LITEBI Webinar - Business Intelligence & Sales


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In this case we will see the use of BI in the marketing and sales depts., which will be able to use the reports and metrics that provides this technology to make better decisions and strengthen their competitive advantage.

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LITEBI Webinar - Business Intelligence & Sales

  1. 1. Webinar 16/02/2012Webinar 16th February 2012Business Intelligence, Sales and Marketing LITEBI 2012 ©
  2. 2. Webinar 16/02/2012 Content Introduction to Business Intelligence (5 min.) BI at Marketing & Sales (2.5 min.)Sales analytics, Sales activity control, On-off marketing Intelligence(5 min.) LITEBI 3 Demo – ACOMP (10 min.) Q & A (10-15min.)
  3. 3. Webinar 16/02/2012 What is Business Intelligence? Software tools that allow to turn data into useful information to take better decisionsBusiness Control Savings + Information Time and Money + Updated Automatic Procedures + Visual No Maintenance + Flexible Less spreadsheets / Manual reports
  4. 4. Webinar 16/02/2012 Cloud Computing Easy AffordableOnline Plataform SaaS / Cloud Computing No installation Pay-as-you-goNo maintenance No license costs Easy Interface No hardware investmentSoftware Service
  5. 5. Webinar 16/02/2012
  6. 6. Webinar 16/02/2012 Using BI at Sales & Marketing OLAP CRM / ERP Dashboards Data Integration Business Intelligence Maps Solution VP os Sales, Mailing Other sources CMO, Salesperson, Workspace CEO, etc..I know what is and I can analyze which I can analyze and I get easy access towhat isn’t working. members of my understand the information on my I get updated salesWhere and how we team are performing evolution of my sales, prospects, KPIs i can trustare getting results. better. campaigns goals, etc… VP Sales Area Manager Marketing Sales CEO Manager
  7. 7. Webinar 16/02/2012 Sales Analytics Some Examples Data Source (ERP, Accounting, …) MetricsQuantity Sold, Avg. Price, Total Sales, Cost, Margin / Profit, Quantity Ordered, …
  8. 8. Webinar 16/02/2012 Sales Activity Some examples (control calls, visits, the pipeline, outlooks, etc..) Data Source (CRM) MetricsTotal Calls, Total Visits, Total Opportunities, Conversion rate (lead to opportunity, opportunity to sale), Sales Activity cost.
  9. 9. Webinar 16/02/2012 Offline Marketing Some Examples (Market Intelligence) Data Source (CRM, ERP, Purchased Databases) MetricsLeads, Opportunities, AVL (Average Lifetime value), Number of customers, Number of potential customers, etc…
  10. 10. Webinar 16/02/2012 Online Marketing Some Examples Data Sources (Google Analytics, Facebook, Twitter, eCommerce, CRM, etc…) MetricsVisits, Followers, Twitter Impact, GeneratedLeads, Conversion rates, Channel efficency, etc..
  11. 11. Webinar 16/02/2012 LITEBI DemoSales & Marketing BI examples using LITEBI’s demo space Acomp
  12. 12. Webinar 16/02/2012 Thank you for attending! Contact info: Website: www.litebi.comPresenter: Partners: Marketing: