Sustainability in the galapagos apr 2010


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Sustainability in the galapagos apr 2010

  1. 1. SUSTAINABILITY IN THE GALÁPAGOS ISLANDS Metropolitan Touring’s Commitment In the last weeks we have been part of some important sustainable initiatives, which confirm the permanent commitment of Metropolitan Touring to generate progress, positive contributions, and refocus on the current reality of the Galápagos Islands. Due to the very high worldwide awareness of the Galapagos, the Islands are at high risk of generating negative attention and publicity, and any event attracts readers in that direction. But there is much positive news, realities in fact that we wish to share with all of you. Enjoy reading about them. 1. EARTH HOUR 60-2010. The World initiative to turn out the lights also reached the Galápagos Islands, with Metropolitan’s Finch Bay Eco Hotel informing about it to its guests and staff, and resulted in the most romantic dinner you can ever imagine. Beyond energy saving, this campaign has enticed all of us to reflect on the environmental footprint that we are leaving behind, and how to reduce it every day. It is a gift that we are leaving for the next generations. 2. CAMPAIGN FOR THE COLLECTION OF USED BATTERIES IN SANTA CRUZ. The negative impact that the toxicity of used batteries, once they come in contact with the environment (air, water, soil) is undisputed. The volcanic Galápagos Islands, with porous soil, retain any element that is decomposing, and these are the substrata that will end up in the soil or in the water. Collecting used batteries to be removed from the islands and transported to the mainland for an adequate recycling, is a way to guarantee the environmental integrity of the insular ecosystems and the local community. The campaign is led by the Municipality of Santa Cruz, with the local support in publicizing and logistics, of the Galápagos-Ecuador Foundation and the Coca Cola of Ecuador Foundation.
  2. 2. 3. RECOGNITION OF THE MV SANTA CRUZ BY THE MUNICIPALITY OF SANTA CRUZ. Metropolitan’s 90-guest vessel MV SANTA CRUZ, was awarded a recognition by the Municipal Government of Santa Cruz, and presented with a plaque by the representative of the City Council, Mr. Carlos Franco, as the best example of collection, classification and disposal of solid waste in this category of vessels,. These recognitions motivate all members of the travel industry to continue contributing to the initiatives of the Municipality; while at the same time are good examples for the residents of the islands. Fundación Galapagos-Ecuador has maintained, since its beginnings, a direct support to the recycling project on Santa Cruz Island, and a recognition like this allows us to see that our efforts on board our vessels is coherent with our environmental policy, and to understand the need to adhere to this type of projects and initiatives. Congratulations to all the crew on board the SANTA CRUZ for their compromise.