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Marketing Mashup: Top takeaways of 2013

  1. Marketing Mashup: Top takeaways of 2013 What we’ve learned from interviewing more than 200 marketers throughout the year
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  3. Speakers Black & White Headshot Pamela Markey Daniel Burstein Senior Director of Marketing MECLABS @PamelaMarkey Director of Editorial Content MECLABS @DanielBurstein
  4. Daniel Burstein, Director of Editorial Content, and Pamela Markey, Senior Director of Marketing, MECLABS, discuss the top takeaways from 2013. Watch it now Access our other webinars
  5. Related Resources • B2B Social Media Marketing: DocuSign's targeted LinkedIn InMail strategy creates 3 large pipeline opportunities • Email Marketing: 5 tactics to personalize your email message for better results • Content Marketing: How MarketingExperiments increased blog traffic by 232% • Optimization: A discussion about an e-commerce company's 500% sales increase • Lead Generation: How Adobe generated a 500% lift in conversion by changing its webinar strategy
  6. Related Resources, continued • Social Media: How SAP operationalized social for replicated worldwide success • Search Marketing: Insights on keyword research and customer personas • Landing Page Optimization: How CRC Health transformed decision-making across 140 sites • Email Optimization: A discussion about how A/B testing generated $500 million in donations • Content Marketing: A discussion about McGladrey's 300% increase in content production • Testing: A discussion about SAP's 27% lift in incremental sales leads
  7. Poll Question: How would this webinar best serve you? A. Go fast and get through as much as possible. B. Take it slow and cover topics more thoroughly.
  8. Takeaway: Social media connects people In summary, LinkedIn isn’t the place for push marketing; it’s a place for peers to connect with other peers.
  9. Using LinkedIn InMail • • • 1 sponsored message Every 60 days 3 message series
  10. Sponsored InMail 3 Objectives: 1. Attract 2. Engage 3. Convert
  11. Results: Opens and clickthroughs Send 1 140 CT 1,700 Opens 1,100 Opens Send 2 100 CT 1,547 Opens Send 3 0 200 400 600 50 CT 800 1000 1200 Both sends had approx. 7,000 recipients 1400 1600 1800
  12. Takeaway: Customers should be the center of your sales strategy In summary, not just a funnel for sales, but truly connect the customer to the system.
  13. 2010 The external lead capture was dependent on manual sales acceptance. No connection to systems, no closed-loop feedback. CUSTOMER SERVICE SALES 1,200 400
  14. 2010 The external lead capture was dependent on manual sales acceptance. No connection to systems, no closed-loop feedback. LEGAL FINANCE COMPLIANCE SALES 400
  15. Debbie’s Approach 1 Audit and Discovery 2 Program and Process Development 3 Change Management
  16. Audit and Discovery Not Connected to Service Work Flows CUSTOMER No Closed-Loop SERVICE SALES 1,200 400 External Website Outside Oversight
  17. Audit and Discovery Not into Service BuildConnected to Service Work Flows Work Processes CUSTOMER No Closed Loop Tie to ERP/SAP SERVICE SALES 1,200 400 Remove External External Website Website Outside Oversight
  19. Results: Leads submitted 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013
  20. Results: Revenue per lead 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013
  21. Takeaway: Treat social media as single part of a whole strategy In summary, don’t treat social media as its own separate entity.
  22. Email and Facebook are strategically, operationally and tactically aligned (or should be)
  23. Feature popular Facebook products in email Integrating social media into email. What interests a customer’s peers?
  24. Image testing Try email images with high CTR in Facebook posts Try images that drive high Facebook engagement in email
  25. Take what worked in 2013, and create a clear plan for 2014. Need help creating the perfect deck for your 2014 marketing plan? Marketo has a great free customizable PPT template for your marketing plans!
  26. Takeaway: Don’t underestimate the power of useful content In summary, “free content” isn’t free for your customer. Time is valuable.
  27. Why content marketing? 30% Trade Shows DEGREE OF DIFFICULTY CONTENT 20% Optimization Social Media SEO Mobile Marketing MarketingSherpa Lead Generation Benchmark Survey Fielded January 2012, N=1,915 Webinars 10% Print Advertising 0% 10% PPC Direct Mail Email Marketing 20% LEVEL OF EFFECTIVENESS 30% 40%
  28. Comparing difficulty of content marketing Please indicate the DEGREE OF DIFFICULTY (time, effort and expense required) in creating each type of content Not Difficult Somewhat difficult Very difficult 25% 66% Press Releases Social Media 4% 37% 57% Webpages 2% 29% 73% Images 57% 37% 54% Customer Reviews 6% 35% 51% E-newsletters Blogs 49% 40% 11% 11% 40% Microsites Digital Magazines 53% 50% 37% Podcasts 37% Webinars/Webcasts 29% 46% Whitepapers Online Video Mobile Apps 51% 21% 20% 20% 10% 4% 19% 48% 23% 49% 23% 28% Case Studies 7% 17% 59% 29% e-books 6% 46% 41% Articles 12% 43% 44% Mobile Web Content 6% 52% 26% 54% 26% 54% 26% MarketingSherpa Lead Generation Benchmark Survey Fielded January 2012, N=1,915
  29. You pay with help, you receive attention and trust Content Your Company Share of Mind Relevant Helpful Entertaining Customers Trust
  30. Selling Free Content: Excerpts
  31. Selling Free Content: Excerpts
  32. Takeaway: Use a content strategy In summary, creating content doesn’t have to be hard; use what you’re already doing in an intentional way.
  33. Content works. But it’s hard. It doesn’t have to be!
  34. Build a Strategy Around Content See our presentation and learn about … Repackaging capabilities/extend use John, I believe this is an important article for you to read … Maybe you saw us on … Or heard our podcast interview of a client
  35. Industry/LOB Project Management: Workflow and transparency Project Notification Form submitted by Nat’l Mktg Leaders Multiaspect GTMS project? This is how marketing support requests are submitted to GTMS. Depending on project details selected, GTMS team leaders will be notified of the support request. Scheduled by Production Manager Yes Project Kickoff Call and project brief completed Project set up and assigned in Project Management platform Go To Market Services team members brief and/or advise on strategies, and help refine based on previous data and experience. Ongoing approvals from SMEs and Industry/LOB Leaders throughout process coordinated by National Marketing Leaders. Work Begins: Content & Graphic Design, Digital Media, Demand Generation, Social Media, PR, Advertising, etc. GTMS No – Single area of support needed – Small project Best efforts will be made to align resources to specific LOB/ Industry, this may not always be possible unless teams are willing to adjust project due dates. Implementation MROI analysis with industry/LOB Leaders Tracking of Results – Analytics and Automation Software NOTE: Project Tracker used to manage overall planning. Project Management platform used to manage GTMS support elements. GTMS Teams will review Project Tracker reports to plan for resources and manage workflow.
  36. Starting the Project • Forms remove poor communication • You can educate • Help requesters think ahead
  37. Takeaway: Orient your customers In summary, whether it’s email, social media or a landing page, make sure it clicks for your audience.
  38. Adobe Results: Evolution of webinar marketing 75% Increase in Open Rate 120% Increase in Clickthrough Rate Average Open Rate Average CTR 2008 17% 5% 2013 30% 11% ! Webinars became the second driver of sales behind free trial offers.
  39. Promoting Webinars: Old strategy Email Landing Page
  40. Promoting Webinars: New strategy, implementing process Email Follow-Up Landing Page
  41. Promoting Webinars: Down the funnel eLearning Play 37% eLearning moved from “Solution” to “Product” webinar Marketing Play “Best Practices” or “Solution” webinar “Product” webinar Competitive comparison Trial/ training webinars 23% marketing moved from “Solution” to “Product” webinar
  42. Takeaway: Analyze your social media audience In summary, determine the best ways to reach out and connect with your customers.
  43. Understanding how social media works around the world SAP’s challenge ACT LOCALLY
  44. The Social DNA of SAP • 716,000 fans (combined) • 553,000 followers (combined) • 270,000 followers • 77,000 views SAP Social Engagement in 2012: • 1.46 million video views •140,000 likes, comments, retweets, etc. •1,400,000 clicks SAP Community Network: •2,500,000 members •20,000 new posts per month •4,000 new blog posts per day
  45. SAP in Social Business Sales team SAP found by utilizing social business techniques, customers are now more informed when they engage with a salesperson.
  46. Example: SAP Slovakia Banking • SAP team focused on Slovakia Banking, which had its own social media presence with a small following • Consolidated into a SAP Finance Channel to promote many conversations and cross-educate on topics • Steering people away from “small microcosms” and toward broader communities Before: Overly specific, alienating and dividing audiences After: Unifying, bringing in people of diverse interests
  47. Example: Latin America Language is important, not country 24 accounts shut down over 6 months 34 different social media accounts No real strategy Consolidate to engage with a wider audience, create good content, educate 4 Facebook accounts 4 Twitter accounts 2 LinkedIn accounts 20% Promotional material vis-à-vis 80% value added info
  48. Takeaway: Relate to your audience In summary, use personas to identify with the customers that visit your site.
  49. Audience K12 Education Creating a page structure that accommodates customer interest
  50. “Spock Project”: The four personas Humanistic Methodical Competitive Spontaneous
  51. Audience: Personas Buy now Case studies; White papers Pricing information; Industry articles Testimonials Education
  52. Targeting content for personas
  53. Targeting content for personas
  54. Targeting content for personas
  55. Takeaway: Test your email sends In summary, there is always something to improve, optimize or eliminate – never stop improving.
  56. What impact can testing have?
  57. Testing = Constant Improvement Little improvements add up • Improving 1% here and 2% there isn’t a lot at first, but over time, it adds up
  58. Test Every Element Question: What footer language should we use to reduce unsubscribes? Variation: Recipients Unsubscribes Unsubscribe/ Recipient Significant difference in unsubscribe/recipient 578,994 195 0.018% None 578,814 79 0.014% Smaller than D4 578,620 86 0.015% Smaller than D4 580,507 115 0.020% Larger than 3D and 4D
  59. No, really. Test every element. Running tests in the background via personalized content
  60. Example: Subject lines Test sends version v1s1 v1s2 v1s3 v2s1 v2s2 v2s3 v3s1 v3s2 v3s3 v4s1 v4s2 v4s3 v5s1 v5s2 v5s3 v6s1 v6s2 v6s3 Subject line Hey Two things: Your turn Hey My opponent You decide Hey Last night Stand with me today Hey This is my last campaign [NAME] Hey There won't be many more of these deadlines What you saw this week Hey Let's win. Midnight deadline Each draft was tested with three subject lines One subject line would usually be common across all drafts, to help make comparisons across messages
  61. Example: Best vs. worst versions Full send (in millions) Test sends version v1s1 v1s2 v1s3 v2s1 v2s2 v2s3 v3s1 v3s2 v3s3 v4s1 v4s2 v4s3 v5s1 v5s2 v5s3 v6s1 v6s2 v6s3 Subject line donors money Hey 263 $17,646 Two things: 268 $18,830 Your turn 276 $22,380 Hey 300 $17,644 My opponent 246 $13,795 You decide 222 $27,185 Hey 370 $29,976 Last night 307 $16,945 Stand with me today 381 $25,881 Hey 444 $25,643 This is my last campaign 369 $24,759 [NAME] 514 $34,308 Hey 353 $22,190 There won't be many more of these deadlines 273 $22,405 What you saw this week 263 $21,014 Hey 363 $25,689 Let's win. 237 $17,154 Midnight deadline 352 $23,244 $4 $3 $2 $1 $0 ACTUAL ($3.7m) IF SENDING IF SENDING AVG WORST $2.2 million additional revenue from sending best draft vs. worst, or $1.5 million additional from sending best vs. average
  62. Takeaway: Use words strategically In summary, study the psychology behind the words you use in PPC ads to ensure that you’re relating to your customers.
  63. Effects of psychological mapping on paid advertising … highly empathetic, social, caring, worried. Thus, wanting a more formal, highly educated service with high interaction.
  64. Testing Phase: Behavioral Psychology Highest Performing Branded Ads (>1000 Impressions Ad Bayside Marin - Recovery Not Your Ordinary Health Program. Health Recovery Center. Call Now. CTR 21.84% Lowest Performing Branded Ads (>1000 Impressions Ad Bayside Marin Clinic Rehab Shouldn't Stop Your Career. For Top Executives Seeking Comfort. CTR 0.97% Bayside Marin Center We Provide Private, VIP Recovery. Your Own Room, Beautiful Facility. 6.98% Bayside Marin Clinic Rehab Shouldn't Stop Your Career. Your Own Room, Beautiful Facility. 1.09% Bayside Marin Center Rehab Shouldn't Stop Your Career. For Top Executives Seeking Comfort. 6.18% Bayside Marin Clinic Alternative Health Recovery Center. Very Private & Exclusive. Call Now. 1.11% Bayside Marin Center Everything You Need to Recover. Private Room, Chef, Healthy Living. 4.97% Bayside Marin - Official Exclusive Treatment Recovery Center Private Chef, Pool, Gym Call Now. 1.14% Bayside Marin Center Alternative Health Recovery Center. Very Private & Exclusive. Call Now. 4.32% Bayside Marin Treatment Everything You Need to Recover. Private Room, Chef, Healthy Living. 1.23%
  65. Effects of psychological mapping on paid advertising Connotation creates a 3X difference in CTR. “Clinic” Quick Cheap Informal Less educated personnel “Center” Formal Expertise Research Educated personnel The difference is understanding the psychology of the words.
  66. Experiment: Sierra Tucson (value proposition) Experiment ID: Sierra Tucson Testing Phase: Value Proposition Research Notes: Background: An addiction and mental health rehabilitation facility. Objective: To increase the clickthrough rate. Primary Research Question: Which PPC ad will obtain the most clickthroughs? Test Design: A/B split test
  67. Experiment: Controls Company Logic We have the most doctors, therefore we have the best care. Branded Sierra Tucson Care Center Considered a Top Recovery Clinic Get a Free Assessment. Call Now! Non-branded AZ Alcohol Detox Facility Exclusive, Luxury Rehab Facility. 1 Clinical Staff Per 3 Patients.
  68. Experiment: Treatments Customer Logic I am afraid to send my husband away to someone who will not care for him like I will. Branded Sierra Tucson Care Center Considered a Top Depression Clinic. Traditional & Alternative Therapies Non-branded AZ Alcohol Detox Facility Considered a Top Addiction Clinic Traditional & Alternative Therapies
  69. Experiment: Results • 14,000 % Increase in CTR for Branded Ads • 3,300 % Increase in CTR for Non-branded Ads Branded PPC Ads Conversion Rate Non-Branded PPC Ads Conversion Rate Control 0.31% 0.13% Treatment 44.2% 4.41% 14,000% 3,300% Relative Difference By incorporating customer logic into PPC ads, the clickthrough rate on PPC ads, both branded and non-branded, skyrocketed.
  70. Takeaway: Start small on website redesign In summary, even small changes on your website can make a big impact.
  71. firstSTREET Radical Redesign Little budget Little time No coding or graphic skills 500% Increase in sales using split testing on website redesign
  72. The Redesign “firstSTREET meets Apple” • Where, what and why answered • Big visuals, big type (old eyes) • Thought sequence subheadings (benefit phrasing) • Strong call-to-action • Incentive and ROI • Minimize anxiety • Long page layout
  73. Control • Navigation options • Subheader copy • Image on left or right • Longer copy • Different copy • Guarantee seal vs. words • Incentive and ROI • Minimize anxiety • Thought sequence Oops!
  74. The Results The treatment is a winner! • Crushed a very weak control Up 3,566% • Conversion rate now acceptable in the absolute
  75. Compounding Success Einstein said the compounding power of money is the eighth wonder of the world • Pessimist What a difference a year can make • • • • • • • Initial sales rate per period Original site testing gains Radical redesign (only counting 1X) Price disclosure Add-to-cart buttons Thought sequence Headline test 30% 100% no gain 15% 46% 30% 10 13 26 26 30 44 57 Over a 5x increase in one year … and still growing!
  76. Takeaway: Optimize thought processes In summary, use your resources to test and optimize thought processes for your customers.
  77. SAP Testing Results 27% Increase in incremental sales leads 20% Digital marketing budget savings “ “ My passion is ensuring digital adds measurable value to sales pipeline and revenue – if not, what's the point? – Shawn Burns
  78. Team Testing Resources
  79. In-Market Tests Control Spotlights section on
  80. In-Market Tests Treatment 62% more engagement (aggregate results across tests in 7 different countries) Regional Preferences 433% better engagement in China than in the U.S.
  81. Thank You! Pamela Markey Senior Director of Marketing MECLABS @PamelaMarkey Daniel Burstein Director of Editorial Content MECLABS @DanielBurstein
  82. Marketing Mashup: Top takeaways of 2013 What we’ve learned from interviewing more than 200 marketers throughout the year