerce and client service efforts to their customers’ mobile phones. Usablenet customers include top companies, such as Dell, Marriott, Jet Blue, Walgreens, Amtrak, Estée Lauder, and Pfizer. Founded in 2000, Usablenet is a private company headquartered in New York City with offices in Italy. For more information, visit Sponsors: 7
  8. 8. From the 19025.001/CA producers of Attention Mailroom: If undeliverable to addressee, this time Vice President of eCommerce/Marketing October 25-27, 2010 Bridgewaters, NYC sensitive information should be forwarded to the Mobile Commerce Made Simple. Developing Your Mobile Strategy To Improve The Mobile Shopping Experience 535 Fifth Avenue, 8th Floor Connecting with your customers 24/7 is not a choice. It’s a must. Retailers that don’t will fail. New York, NY 10017 Don’t waste this opportunity to learn how you can develop and drive your mobile strategies to engage your customers anytime, anywhere. Join the Mobile Shopping Summit and be among the retail leaders paving the way for mobile commerce to take off: WBR • Don’t have a mobile strategy yet? Hear everything you need to know about setting up your mobile store. Hear the 101 on Mobile • Already deployed a mobile app or mobile site? Learn how you can optimize your mobile channel to encourage mobile shopping • Want to know how you can monetize the mobile channel? Hear success October 25-27, 2010 • Bridgewaters, NYC Mobile Committee, IAB stories about how the mobile store drives acquisition, loyalty, and sales Consumer Products revenue Consumer Business *Turn the page to see the Need to talk about your challenges in driving your mobile channel? Sit down Chairman of the Brandon McGee • Mobile Strategy, Senior Director, Sharon Knitter with your peers and industry experts in a more intimate and casual setting to Featuring Best-In-Class Presentations From: exciting full agenda! share best practices and tactical solutions through: • Cutting edge case studies and panels led by industry expert speakers When registering please provide the code above. • Interactive round tables to share successes and challenges Dell • Mobile app/site Spotlight demos • Mobile Marketplace Your priority booking code is: Mobile Solution demos of the latest technologies Mobile Commerce Made Simple. • Key Industry Speakers Include: and Customer Experience Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer President of eCommerce General Manager Steve Madden Andrew Koven CBS Mobile Walgreens Sponsors: Supported By: Organized by: Rob Gelick Abhi Dhar REGISTER Call: 1-888-482-6012 or 1-646-200-7530 Fax: 1-646-200-7535 NOW! Email: Web: