Tollgrade predictive grid analytics


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LightHouse Sensor Management System (SMS) software latest version with predictive grid analytics. The software works with Tollgrade's inductively powered medium voltage smart grid sensors that provide visibility throughout the distribution network.

The added four layers of analytical processing enables utilities to pinpoint the outage location and perform restoration faster because they know more about the fault and what equipment is required to repair it. Learn more e-mail us at, or visit us at

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Tollgrade predictive grid analytics

  1. 1. Smart GridSolutionsTollgrade Smart Grid SolutionsPredictive Grid℠ Analytics Software Product Launch
  2. 2. Tollgrade Smart Grid SolutionsTollgrade is the Worldwide Leader inPredictive Fault Analytics2
  3. 3. Tollgrade Smart Grid Solutions25 years of telecom and broadband line testing200M+ Lines Under TestWe’ve seen every type of faultWe are Redefining the GlobalStandard for Reliability3
  4. 4. Tollgrade Smart Grid SolutionsGlobal PresenceMexico City, Mexico• Smart Grid Sales OfficeBogota, Colombia• Smart Grid Sales OfficeTollgrade, GmbHWuppertal, Germany• Sales, Service(T-Com, Telefonica O2)Tollgrade, BeneluxKontich, Belgium• Sales, Service (KPN, BGC)Tollgrade, GmbHPraha, Czech Republic•Service (Telefonica O2, T-Com)Tollgrade, LtdBracknell, UK• Sales, Service (UK)• Engineering DevelopmentCentre (Eur)HeadquartersCranberry, PA• Sales, Marketing,• Engineering, G&A• Support, OperationsReston, VA• Smart Grid Sales, Marketing• EngineeringPiscataway, NJ• Engineering and Support4
  5. 5. Smart GridSolutionsToday’s AnnouncementLightHouse Sensor Management System (SMS) Software withPredictive Grid Analytics
  6. 6. Tollgrade Smart Grid Solutions70% of Transformers Nearing End of Life25% of Outages Caused by Failed EquipmentSan Diego265% Increase in Outages Since 1984Chicago New York6
  7. 7. Tollgrade Smart Grid SolutionsThe Technology PlatformSoftware-Defined Smart Grid SensorsIntegrated Communication & Data PlanPredictive Grid℠ Analytics Software7
  8. 8. Tollgrade Smart Grid SolutionsLightHouse Sensor Installation8
  9. 9. Tollgrade Smart Grid SolutionsRaw Data CaptureClassificationPlanning, Reporting,Trending & AlarmsPredictive GridAnalytics4 Layers of AnalyticalProcessing for ImprovedAccuracy & GridIntelligenceRaw waveforms, fault current, power quality, GPS, conductor temperature, voltage, interval load dataGrid events classified: sags, swells, momentaries, line disturbances, trunkfault, adjacent phase fault, cap bank, hydraulic recloser operationsLoad balance & technical loss reports, customizable event reports showtrends on each circuit (e.g.: seasonal, time of day…)Outages e.g.: blown fuses, permanent faultsGrid conditions analyzed: e.g. recloser operations1234How the Software Works: 4 Layers of Analytics9
  10. 10. Tollgrade Smart Grid SolutionsHow Does Predictive Grid Analytics Work?Real-Time Detection“Forensic” AnalysisPredict the FutureReduce, Prevent & Avoid Future OutagesCustomer-Driven Innovation• Sags• Swells• Harmonics• Momentaries• Line Disturbances• Adjacent phase faults• Cap bank• Switches• ReclosersNew Rules DevelopedToday:• Blown fuse on lateral• Permanent fault• Grid operationsFuture:• Asset Mgmt rules• Equip failure• More outagesSensor MgmtSystemPredictive GridAnalyticsWaveforms of FaultCurrent are Captured,Classified and Studied:TollgradeLightHouseSoftware10
  11. 11. Tollgrade Smart Grid SolutionsWhere Does it Fit With Utility Back-Office SystemsDMS ADMSCIS GIS OMSBilling HistorianSmart Meters & Billing Applications Outage Management & Distribution Automation ApplicationsMDMSensor MgmtSystemPredictive GridAnalyticsMeter SystemMgmtLow Voltage Grid Distribution GridSmart Meters Tollgrade Smart Grid SensorsAutomated Substations“Big Data” Grid AnalyticsSCADA11AssetMgmt
  12. 12. Tollgrade Smart Grid SolutionsMany Reports Available to Visualize the NetworkOutages / MapsSee Technical LossMonitor LoadTrends / Analysis ReportingStation 215,Circuit 2155MM345SOutage Maps050000100000150000200000Customer Minutes Out12
  13. 13. Tollgrade Smart Grid SolutionsImproves More Than Reliability13
  14. 14. Tollgrade Smart Grid SolutionsSaves 500,000 outageminutes a yearImproving fault responseDeployments on 3 continentsFault location, fasterrestorationLow carbon initiative7.1M Customers7.7M Customers700k Customers5M Customers14
  15. 15. Tollgrade Smart Grid Solutions“Highest functionality”“Working better than otherFault Current Indicators”“It is a complete and robustsolution where others are lacking”15
  16. 16. Tollgrade Smart Grid SolutionsDistribution Grid Modernization WorksGood For Utilities Good For Consumers Power Restored Faster Outages Avoided Lower CO2 footprint Improve Grid Reliability Proactive Maintenance Improve Grid EfficiencyEvery $1 Spent = $5 Savings16
  17. 17. Smart GridSolutionsThank You!