5 Critical Steps To Mapping Your Optimal Customer Journey


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5 Critical Steps To Mapping Your Optimal Customer Journey

  1. 1. Synthesize, Ideate + Design Phase 1 Customer Definition Phase 2 Experience Mapping Phase 3 Moments of Truth Phase 4 Experience Design Phase 5 Experience Monitor Research + Analysis Measurement touchpoint mapping need state analysis emotional state analysis -segmentation -narrative insight -analytical -cultural -structural -differentiators -loyalty drivers -priorities -roi -concept -prototype -validate -ideation -measurement -dashboard our customer journey approach who are our best customers? what is their current brand experience? what touchpoints most impact success? what is the ideal experience? are we delivering the ideal experience?
  2. 2. Customer Definition Experience Mapping Moments of Truth Experience Design Experience Monitor Strategic Questions Approach Deliverables “ Who are our best customers/prospects?” “ What is their current experience?” “ How can I make their experience exceptional?” “ Are we delivering the desired experience?” “ What touchpoints most impact success?” Customer Interviews Intercept Studies Ethnography Analytical Research Text Mining Touchpoint Performance Dashboard Experience Dashboard Customer Personas Archetype Video Touchpoint Priority Ranker Touchpoint ROI Analysis Situational Analysis Touchpoint Map Purchase Cycle Map Day In The Life Map Experience Creation Workshop Implementation Strategy Cost Benefit Analysis Touchpoint Guidelines Operational Ideas Idea Presentation Rollout Plan Segmentation Analysis Prospect Analysis Customer Lifetime Value Analysis Situation Review customer journey defined Experience Design Mapping Concept definition/testing Operation/business processes review Customer Interviews Importance Ranking Analysis Financial Impact Projection Benchmark Scoring Quarterly Tracking