Jernej petrin (studio moderna) including online_channels_into_multichannel_strategiessm


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Jernej petrin (studio moderna) including online_channels_into_multichannel_strategiessm

  1. 1. On-Line in Multichannel Environment20 Years of Studio Moderna Case StudyJernej Petrin, November 2012
  2. 2. Multichannel & SMThrough Time DRTV DRTV, Internet, Store Multichannel As only sales channel Flying towards multichannel Assuring seamless customer experience through synced campaigns Birth Childhood Puberty 1999 2000 2002 2009 2015 DRTV + Internet Multiple Channel Fully Digital? Introduced first website DRTV, Internet, Retail, . Print, WHS, Telemarketing
  3. 3. Multichannel & SMIn Region Macedonia
  4. 4. 20 Years CampaignIn Macedonia Email
  5. 5. Multichannel mix Social Media DRTV with Marketing PrimetimeTelemarketing Internet Sites Multichannel Mix Print SEM & Email Wholesale Retail Stores
  6. 6. Going beyondWhy Facebook? Email• FB is the most visited site in MK• More then 700.000 people have FB profiles• Advertising on FB is targeted and cost affectiveWe thought it would be a great way to be close to our customers and todo PR, promotions of products, campaigns, and finally – TO SELL!
  7. 7. The Idea Email• To create an interactive an engaging contest for Facebook fans• To see if we can connect direct sales with Facebook• Increase number of Facebook fans• Get new leads
  8. 8. The App Email
  9. 9. Game Play - LevelsEvery user needs to pass all the levels in order to compete for the prizes• The game consists of 21 levels, one for every country where Studio Moderna has local offices• Levels can be: « Quiz –x6 « Memory game –x3 « Upload photo –x1 « Add Youtube video –x1 « Find a hidden code –x6 « Bonus stars –x2 « Birthday message –x1 « Enter a code –x1
  10. 10. Game PlayEvery user needs to collect as many stars as possible EmailThe game is based on 3 different ways tocollect stars :« Finish a level from the 21 levels available;« Ask a friend or friend of a friend to give you a star;« Buy a product from Studio Moderna.
  11. 11. Game PlayLevel: Add birthday greeting note« There is 1 level where user writes a birthday greeting note to the company
  12. 12. Game PlayLevel: Memory Game« There are 3 levels with the memory game consisted with images from Studio Moderna products and brand logos.
  13. 13. Game PlayLevel: Quiz • There are 6 levels with quiz-questions; • Each quiz has 3 questions with 3 possible and 1 correct answer
  14. 14. Game PlayLevel: Add youtube video • There is 1 level where user embedds link/video from Youtube
  15. 15. Game PlayLevel: Find a Code • There is 6 levels, where users need to find a hidden code on our websites
  16. 16. Game PlayLevel: Bonus stars • There are 2 ‘bonus star’ levels: • When the bonus is active, the user receives two instead of one star from his friends. The active period for a bonus is till 23.59 o’clock (the end of the day when it was activated
  17. 17. Game PlayLevel: Enter a code • The last level, the user has to enter a code he received by buying a product • If he has already entered a code, this level will be finished automatically for him
  18. 18. Game PlayFriends • Every user can get one star from one friend, when bonus level is active every star counts double When a user gives a star to a friend, an open graph action/message is published on his wall: User gave a star via Studio Moderna:
  19. 19. Game PlaySales activities • With every bought product the user gets a code, which adds up more stars to his account
  20. 20. Game PlayProfile • Every user has his own profile with all the info on friends activities within the app
  21. 21. ResultsNew fans: 42.451Emails: 19.500Orders from Facebook: 150+Prizes given 3X 3X & > 100 More
  22. 22. ResultsSales ?
  23. 23. Why This Case ?
  24. 24. Because Multichannel is:
  25. 25. 200+Cases
  26. 26. Key challengesPlanning„Manual-ism“Customer careCost allocationCross channel impactAfter campaign impact Off line channels push of app promotion via their Sales
  27. 27. If you don‘t cannibalize yourself, someoneelse will. Steve Jobs