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Free marketing plan sample of McKinney Communication Agency in Chicago, by


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Free marketing plan sample by marketing plan now:
A plan of a communication agency, McKinney Chicago, USA.

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Free marketing plan sample of McKinney Communication Agency in Chicago, by

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  2. 2. 2 Mc Kinney Chicago Advertising agency MARKETING PLAN SAMPLE 2010Pauline DUGRAVOT Adrien TUZAJieyu YANG Anthony RIZZATO
  3. 3. 3 Mc Kinney Chicago § Communication agency. § Located in Chicago, Illinois (USA). § Created in the 1970’s. § Goal in mind: to bring companies and customers together. § Member of the American Association of Advertising Agencies (AAAAs) and the Business Marketing Association (BMA). “Experience you can trust. Expertise you can rely on.”Challenge : Market Adapt the service of the organization of eventsdevelopement strategy to a new market: Events for students
  4. 4. I.Analysis 1. Macro Environmental Analysis of the § Economic Environment is the most influentialCurrent Publicity and communication depends of the economy.Situation 2. Market Analysis Last § High competitive intensity. Year § Attractiveness of the market. § Established in different markets è life science, biotechnology, professional services, information technology, precision manufacturing & supply chain logistics. 4 Part One: Strategic Planning
  5. 5. I.Analysis 3. Direct Competitive Analysis of the Direct competitorsCurrent Communication, publicity & marketing agencies in theSituation state of Illinois, USA Last Critical Success Factors of Mc Kinney Year - Full service agency - Multi tasking - Close to the client - Initiatives of the team - Human-size agency 5 Part One: Strategic Planning
  6. 6. I. 4. Market SegmentationAnalysis of the Segmentation by needsCurrent - Companies which desire « Imput and Insight » serviceSituation - Companies which desire « Inspiration » service (See Appendix) Last Year Target Companies which want to improve or to create their communication to be more attractive for customers . 6 Part One: Strategic Planning
  7. 7. I. 5. Existing Marketing MixAnalysis of the Services PriceCurrent Brand: Depends of which kind ofSituation Rather known in Illinois. service the company needs Quality of service: and how many times it will Great experience & be necessary to achieve the Last professionalism work. Year Marketing distribution Marketing channel Communication - Conferences - Public relations, - Seminars - Partnerships - eMail - Internet website - Press 7 - Telemarketing Part One: Strategic Planning
  8. 8. I. 6. SWOT AnalysisAnalysis of theCurrentSituation Last Year 8 Part One: Strategic Planning
  9. 9. I. 7. Positioning LocationAnalysis of theCurrentSituation Market of communication Last Year Legend Mc Kinney Direct Competitors of Mc Kinney 9 8. Sources of information Telephonic interview with Anne Smith, Financial Manager, Mc Kinney Chicago & Internet website of the agency. Part One: Strategic Planning
  10. 10. II/ Achievable Marketing Objectives - Next Year -10 Organization of events in a new market è 1. Marketing Strategy Students market. Ansoff Proom, seminars, forums, sports meetings for high Model schools and universities in Illinois. 2. Desired In 2010, we will focus on the students who Market Segmentation need of a professional service for the organization of events. Part One: Strategic Planning
  11. 11. II/ Achievable Marketing Objectives - Next Year -11 In 2010, we will put an effort of our brand image: 3. Desired - More direct marketing Marketing- Mix - Organization of forums and meetings to sensibilize students to our service. - eMails & letters. Part One: Strategic Planning
  12. 12. II/ Achievable Marketing Objectives - Next Year -12 4. Marketing Objectives
  13. 13. II/ Achievable Marketing Objectives - Next Year -13 In 2010 we will increase: 5. Position - partnerships (perceptual - advertisement gaps) - communication and public relations à Be more accessible to students and better perceived by our target. Starting from early 2010, we expect to: 6. Yearly Sales - Have partnerships and contracts with half of Forecast the high school and/or univeristies - Increase turnover by 30 % Part One: Strategic Planning
  14. 14. III/ Yearly action plan & marketing budget14 1. Main Cooperative bodies (1+1>2) 2. Maintain In order to maintain the current situation, Past Activities we will continue to work with our first markets (laboratories, biotechnology…) Part Two: Action plan
  15. 15. III/ Yearly action plan & marketing budget15 - We don’t need to develop a new product 3. Developing new products because we have chosen a market and its pricing development strategy - For prices, we want to decrease them for this new service. Indeed, as our new market is about students, we want to adapt prices to make the service more affordable. Part Two: Action plan
  16. 16. III/ Yearly action plan & marketing budget16 Marketing communication (MarCom) 4. Marketing We want to promote our new service as follows: activities - Partnerships with university associations è for example, during sports events - Advertisement to make students aware of the new service. è We can add our service to schools brochures, or schools websites. We can also put posters in the schools. Distribution - Direct marketing à we will hold a mailing campaign in order to contact many university associations, such as sports associations, to inform them about our new service. Part Two: Action plan
  17. 17. III/ Yearly action plan & marketing budget17 To have the better service, we have to communicate 5. Enhancing service a lot and to adapt our policy to students : marketing principles - Strong relationship with customers - Always respect the costumer’s private life - Have a strong customer service - Keep a certain confidentiality for customers - Guarantee a quality of service and assumption of responsibility in case of problems. Part Two: Action plan
  18. 18. III/ Yearly action plan & marketing budget18 What Who When Details Mailing Marketing From 15 of Brochures & 6. GANTT campaign communication January To 15 of emails for (brochures & Manager March 2010 Universities to scheme emails) have a first contact (3 examples) Meeting with Head of the agency End of April, Meeting with universities or Marketing beginning of May directors and communication (before summer students manager holidays) associations of the universities to explain our service for students Congress & Communication team End of Congress & forums & marketing September forums in the communication (After the universities to manager resumption of the explain and show courses) our service to students Part Two: Action plan
  19. 19. III/ Yearly action plan & marketing budget19 Ressources Usage Self 300,000 Direct 200,000 7. Marketing Marketing Yearly Partner 200,000 Indirect 100,000 Budget Marketing Advertising 175,000 Market 25,000 research Total 500,000 Total 500,000 Part Two: Action plan
  20. 20. IV/ Controlprocedures& criteria of success 20 Part Two: Action plan
  21. 21. IV/ Control Milestonesprocedures è When?& criteria of success Jan . Feb . Mar. Apr. May Jun. Jul. Aug. Sep. Oct. Nov. Dec. Congres & forums Mailing of Mailing of Meeting with the brochures emails & ask of Preparation for Advertisement universities meetings with the forums & campaign in the Headmasters congres universities Publishing ads in our Publishing ads in students website magazines 21 Part Two: Action plan
  22. 22. APPENDIX Attual services proposed by Mc Kinney : Inspiration Input and Insight Flash Design and Development Market Research Video Development and Production Competitive Review Web Development Distinctive Competence Assessments Micro-site Development Positioning Email Campaigns Channel Strategies Print Advertising Integrated Marketing Communications Corporate Identity Development Plans Trade Shows Lead Management & Fulfillment Events Marcom Audit Analyst/Media Relations Press Releases White Papers22
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