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  • Whilst all three exist in their own right, they are more connected than ever before, 500 tweets per minute contain a YouTube link, each tweet results in an average of 6 new sessions and 150 years of YouTube videos are watched every day on Facebook.   It’s an exciting time with a great audience and platform available.
  • Users on twitter want the latest real time information, they want to be the first to know, they want to stay current, a source of information for their less informed friends (bragging rights). It’s ability for self-promotion goes beyond this. If the message is right and the ground work has been done to set up your profile, twitter has the power to make your message reach hundreds of thousand of people. It’s important to have a great profile before you start looking for followers and following others. This ensures that when someone comes to see what you’re all about they’re not disappointed by a lack of tweets and information about you. Give them a reason to want to digitally stalk you.
  • Keep notice of those who are following you and follow them back. This is good twitter etiquette and will encourage more followers in the future.   Each time that someone follows you, you have a chance to engage with them when you follow back by sending them a message thanking them for following you and letting them know that you’re interested in learning more about them.
  • How do you keep your followers following? It’s just as easy to loose your following, as it was to acquire them. All it takes is a few badly worded, poorly timed tweets to see the numbers drop.   The main reason given for un-following on twitter is generally for spammy behavior, to avoid this be sure not to tweet too much, for example in quick succession, try not to tweet the same link or message multiple times or appear like an automated bot rather than a person.   Remember people come to twitter for latest real time news, stay current and share some latest exclusive content.
  • building the presence, anticipation, rely on pedigree, similar fanbases, trailer launches, discovery activities for fans, exclusive offers
  • These allow you to pay for traffic to your page, you can use a standard image and copy, or try running one of your own posts, that include photos, videos, questions, to create an engaging ad unit. Try targeting fans of similar pages or likes. Try contacting page owners to see if they can help you promote your film or run any promotional campaigns in association with you. Once fans are on your page offer an incentive for that valuable like.
  • like gating content. Make sure it’s valuable content. Applications are great but keep them social. They should add to the Facebook experience rather than drive away.
  • Video Responses Video Responses are a great way to get your content seen; each video you create can be added as a response to any other video. So for example, if you’re launching a game trailer based on a TV character, you could post this as a video response to a popular video about that character that was uploaded by any other user.   Keywords/Tags It’s important to cleverly name the title of your video and to use keywords wherever possible in both the title and description. This makes your video appear relevant and easier for users to find when searching either on YouTube or Google. Use the most important keywords in the left most part of your title.   Include a URL in description Try to include links to your website, Facebook page or twitter account in the description.   Playlists If you have similar videos or a series of videos, try to create a playlist of your videos, this means that when one plays the others will play afterwards (if set up that way by the user) or be more likely to occur in relevant videos.   Use annotations Keep them simple and clear, having too many annotations can come across as amateur and also give the viewer no clear path to follow. Try to use them to direct users to another relevant piece of content, or some special bonus content.   Allow embedding It’s important to allow embedding with your videos to increase chances of viral growth. This means that other sites, blogs and Facebook users can take your YouTube video and place it on their platform.
  • It's not hard to generate social buzz with an online trailer for an established franchise. After all, there's a built-in audience that's ready to watch the trailer and tweet it out. But these days, it's just as important to build and sustain excitement between the trailer's online debut and the film's premiere. To do that, the marketing team at 20th Century Fox flexed its storytelling muscle with a series of YouTube videos for "Rise of the Planet of the Apes." Originating from the film's "Apes Will Rise" YouTube channel, "found footage" videos of apes engaging in terrifying human behavior quickly became viral hits. Footage of an ape with an AK-47 scored more than 8 million views within weeks. The campaign eventually took on a life of its own, even going so far as to leverage real-life events. When Los Angles braced for "Carmageddon," images of apes preparing to attack the freeway surfaced on the web. Of course, the hashtag "apes will rise" was spray-painted on one of the overpasses. The film, which was expected to open at No. 1, took in $176 million in domestic box office. Ahead of the release, Mashable wondered if the digital campaign was bold enough. But a summary of the total social campaign from Mekanism, the agency that worked with the studio, highlights just how much buzz the movie had achieved by the time of its premiere.

    1. 1. Breakout Session 2: DIY Digital Marketing Jon Mason Director/Owner Jollywise Media
    2. 2. So you want to market your own movie?OVERVIEWThis presentation will leave you with a few top tips on DIY movie marketing.Presence - How do I get fans or followers to see me?Attraction - How do I get them to like me?Engagement - And most importantly, what do I do with them once they’re there?
    3. 3. So you want to market your own movie?WHY SOCIAL MEDIA?Over the past three years there has been a huge growth in social media globally.Facebook - 800 million active users and over 50% of those users logging in on any dayYouTube - 800 million unique visitors per month view over 3 billion videos each day.Twitter - 100 million users sharing 250 million tweets per day.MORE CONNECTED THAN EVER BEFORE….500 tweets per minute contain a YouTube link150 years of YouTube videos are watched every day on Facebook.
    4. 4. So you want to market your own movie?
    5. 5. So you want to market your own movie?TWITTERBeginners often use twitter to share what they had for dinner or what they’rewatching on TV. Who cares? Users on twitter want the latest real timeinformation, they want to be the first to know, they want bragging rights.If the message is right and the ground work has been done to set up your profile,twitter has the power to make your message reach hundreds of thousands ofpeople.BUILDING THE PRESENCEWhat do you offer that’s different?Why will users want to stalk you?Keep your tone of voice personal.Build up a history of tweets
    6. 6. So you want to market your own movie?
    7. 7. So you want to market your own movie?TWITTERATTRACTING AND ENGAGING THE AUDIENCEWhat makes a tweet great? Timing, length, questions, links for videos, pictures,more information, relevant hashtags.Follow you, follow me. Twitter Culture.Monitor keywords, hashtags and mentions. Engage your follows and nurturerelationships.Using twitter clientsAmplifying tweetsKeep listening and learning, stay personal, friendly, current, relevant, dive inand get involved.
    8. 8. So you want to market your own movie?Don’t forget to be sensitive, twitters real time nature can mean a really quick backlash!
    9. 9. So you want to market your own movie?
    10. 10. So you want to market your own movie?FACEBOOKBUILDING THE PRESENCEIt’s quick and easy to set up a page on Facebook.However it’s just as easy to leave that page looking unloved and dull or cluttered andspammy.Discover your tone of voice, what content works well for your audience, competitoranalysisFor movies think beyond release date to , building anticipation for launch, sharingreviews both fan and industry when exhibiting, sustaining the audiences interest forDVD release.
    11. 11. So you want to market your own movie?
    12. 12. So you want to market your own movie?FACEBOOKATTRACTING THE AUDIENCEFacebook Media, Sponsored Stories, PromotedPosts.Related pages and likes.Rewarding fans for their likes – competitions,exclusive offers and news.
    13. 13. So you want to market your own movie?
    14. 14. So you want to market your own movie?FACEBOOKENGAGING THE AUDIENCEFocus on publishing content to your Page that people will want to engage with andshare with their friends.Understand what your audience cares about by visiting page insights regularly to trackwhich posts resonated with your audience and generated the most engagement.Post succinct contentPosts between 100 and 250 characters (less than 3 lines of text) see about 60% morelikes, comments and shares than posts greater than 250 characters.Post photos and videosRich media tends to draw attention more than simple text. Posts including a photoalbum, a picture or a video generate about 180%, 120%, and 100% more engagementthan the average post, respectively.Post regularly
    15. 15. So you want to market your own movie?
    16. 16. So you want to market your own movie?FACEBOOKENGAGING THE AUDIENCEAsk for your fans’ opinion, ask questions using QuestionsTry posting “fill in the blank” postsFill-in-the-blank posts generate about 90% more engagement than the average post.Give your fans access to exclusive informationAs a reward for liking your Page, give fans access to exclusive, behind-the-scenesinformation to make them feel special.Be timelyYour audience will be more likely to engage with your posts if you are talking abouttopics that are already top of mind for them, such as current events, holidays or news.For example, posts mentioning Independence Day on July 4th generated about 90%more engagement than all posts published on that day.Localize your posts if they’re only relevant to a specific audience
    17. 17. So you want to market your own movie?
    18. 18. So you want to market your own movie?
    19. 19. So you want to market your own movie?YOUTUBEDiscovery, PR and Seeding.Earned, Owned and Bought.Allow embeddingUse Annotations and playlists to aid discoveryMonitor insights to understand what content you should be seeding.Content may not necessarily be about the film, try behind the scenes, funny relevantvirals, interactive video experiences.
    20. 20. So you want to market your own movie? .com/user/apeswillrise ?feature=watch Chimp Beats Human Intelligence Test Ape with Machette Chimp with AK47
    21. 21. So you want to market your own movie?
    22. 22. So you want to market your own movie?THE TRADITIONAL WEBSITEThe brand hub.A quick reference point – trailers, videos, downloads, release date.Can sit along side social initiatives and be fully intergratedGoogle search resultsMore detailed information, somewhere to point to and link toSuper fan pointNot everyone’s socialEmail acquisitionCompletely bespoke, show off your most important asset and what you want people to
    23. 23. So you want to market your own movie?
    24. 24. Helping independent film companies become intelligentbuyers and users of digital marketing #MKTGMOVIES