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LogiPharma is the only comprehensive pharma supply chain conference developed over eight weeks of in-depth industry research. LogiPharma brings you the most relevant and topical information aimed at helping you improve your pharma supply chain and logistics practices. The program content is refreshed every year so that you gain valuable key takeaways that you can easily implement back in your supply chain operations.

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Logi Pharma 2010

  1. 1. Special Discounts Available! See pg. 7 for details October 4-5, 2010 Hyatt Regency Boston, MA www.logipharma.com Day 1, October 4th, 2010: Arming You With The Knowledge To Ensure Protection, Maintain Compliance And Uphold Safety Across Your Supply Chain • Implementing e-pedigree- crucial updates on pilot projects underway • Ensuring security, compliance and visibility throughout the supply chain • Understanding the effects of new legislation on your day to day operations • Using new technologies to reduce diversion and tampering along the supply chain Steve Kendall Doug Brittin Robert Celeste PREDICT Project Director, ORM Air Cargo Manager Director, International Projects, Business FDA TSA Plans and Strategies GS1 US Day 2, October 5th, 2010: Best Practices And Innovative Initiatives To Improve GDP Throughout Your Supply Chain • Applying lean production techniques to the pharmaceutical supply chain • Increasing flexibility in your supply chain to reduce costs and improve agility • Utilizing sales and marketing departments to adequately forecast production needs • Maintaining quality assurance while streamlining your temperature controlled distribution Key Industry Speakers Include: Sponsored By: Organized By: Register Now: Call 1-888-482-6012 or 1-646-200-7530 Fax 1-646-200-7535 Web: www.logipharma.com Email logipharma@wbresearch.com
  2. 2. Special Discounts Available! See pg. 7 for details October 4-5, 2010 Hyatt Regency Boston, MA www.logipharma.com Who You Will Meet At The Advisory Board LogiPharma 2010 LogiPharma was developed with the knowledge and expertise of our advisory Year on year, LogiPharma brings together executives within the board. The LogiPharma Advisory Board is comprised of supply chain leaders in pharmaceutical space that are enacting positive changes on the pharmaceutical industry including: • David Ulrich, QA Director, Distribution Global Pharmaceutical Operations their supply chain. The high quality delegates and speakers (GPO), Strategic Quality Initiatives (SQI), Abbott Laboratories provide thoughtful discussions so that you come away from the • William McLaury, Executive Director, North American Pharma Supply event with tactile strategies to implement within your supply Chain, Novartis Pharmaceutical Corp chain. We bring together a comprehensive group from within • Bob Douglass, Commodity Manager-API and Actives for McNeil the Pharma space including manufacturers, distributors/ Consumer, Division of Johnson & Johnson wholesalers, and hospital/drug chains/pharmacies responsible • Jeff Simmons, Manager External Manufacturing, Daiichi Sankyo for supply chain, logistics, demand planning, transportation, • Brian Loiacono, Senior Regulatory Specialist, Henry Schein quality assurance, cold chain and many more. Please visit our • Tan Miller, Professor of Global Supply Chain Management, Rider website for a full list of relevant titles for this conference. University College of Business DAY ONE: October 4, 2010 8:00 Continental Breakfast And Conference Registration Organizational change insights that enabled global deployment with success in less than 10 months 8:55 Welcome Address • Success in increasing forecast accuracy with the use of appropriate statistical models 9:00 Chairperson’s Opening Remarks • Leveraging collaboration to enhance and improve the demand Jürgen Bauer, Partner, Executive Board Member, Lodestone management process Management Consultants • Strategically utilizing the supply chain platform to support “Class A” S&OP 9:15 Rolling Out PREDICT (Predictive Risk-Based Fred Baumann, Vice President, Industry Strategy, Evaluation For Dynamic Import Compliance JDA Software Group Targeting) For The Pharmaceutical Industry Brian Hill, Planner Manager- Americas, Abbott This session will look at the PREDICT initiative and how this program will improve the pharmaceutical space. Hear from FDA representative 10:35 Morning Refreshment Break In The Solutions Zone Steve Kendall as he discusses the following: • Identifying the relationship between PREDICT and OASIS and 11:05 PANEL SESSION: Optimizing Your Supply Chain MARCS Through Innovative Technologies • Overview of the import processing workflow This session will take a comprehensive look at your supply chain and • Outlining the PREDICT purpose, method, screening rules and risk highlight how new and existing technologies optimize and promote types best practices from end to end. Join industry experts from every link in • Highlighting PREDICT pilot projects and roll out timelines for the the supply chain to uncover strategies to improve your efficiency. Pharma space • Aligning planning, scheduling and forecasting with consumer demand Steve Kendall, PREDICT Project Director, ORM, FDA • Optimizing strategic sourcing through innovative technologies • Achieving seamless interaction with 3PLs, Logistics Providers and 9:55 Creating A Global Supply Chain Platform For Distributors to ensure efficient delivery and maintain timelines Success – From Detailed Planning To Strategic • Integrating cold chain and temperature solutions into your overall GDP S&OP • Increasing visibility in your supply chain through tacking and At the beginning of 2009 Abbott Laboratories, set out on a course to auditing technologies deploy a global supply chain platform that could enhance their S&OP Jack Weiss, Chief Executive Officer, WAM Systems process that spans over 130 countries worldwide. A key objective of the initiative was not only to accelerate the time of implementation 11:45 Case Study: GS1 2010 Readiness Program - How To beyond historical IT benchmarks but also extract targeted supply chain Prepare For E-Pedigree 2015 value quickly as part of the core deployment. Brian Hill, Planner This session will look into the GS1 2010 Readiness Program that is Manager - Americas, will highlight key insights from going live with helping companies plan for implementing serialization into their JDA’s supply chain platform that currently manages over $20 billion in supply chain. This simulation software will simulate the supply chain revenue, 38 different exchange rates and languages, and more than and how it will look in 2015. This helps you learn the data flows 800 users. Brian will also share: 2 Call 1-888-482-6012 or 1-646-200-7530 Fax 1-646-200-7535 Web www.logipharma.com Email logipharma@wbresearch.com
  3. 3. before you build or buy your own software system. Divided into 4 TABLE 2: Overcoming Challenges When Shipping Ambient training sessions, this software will show: Products In High Temperatures • Basic forward logistics • Identifying best practices for controlling temperatures when • Drop shipments, manufacturer and direct to pharmacy shipping to warmer climates • Reverse logistics • Understanding different strategies for maintaining product integrity • Applying exceptions to all of the SOPs while containing cost Robert Celeste, Director, International Projects, Business Plans • Effectively tracking regional temperature fluctuations and and Strategies, GS1 US maximizing temperature control • Implementing contingency plans if products are compromised 12:25 Lunch For All Attendees TABLE 3: Optimizing Relationships With Contract Manufacturing 1:45 9/11 Act, 100% Air Cargo Screening Requirement Organizations To Ensure Effective Partnerships And TSA’s Solution • Ensuring your best fit- outlining the due diligence process for • Outlining the impact of the new procedure and incorporating this choosing a partner into your current supply chain processes • Mitigating risk through managing expectations and enforcing • Creating alternate strategies for sensitive products that will be compliance of your CMO’s compromised during an inspection • Utilizing effective negotiation tactics to realize long-term cost • Weighing the cost/benefit of outsourcing to packaging companies savings or handling inspections internally • Highlighting examples of efficiencies gained through CMOs • Understanding what the certification process entails for packaging Bill Connell, SVP Global Supply & Operations, Iroko facilities to perform inspections Pharmaceuticals Doug Brittin, Air Cargo Manager, TSA TABLE 4: Best Practices For Driving Costs Out Of The Supply 2:25 PANEL SESSION: Implementing Serialization And Chain To Increase Profitability Pedigree To Benefit Your Supply Chain • Identifying best practices for reducing costs while maintaining • Update on E-Pedigree by 2015 and overview of timelines for efficiencies across the supply chain implementation- where should you be? • Citing specific examples of cost cutting measures currently being • Identifying what will become visible through serialization and who employed in the Pharma space will have access to that data • Highlighting new technologies and initiatives that aid in cost • Discussing potential ROI as well as the intangible benefits of reduction serialization Virginia Herold, Executive Officer, California State Board of TABLE 5: Reducing Diversion And Tampering Along The Supply Pharmacy Chain Through New Technologies • Improving visibility across your supply chain to maintain control and Joshua Bolin, State Relations Manager, National Association of minimize theft Boards of Pharmacy (NABP) • Outlining new technologies available to tighten controls and improve product integrity 3:05 Afternoon Refreshment Break In The Solutions Zone • Quantifying the magnitude and frequency of diversion across the pharmaceutical space 3:35 Interactive Round Table Sessions • Identifying theft scenarios that occurred throughout different This is your opportunity to raise your questions and exchange ideas in a distribution channels and pinpointing methods available to avoid more intimate, casual environment. Each table is assigned a topic and a these moving forward moderator. The moderator moves from one table to the next every 25 minutes so that all delegates will get a chance to discuss each topic.* *If you are interested in moderating a roundtable, please contact Mark Barrett at 646.200.7494 or Mark.Barrett@wbresearch.com TABLE 1: Facilitating Industry Collaboration To Ensure Success • Benchmarking: sharing operational and sustainable best practices 5:30 Cocktail Reception For All Attendees In The • Understanding shared services: coexisting together to leverage scale Solutions Zone • Leveraging real estate: inventive methods to capitalize on under utilized assets Scott Cubbler, Vice President, Exel DAY TWO: October 5, 2010 7:30 Continental Breakfast And Conference Registration • Streamlining governance and review cycles through lean operational In The Solutions Zone processes • Achieving communication and collaboration throughout the entire 8:00 Chairperson’s Opening Remarks supply chain • Transitioning from a push to a pull supply chain to accurately 8:15 Lean Production - Holistically Considering Both forecast demand and reduce waste Supply And Demand To Optimize The Value Of Ronald Bohl, Director, Supply Chain, Eli Lilly Your Portfolio • Minimizing work on the demand side by focusing more heavily on key assets Sponsors: 3
  4. 4. 8:50 Ensuring Quality Assurance With Temperature • Analyzing how this model could increase visibility and security along Controlled Distribution your supply chain • Establishing processes to maintain product quality and ensure John Tatum, VP Supply Chain Management, Myriad compliance with global regulations and industry standards for the Pharmaceuticals following: - Proper storage 12:20 Lunch For All Attendees - Handling - GDP 1:35 Panel Session: Identifying The Unique Challenges • Developing strategies for distribution of temperature-sensitive Involved In New Product Launches products based on product stability • How do you “hit the ground running” with new product launches? David Ulrich, QA Director- Distribution Global Pharmaceutical • Calculating the speed of launches- how quickly after FDA approval- Operations (GPO), Strategic Quality Initiatives (SQI), Abbott how do you plan to get a product out as quickly as possible Laboratories • Acknowledging and overcoming the risks in new product launches- analyzing different risk/benefit scenarios 9:25 The CMO Agenda: Best Practices For Your • Effectively integrating product launches into existing supply chain Pharmaceutical Supply Chain operations to combine resources and reduce cost Contract Manufacturing Organisations are rapidly becoming a key Mike Trocchia, Director Supply Chain Management, Novartis component of Pharmaceutical Supply Chains. There are various Pharmaceutical Corp. reasons to turn to CMO's, but using CMO's has an impact on the Jeff Simmons, Manager of Manufacturing Services, operating model used within the manufacturing processes. A Daiichi Sankyo structured approach, from strategy over the contracting process to operations guarantees the best way to generate the maximum value Michele Johnson, Former Executive Director, Merck using CMO's. Lodestone will share some best practices at the various steps in aligning Contract Manufacturing Operations within the 2:10 Optimizing Forecasting Accuracy In A Volatile pharmaceutical supply chain. Environment Richard Holmes, Partner, Lodestone Management Consultants • Utilizing coordination of internal departments- sales, marketing, and production- to increase accuracy in demand forecasting 10:00 Morning Refreshment Break In The Solutions Zone • Ensuring flexibility in forecasting to allow for quick response times • Outlining KPIs necessary to adequately forecast demand in the 10:35 Transforming The Pharmaceutical Industry Through volatile marketplace Lean Six Sigma Farong Li, Director of Forecasting, Amgen Today pharmaceutical manufacturers are focused, as never before, on reducing operational costs while ensuring compliance and product 2:45 Afternoon Refreshment Break In The Solutions Zone quality. The philosophies of Lean and Six Sigma represent ways of looking at efficiency and quality problems to understand root cause(s) 3:20 Developing Flexible Pandemic Plans That Can Be and then implement continuous improvement programs. This session Easily Tailored To Different Emergency Situations- will address the following: Lessons Learned In Haiti • Adopting the concepts of Lean and Six Sigma to understand and • Outlining challenges encountered in Haiti and pinpointing strategies streamline the flow of value through end-to-end business processes utilized to overcome these • Utilizing IT solutions to implement Lean Six Sigma programs and • Analyzing the impact on the civilian network from the achieve continuous improvement manufacturers to the carriers • Building flexible and interoperable IT systems that provide: • Creating contingency operations on the ground in disaster - Information access situations as traditional distribution channels may not exist - Sense-and-respond execution • Leveraging strategies created in current pandemic situations like - Secure collaboration across the extended value chain Haiti to be implemented in the future • Citing specific examples of successes achieved through Lean Six • Assuring quality of shipments and accurately forecasting demand of Sigma and collaborative IT structures supplies Jim deMin, Senior Consultant, BT Global Services Dana Dallas, DLA Cold Chain/Vaccine Program Manager, Defense Supply Center Philadelphia 11:10 Case Study: Novartis’ Global Initiative - Cost Containment Through Inventory Reduction 3:55 BioPharma Cold Chain In An Overall • Outlining the goals and methodologies behind the inventory Pharmaceutical Logistics Context: Product, reduction program Regulatory And Technology Drivers • Highlighting the risks associated with reduced inventory and Biopharma cold chain exists as a subset of overall biopharma logistics. identifying ways to overcome these Industry-leading publication Pharmaceutical Commerce has examined • Integrating your end-to-end production cycle to eliminate waste the opportunities and constraints of biopharma cold chain in a recent through the following: market study, “Biopharma Cold Chain Logistics Sourcebook 2010.” - Just-in-time inventory and inventory management The study categorizes the main drivers in life-sciences shipments, - Built-in quality regulatory trends and technology developments. Growth in volumes - Software planning of shipments and tightening regulations will drive this business during Bill McLaury, Executive Director, North American Pharmaceutical the 2008-2011 time frame. Supply Chain, Novartis Pharmaceutical Corp. • Forecasting growth in life sciences shipments • Quantifying size and value of global pharma logistics services 11:45 Exploring The Use Of Cloud Computing Services • Regulations: USP <1079>, PDA Technical report #39, MHRA, Health For Your ERP Package Canada, others • Understanding the cloud computing model as it applies to your • Technology drivers: active/passive containers; data monitoring and supply chain collection services • Comparing and contrasting cloud computing services to traditional Nick Basta, Founder and Editor, Pharmaceutical Commerce ERP packages • Cost/Benefit analysis of implementing cloud computing services 4:30 End Of LogiPharma 2010 4 Call 1-888-482-6012 or 1-646-200-7530 Fax 1-646-200-7535 Web www.logipharma.com Email logipharma@wbresearch.com
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BioPharm is the longest-running peer-reviewed Videocasts, and White Papers. publication serving an international audited audience involved in the development, manufacturing of therapeutics and management of related business issues. www.PharmCast.com is the world leading website designed specifically for pharmaceutical, clinical and biotechnology Bioresearch Online is the premier sourcing site for industry professionals. www.PharmCast.com brings up-to-date information on pharmaceutical professionals. Use our supplier directory, product showcase, and patents, FDA, news, jobs and Buyer's Guide to our visitors. It was created and is offline search service to expedite your discovery of new products and services. Our maintained by pharmaceutical and biotechnology professionals. goal is to help buyers, like you, identify and select the right suppliers. 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Editorial features goal is to help buyers, like you, identify and select the right suppliers. provide insight on RFID, serialization, bar coding, covert printing and labeling, forensic inks and papers, software, specialty sensors, unit-dose packaging, and other emerging PharmaVOICE magazine, and its supporting VIEW publications, technologies. For more information, visit www.pmpnews.com. provide commentary about the challenges and trends impacting the 6 Call 1-888-482-6012 or 1-646-200-7530 Fax 1-646-200-7535 Web www.logipharma.com Email logipharma@wbresearch.com
  7. 7. Registration Information Pharmaceutical Register And Pay Register And Pay Standard Manufacturers/ Distributors/ By 7/30/10 By 8/31/10 Price After Hotel Information Wholesalers/ Pharmacies/ Retail Drug Chains/ Hospitals To Get $200 Off To Get $100 Off 8/31/10 Hyatt Regency Boston One Avenue de Lafayette E 2 Day Conference VALU BEST $1099 $1199 $1299 Boston, MA 02111 Tel: 1-617-912-1234 Fax: 1-617-451-2198 Other www.hyattregencyboston.com 2 Day Conference $1499 $1599 $1699 Just one block from the Boston Common and within walking distance Group Discounts of attractions, shopping and theaters, Pharmaceutical Manufacturers/ Distributors/Wholesalers/ Pharmacies/ Retail Drug Chains/ Hospitals the Hyatt Regency Boston hotel is ideal for leisure or business. Tour the Freedom Trail, shop at Faneuil Hall, visit Bring a group of 2 or more and get 20% Off Each Pass (Save $260 Each!) museums, or catch a game at Fenway With multiple sessions, high-level networking and so much information to be gained, Park. The first Boston member of the the more members of your team that can attend, the more your organization will Green Hotels Association, our award- benefit. Please contact Bill Penney for more information regarding team discounts at winning accommodations are eco-, 1(416)597.4777 or bpenney@wbresearch.com or visit our website at family- and pet-friendly. Contemporary- www.LogiPharma.com. style rooms, delicious dining and more await you at this luxurious Hyatt hotel in downtown Boston. The Hyatt Regency PURCHASE SELECT AUDIO PRESENTATIONS* FROM THIS EVENT! Boston is conveniently located just 4.1 Can’t make it to LogiPharma 2010 or worried that there is too much information to digest in a miles from Logan International Airport few short days at the event? No need to worry. You can purchase select audio presentations to and the MBTA (Massachusetts Bay share with your entire team. Transportation Authority) Downtown • Register for the event today and for an additional $250 gain access to select audio Crossing subway stop is 100 feet from presentations from this event. the hotel entrance. • Can’t attend? Purchase the CD-ROM only for $580 *Presentations available are at the approval of conference speakers. Allow 3-4 weeks after event LogiPharma has procured a reduced date for shipping. conference rate of $269.00 per night (plus tax). To book your reservations, call Please Note: the Hyatt Regency Hotel at +1 (800) • To secure your team discount, register online at www.logipharma.com or contact Bill Penney at 233.1234 and identify yourself as a 1-866-691-7771 or bpenney@wbresearch.com LogiPharma attendee. Rooms are • Team discounts must be booked and paid for at the same time. Team discounts do not apply to limited and are on a first come, first sponsoring or exhibiting companies or non pharmaceutical manufacturers. served basis, so make your reservations • All discounts are taken off the full conference price. No two discounts or offers can be combined. as soon as possible. The discounted • Payment is due in full at the time of registration. Your registration will not be confirmed until payment is received and may be subject to cancellation rate expires September 4th, 2010. • For payment methods and to register now, please visit www.logipharma.com After September 4th, rooms may still be • Please visit http://www.wbresearch.com/logipharmausa/FAQ.aspx for cancellation, available, so inquire with the hotel if postponement and substitution policy. you have missed the cut off date. For every registration received for Logi Pharma, WBR will donate a portion of the registration fee to Smile Train. For more information about WBR’s involvement with Smile Train, please visit logipharma@wbresearch.com. Top 5 Reasons To Sponsor LogiPharma 2010 Increased visibility of your products or services to senior-level Expert supply chain speakers ensure the right case studies are 1 decision makers across the pharmaceutical supply chain 4 shared to make the conference of utmost value to attendees Networking breaks and roundtable discussions provide 10+ Make sure your products and services are front of mind as after- 2 hours of interaction with prospective clients 5 sales executives re-evaluate key partnerships in a down economy A reduced vendor to manufacturer ratio ensures you are 3 one of the few solution providers with access to this niche Interested in sponsoring or exhibiting at LogiPharma 2010? industry Contact Mark Barrett at 646.200.7494 or Mark.Barrett@wbresearch.com Sponsors: 7
  8. 8. Special Discounts Available! See pg. 7 for details 10352.005/GS sensitive information should be forwarded to your VP of Supply Attention Mailroom: If undeliverable to addressee, this time October 4-5, 2010 | Hyatt Regency Boston, MA | www.logipharma.com 535 Fifth Avenue, 8th Floor Chain or Logistics New York, NY 10017 WBR NOT JUST ANOTHER COLD CHAIN CONFERENCE Hyatt Regency Boston, MA www.logipharma.com Key Reasons Why LogiPharma Is The Must Attend October 4-5, 2010 Conference For 2010 LogiPharma is the only comprehensive supply chain event for the When registering please provide the code above. pharmaceutical space. Developed through extensive research, this conference is worth your time out of the office. From regulatory issues, security measures, GDP, to cold chain- this conference has it all! Your priority booking code is: Five Interactive Roundtable Discussions give you the opportunity to not only interact with key industry executives but to also share your insight and come away from the event with tactile information that can be applied to your supply chain. New Location- LogiPharma is moving to Boston! Combining our solid history of excellence with a new location- this is sure to be the best LogiPharma yet! Sponsored By: Organized By: Register Now: Call 1-888-482-6012 or 1-646-200-7530 Fax 1-646-200-7535 Web: www.logipharma.com Email logipharma@wbresearch.com
  9. 9. Organized by: Can’t make it to: or afraid there is too much information to digest in just a few days? Get Access to hours of valuable This Session Content is available for a sessions and take-ways anytime, fraction of the registration price. anywhere... You can view and listen to the content when Now you can view this outstanding conference you want, where you want and as many times content on your PC or laptop with a CD-ROM that as you want. puts you front and center at these informative sessions. You'll hear our expert speakers as they And if you attend LogiPharma 2010, this take you through the PowerPoint slides that Conference CD-ROM set is only $250! (That’s a illustrated their talks. $580 value!) This user friendly format allows you to: • Gain valuable insight from your peers and competitors in various Fortune 500 Industries VIP Package: $250 without leaving the office. (Select any package to attend the event • Share with your colleagues at work. and for an additional $250 get the • Stay up to date with the latest strategies, tactics conference CD ROM*) and trends in your industry. CD ROM ONLY: $580 * Now you can share what you learnt at LogiPharma 2010, with your colleagues. *Presentations available are at the approval of conference Don’t leave them in the dark. Purchase the speakers. Not all presentations will be published. Allow 3-4 weeks after event date for shipping. CD ROM today!