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Qentelli Year Book


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Qentelli Year Book

Published in: Technology
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Qentelli Year Book

  1. 1. THE LIGHTHOUSE CLUB Excellence is the goal. Learning is the tool. At Qentelli, not only learning, educating is continual too. The Lighthouse is for people who loves learning, teaching and sharing their skill with colleagues. QENTELLI CARES Nothing is more important to us than the wellbeingof our Qentellects.This club ensures employees' welfare in every true sense. Coz, we know that a little support can take someone a long way.
  2. 2. WELL-BEING CLUB We believe that the path to health and wellness is made of empowering lifestyle changes. We inspire each other to be the champions of our own happiness. Those who arepart of Well-being club, take fitness challenges with colleagues and always on track to better health. GAME POINT CLUB They say Sports do not build character,they revealit. The Game Point Club ensures employees unwind their work stress at the court playing their favorite sport. We often form teams and compete in intra-team and intra-corporate challenges. EVENTUALLY YOURS CLUB Putting ‘extra’ in extraordinary. We make sure the celebrations and joy never ends. The club organizes events to rejoice every moment, every win and every occasion together. After all, life is too short to say no to confettiand cocktails. PARADISE OF PURSUIT CLUB Reading is dreaming with eyes open. We have many such dreamers at Qentelli and they share their common interest through this club. While magnifying the learning opportunities, it builds camaraderie,comfort, and teamwork at work place.