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marketingjobs Client Interview Process


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Search thousands of professional jobs from across the United States. Find jobs in sales, marketing, and advertising. Jobs from entry to executive level.

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marketingjobs Client Interview Process

  1. 1. Welcome Coach Bigedo Client Candidate EXECUTIVE RECRUITMENT Interview Process LOGO
  2. 2. Interview 1. Put the candidate at ease 2. Don’t judge by first impressions 1. Before the Interview LOGO
  3. 3. Interview • Describe the job to the candidate 2. During the Interview LOGO
  4. 4. Interview “Pocket-Sized” Checklist: Communicating with Applicants at Interview Time The following is a “pocket-sized” checklist of reminders created to assist you in communicating with applicants at the time of the interview. You may wish to print a copy of this and refer to it when conducting interviews. 2. During the Interview LOGO
  5. 5. Pocket-Sized” Checklist Establish Rapport and Explain the Process: Getting the Interview Started: (Once in the (Before Bringing Applicant into Room): Room): •· Greet applicant •· Introduce to panel members •· Introduce yourself •· Seat applicant •· Clarify application / resume •· Reminders: take notes, use note pad, •· Explain process, format, order repeat questions, come back, etc. •· Time constraints •· Asking sequence and who starts •· Note Taking •· Note Pad and Use Closing the Interview: •· Repeat, Rephrase, Paraphrase •· Revisiting Questions •· Come back at end of interview •· Additional comments from Applicant? •· Any Questions? •· Past work performance checks •· Salary/Classification changes •· Any special considerations •· Keep it brief •· Decision Time table •· Thank you LOGO
  6. 6. LISTEN • Always Listen to the candidate • And check if the candidate listened to you 2. During the Interview LOGO
  7. 7. Note / Question • Take notes • and Invite the candidate to ask questions • Follow legal guidelines for interviewing candidates 2. During the Interview LOGO
  8. 8. After Interview 3. After the Interview LOGO
  9. 9. FEEDBACK Let the candidate know what they can expect 3. After the Interview LOGO
  10. 10. Your Image 4. Create a positive image of your organization to the candidates LOGO
  11. 11. Decision Time Compare notes and reach decision Call Bigedo Team to give your result 5. Decision LOGO
  12. 12. Contact THANK YOU !!!!. Finally, thank you for taking the time to get to understand the interview success better, we hope we have been able to demonstrate how and where interviewing process can be fun... After the interview – Please write or call us. If your submission requires a response, we will get back to you as soon as possible. The Bigedo International (Deutschland). Customer Service: Güntherstr 28 – 30 Telephone: +49 69 678 678 38 Frankfurt and Main, Telefax: +49 69 255 77 061 60528. E-mail: Account Dept: Telephone: +49 69 678 678 38 Telefax: +49 69 255 77 061 Telephone: +49 69 678 678 38 E-mail: Telefax: +49 69 255 77 061 E-mail: LOGO