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CMO CIO Leadership Symposium Event Brochure


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Welcome to the era of the Chief Executive Customer, where today, customers are constantly connected and know more about your company than you know about them. 
The internet has broken down barriers and enforced this transparency. However, this technology-enabled transparency can work both ways.  CMOs and CIOs can now collaborate on ways to use this technology to analyse the same information that customers are sharing through digital mediums and make marketing, "Smarter".
The key here is collaboration whereby CIO's can be a partner to CMOs in effecting this marketing transformation.
In a unique event of its kind, IBM is bringing across CMO+CIO pairs of the leading organisations in India to have this discussion on this at the Kingdom of Dreams, Gurgaon on November 8, 2012. Invite your CIO or CMO peer in your organisation and be a part of this interactive event.
Apart from meeting other CIO+CMO pairs of leading Indian organisations who are making the shift in they way they go to market and reach out to the connected customer, you can also hear global IBM experts share their experiences and thoughts on the same and engage in an interactive assessment of whether organisations in India are ready for this transformation, technologically and culturally.

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