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Don\'t like selling? This is your ticket. Learn the 4 rules of Personal /Branding and get your potential customers to arrive on your doorstep pre-sold!

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  • How to become… A Celebrity in your field!
  • Branding Rule #1: Branding is More Important than Sales  
  • Branding appeals to our desires and touches our emotions. Its first goal: to emotionally PREDISPOSE consumers into entering a business relationship. Sales tries to cajole. THE BEST BRANDS DON’T TALK ABOUT THE PRODUCT. THEY BUILD PERSONALITY INTO THE PRODUCT.   Branding Comes First – We have moved from a selling world to a buying world!   The real fact is that nothing is sold until it is BRANDED. Today, we live in a skeptical culture – a culture that doesn’t want to be sold anything. When your branding is done correctly, the sale is made virtually without effort. Prospects arrive “pre-sold.”
  • BEING THE BEST IN THE MARKETPLACE DOESN’T MEAN ANYTHING. IT’S THE PERCEPTION OF BEING THE BEST THAT MATTERS. . Branding Attempts To Reverse The Sales Process. (They come after you and arrive pre-sold)   We Loathe Sales People. We Are Afraid Of Being Sold Something.   Why are brands big today? LACK OF TIME ; TOO MANY CHOICES   But, We Love To Choose To Buy Or Hire Someone We Found.   The More Educated – The More Sales Resistant, but the Better Personal Branding works.     Your Challenge. How do I become the WHATEVER YOU ARE of choice for more people before they need one?   Harry Beckwith’s Book You, Inc . says “You are selling to the overwhelmed. Simplify and clarify. Make yourself clearer and people will think you are an expert.”  
  •   Branding Rule #2: Visibility is More Important than Ability  
  • All Things Being Equal… The More Visible Competitor Wins   In branding, WHAT IS THE FACTOR that is more important than your services, your products, your resources, and even your skills . It’s your name. Your NAME brings you more prospects than your ability.   Examples: Ja Lo; Britany Spears; Madonna; Paris Hilton (Not The Most Beautiful, Best Singer, Best Actress)   How Many Of You Know Competitors Who Are Flakes But Are Succeeding.    
  • Visibility Builds Credibility Branding is all about VISIBILITY - and visibility builds credibility in the eyes of the consumer. If we see something all over town, we get the impression it must be good. – its presence attests to its success. The “Trick” - Who Knows You Is More Important Than Who You Know.   Lack Of Visibility Diminishes Your Credibility.     Macdonald’s – Good Food Or Best Food? We Seem Them Everywhere And Think They’re Good.    
  • Branding Rule #3: What You See is What You Think You Get
  • Our Perceptions Define Our World Our perceptions DEFINE our choice of products and services and people. Perception Molds Everything, Drives Our World.   Recognition Recognition is the most important element in branding and is the critical key to rising above the marketing NOISE . Be Fun, unique, memorable. Do something to differentiate yourself in EVERYTHING you do.  
  • Your Most Important Product In a world of Look-alike products and services, in which all competitors have equal access, what is your most important product? The answer: Your Personal BRAND.   Every sale s is based on you . Example: Colin Powel – Big impact. Who you are is judged each and every time – More important than what you’re saying – people are making emotional decisions about you.
  • Logic Always Loses Out to Emotion Most small businesses and job applicant’s marketing attempts to win people over logically. But as logical as we like to believer we are, we make decisions EMOTIONALLY and justify them with logic.   Harry Beckwith’s Book You, Inc. says “People value – and pay more for- the way you make them feel. People buy feelings.”   Write down the EMOTIONAL REASON your customer should buy from you: Do The Branding/Position Statement Exercise With Each Person Introducing Themselves:   Name/Position   Services or Product   Benefit   Emotional Reason They Should Buy From You  
  • Branding Rule #4: People Do Business With People They Like- And Are Impressed With!  
  • Let’s call this the “Power of Personality”
  • “ The Power Of Personality.” Business Is About Relationships Think about the places where you do business or who you would hire: Your accountant, your mechanic, your personal trainer. No matter how skilled they are, you wouldn’t work with them if they made you angry or insulted you. The RELATIONSHIP matters as much as the service or skill- maybe even more. Quickly name 3 business people you trust: 1. 2. 3. Why do you trust them?
  • When People Like You, They Trust You And Want To Work With You.   Who Do You Trust More? People Or Corporations?   Don’t Promote Your Company, Promote Yourself.   You Must Make A Social Connection. (START EVERY SALES CONTACT WITH A CONVERSATION UNRELATED TO BUSINESS)   To Forge an emotional CONNECTION with your audience. ( Name the best way to make an emotional connection with your potential client: LISTEN Never start a conversation with a prospect by talking about what you do. Always start by asking questions. Control the conversation with questions. The person asking the questions is in change. Examples – Opra, shares successes and failures.     Harry Beckwith’s Book You, Inc. says “The first thing you sell is yourself. Listening makes you captivating..”  
  • Why You Should Promote Yourself First   You can differentiate yourself from a ZILLION look-a-like businesses. Especially when you offer something that many others offer (insurance, financial planning, consulting).   Who would you rather do business with? A person or a company? People do not feel loyalty to companies. PEOPLE FEEL LOYALTY TO PEOPLE.   Establish a bond…
  • Your Most Important Service No matter what you provide – estate planning, legal advice, good food, automobiles, computer services, human resources management, internet technology – your most important service is…
  • Your ADVICE.
  • The Last Person You Trust Is The Person Who Asks For Your Trust. Trust Is Everything. Your Worst Clients Are The Ones Who Don’t Trust You. Building Trust The last person in the world we trust is the person who says, “Trust me.” Here are THREE keys to building trust: Personal RAPPORT We like people who are like ourselves . Name 1 way to quickly establish rapport   INTEGRITY. We trust people who do what they say they will do. Being totally honest with yourself, how many times in the last 6 months did you FAIL to do what you said you would do?   Are you reliable? Do you offer people comfort? Are you consistent? Are you predictable?   CONFIDENCE. Do you believe in yourself? Are you doing what you love? Confidence is powerful. Buyers suffer from fear and doubt. Confidence can comfort your clients and the lack of it can deepen their fears.  
  • The PROCESS IS TO craft a Personal Brand by linking who you are, what you do, and the meaningful benefit to your target market. Cultivate your mastery, but cultivate the rest of you too.   EVERYTHING YOU DO BRANDS YOU, HOW YOU LOOK, TALK, DRESS, THE ENERGY YOU PROJECT.   “ MOUSY” PEOPLE FADE INTO THE CROWD AND HAVE DIFFICULTY COMPETING! You can’t be a “celebrity” and be easily forgotten. You MUST stand out!!!!!   ARE YOU A “MOUSE?” – TAKE A LOOK AT THESE THINGS Do you project confidence?   How do you look - your clothing, your hair, your facial expressions, how you carry yourself… (are you sending the right message?)   Do you do something to stand out? – wear a hat, rose on your lapel, but only one thing at a time.   Can you adopt a phrase that makes you stand out – “No worries” “I feed people, they pay me.”   Do you look people in the eye?   Are you soft spoken?   Are you good at taking risks, because sticking yourself out there feels risky?     Harry Beckwith’s Book You, Inc. says “ People think in stereotypes. People think and buy with their eyes. They hear what they see. Watch your visual clues to trigger the right stereotypes.”   What personal attributes (NOT SKILLS) of yours would you change?  
  • This is where you put it into ACTION.
  • Specialization   Think Narrow To grow your brand you must SPECIALIZE. Trying to reach everyone eventually will kill your brand. Specialization means carefully choosing a Target Market and developing your products, service, and abilities to meet its need. You Can’t Be All Things To All People. Get Known For Something Specific. The More Competition You Have, The More You Need To Specialize. - Realtors The Best Brands Repel As Well As They Attract. Who Makes More Money? Who Works Fewer Hours? People Who Specialize.   Sales Includes, Branding& Marketing Excludes. In sales, we learned that the more presentations you make, the more sales you close. In branding, the exact opposite holds true: The more DEFINED your audience, the more focused your energies, the more you generate. Know Who Your Client Is. You Must Reject The Ones You Don’t Want. Good Marketers Exclude Part Of Their Audience. Your Customer Service Is Better When You Define Your Target Market.      
  • Step 1: Chose Your Target Market Define your Target Market by defining the Criteria: Geographic REGION. (REALTORS – FARM AREAS) You can establish geographic boundaries by subdivision, city, zip code, area code, township or county. What is the geographic area of your target market? FILL IN THE BLANK Type of CLIENT. OR INDUSTRY Lifestyle/Hobby – golfers, skiers, car enthusiasts Interest Group – Defined by political affiliations or association Age/Gender – Men or women, people of a certain age, gays Occupation – Firefighters, attorneys, engineers, doctors Ethnic/Religious – various ethnicities or faiths Special Field – biotech, advertising, sales Life Events – Sale of business, divorce, death of parent or spouse High End Homes - Realtors Downtown Downsizing - Realtors What type of client is best for you? FILL IN THE BLANK What type of industry is best for you? Fill in the blank   EVALUATE your current client/contact roster. Look carefully at the clients/industries that you enjoy working with the most. Name 2 clients/associates you enjoy working with the most: FILL IN THE BLANK What do they have in common? Make sure they have the FUNDS to work with you. CREATE A REFERRAL BASE. NETWORK WITH PEOPLE WHO TARGET THEM AS WELL . Make sure you have an EMOTIONAL CONNECTION with these people.   RESEARCH the population of the Target Market. A good Target Market should contain plenty of prospects, probably as many as 5000. Make sure a direct mail list exists for your Target Market. Does a direct mail list exist for these prospects? FILL IN THE BLANK INVESTIGATE the competition. How many others are working with this Target Market? What share of the market do they attract? When a prospect replies that they don’t need you, find out who they are using.   Step 2: Develop Your Passion No matter what you are selling, you must feel strongly about it and put it across with energy and enthusiasm! If there are others selling the same thing, invent a new category you are passionate about for yourself. What new category can you occupy?   Step 3: Develop Your Business Model and Attributes   Design Your Products & Services for Your Target Market   Target Marketing alone today is not enough. Today you must not only choose the audience, but also DESIGN your products and services and skills for that audience.   MAKE SURE YOUR CLIENTS SEE YOUR SPECIALIZATION CLEARLY.   You know what your target is, and you have developed your produces and services with that target in mind. Now you must gear your brand to attract them. Build your Brand Model around your CLIENTS . Don’t try to build your clients (or target industry) around your way of doing business. How can you improve your business model to accommodate your clients? FILL IN THE BLANK EXAMPLES: OFFICE LOCATION WEBSITE SERVICES CLIENT SERVICE OFFICE HOURS PRICES OR PAYMENT STRUCTURE   What customers are you accepting now that you would eliminate to narrow your market? FILL IN THE BLANK   Back to that commodization part…
  • Leadership   To stand out from the crowd, you must be perceived as a LEADER . You must pursue conspicuous responsibility in your field and in front of your target market. Following the crowd, being a passive participant, or worse, not participating at all, will make you EMINENTLY FORGETTABLE .   Leadership carries RISK . You must be willing to accept risk to be unforgettable. You must stick your neck out in order to be memorable. People find leaders fascinating. To be a celebrity in your field, you must cultivate this fascination. You want your potential customer to be AWE STRUCK by you and your capabilities.  
  • 4 Essential Keys to Leadership:   Join appropriate ASSOCIATIONS and work your way into the power circles. Run for and serve on the Board of Directors and critical committees where you will garner attention FOR YOUR SKILLS . Make yourself a “player.” If the association has a newsletter, be a frequent contributor.   Have someone submit your name or your company for appropriate AWARDS . You may not get the award, but the fact that you were nominated will get you attention.   Make FRIENDS in high places. Who you hang out with is noticed. Be friendly with everyone, but get too chummy with people who are followers and you will be typecast as a follower. Make friends with the power brokers, and they will help you rise.   Learn that information is POWER . People trade on information, so be careful who you talk to and what you say. Watch out for gossip. Learn to “ PLAY THE GAME .”  
  • Branding is always happening, no matter what you do. BAD BRANDING IS WORSE THAN NO BRANDING AT ALL. If you can’t afford to do these things correctly, then don’t do them until you can!   WHAT GOOD PERSONAL BRANDers WILL NOT DO:   Spend a lot of money on advertising (Unless you have it to spend)   Create Give Away Products with the business name on them   Make Cold Calls   Will not ever discuss politics, sex, or religion with any business contact   Talk about clients behind their backs, especially their internal business secrets (Betrayal spreads like a virus)   Over Promise and Under Deliver   Not follow up quickly. (People notice the little things)   Not speak honestly about something they see that a client needs to know. (People respect honesty)   Haggle over price   Waste their precious time on people who don’t value it    
  • Step 1 - A Personal Branding Identity Brand identity is the core of your Personal Brand and them most fundamental aspect of your brand. The foundation starts with your business name and logo.
  • These are the TACTICS YOU WILL USE (where most people want to go without any planning)
  • Your Company Name Three Essential Elements Make it MEMORABLE . The most important thing to remember when creating your company name is that it should be easy to remember. Long, institutional sounding names disappear into the atmosphere. Your company name should be no more than three words long. Initials and long institutional names are difficult to remember. Is your business name easy to remember? FILL IN THE BLANK   Using your name is PREFERABLE . Using your personal name is an individual choice. Lots of businesses, both large and small, do it with great success. Your mother gave you’re a great product name! Personal names are easier to remember than business names. Besides, it helps to reinforce that YOU are the person behind the company.   Many Of Your Customers, If Asked, Can’t Even Remember Your Company Name…But They Can Remember Your Personal Name .   Create A SLOGAN OR TAG LINE to explain what you do to your market. Use a few poetic or clever words to communicate who you are, what you do and the benefit you offer. If you can, make it specific to your target market.
  • Here are some good brand names. Your mother gave you a good brand name, use it!
  • Always use a slogan or tag line. A slogan is a positioning statement. “ We try harder” - Hertz “ Fly the friendly skies” “ All American Food” – A & W Watch out for “pasive verbs”
  • Here are those brand names again
  • Your Company Logo Two Essential Elements Never use clip art or generic shapes such as pyramids, squares and other common bits of art. A logo is a SYMBOL that reinforces your identity. Logos are more easily remembered than written language, so they increase your memorability and recognizability.   A unique logo, designed for your company and properly used consistently will become your greatest ASSET. Use it on all your branding - Your Personal Branding Brochure, your Personal Branding Postcard, your Personal Branding Letterhead, and your Personal Branding Website. If you were to sell your business tomorrow, would your logo be an asset? Would someone want to buy it? FILL IN THE BLANK      
  • samples
  • Step 2 - Your Personal Branding Photo Three Essential Elements Must be a professional shot by a PR photographer Not a head shot in a box (Silhouetted out) Must show personality & character (Or, use an illustration if you must) (Jean & Anita’s cards)  
  • sample
  • sample
  • sample
  • Sample mailer
  • Step 3 - Your Business Card Harry Beckwith’s Book You, Inc. says “ Your business cards provide one of your few chances to communicate what you must: That you are different . You want to be vivid, memorable and distinctive. A business card may be all that a person has to associate with you.”   Three Essential Elements   Put your photo on your card. (So they can remember what you look like!) Make it clear what you do. Use the reverse side.
  • sample
  • sample
  • Step 4 – Publish or Perish #1 – THIS IS THE INFORMATION AGE. A TON OF MONEY IS MADE EVERY DAY FROM EXCHANGING INFORMATION! Books are selling like mad. The web is an information vehicle, as is television, talk radio, and seminars. Electronic media (CD’s) as a means of disseminating information is the fastest growing information dissemination vehicle on the planet.   #2 – AUTHORS AND EDUCATORS ARE THE LAST RESPECTED EXPERTS! Every Presidential candidate in the U.S. has a book in print. Authors do research. Authors are smarter than the rest of us. Anybody who is anybody in this country is an author!   #3 – YOU KNOW SOMETHING THE REST OF US DON’T !! Don’t make the great mistake most business people do, thinking that your knowledge of your niche market is widely known, on the contrary, you are the owner of a capital asset that others do not posses and have no easy way of possessing it – information!  
  • Start Writing Show the world your special view on your subject. This proves you know what you are talking about.   Establish Your Expertise Present what you know in clear interesting, accessible fashion.   Writing Publishing Producing & selling Information Products Downloadable Information For Sale Or As A Reward For Signing Up On Your Website   Seven Benefits to Producing and Selling Information Products It helps you to achieve and maintain your brand. Selling your information products can bring significant revenue. Builds credibility Let’s clients sample your information Gives you advantage over your competition Expands your market to people who can’t or won’t hire you Keeps you sharp and builds your expertise   Submissions to Article Directories Blogs Social Media Sites that Accept Information from Experts  
  • What are “Information Products ” Information Products are printed, recorded or Electronic files containing information sold at a per unit price.   1. It should be in-depth data, information or discussion of a topic related to your area of expertise.   It is specific and detailed answers to questions and problems on narrow niche subjects (yours)   3. It can be in a variety of formats Pamphlets Software Special Reports Newsletters Booklets Audio Cassettes Videos CD-ROMS Downloadable files Email Newsletters  
  • Step 7 - Your Personal Branding Website Today a website is key to creating credibility. If you are a service business, your website can be a brochure on the web, create new client relationships and help maintain existing client relationships. There is a great deal to know about creating and maintaining your Personal Branding Website. I’m not going to cover everything about websites – just know you can use it to further your Personal Branding.   Why Have a Website? TRUSTWORTHINESS. Your website is a tool to build trust. It does not generate sales, but it can be a great tool to guide business. Your web presence establishes you as a bona fide company and says that you are a valuable resource.   GENERATE LEADS . If you have a website, are you using it to its fullest capacity? FILL IN THE BLANK   SELL YOUR INFORMATION PRODUCTS You are an expert and people seek your advice, including in written form. This is a self-liquidating form of marketing .   Four Essential Elements of a Successful PERSONAL BRANDING Website 1. User-friendly The best sites are easily accessible by having an EASY TO REMEMBER address. Your company name is best. Stay away from cute names that complicate things.   MAKE SURE WHAT YOU DO IS CLEAR on the Home page.   Make your site easy to NAVIGATE . Keep it simple and suitable to your content. Stay away from flash and other gimmicks.     2. Attractive design Make sure your site matches up to your OTHER MARKETING MATERIALS . You are after consistency, which will help the viewer identify the site as yours.   Put a human face (yours) on the site!!!   3. Content WEBSITE COPY WRITING IS EVOLVING INTO AN ART . Just don’t make it copy heavy.   Include INFORMATION your viewer wants to know such as your services, your company philosophy and history, your bio, samples of your work, testimonials, etc. You can also include helpful educational information and other resources.   Developing RECIPROCAL links to other sites can be a cost-free and effective way of getting people to your site. This means your site is listed on their site and their site is on yours.   Collect email addresses on your site!   Name 3 ways you might improve your website in the near future: 1. FILL IN THE BLANKS 2. 3.      
  • Website Marketing There are TWO ways to get people to your site- on-line and off-line. On-line . Contract with a SEARCH ENGINE SPECIALIST to make sure key search engines list your site. Create RECIPROCAL LINKS with other businesses. A Blog; Email Newsletters; Pay-Per-Click campaigns; collecting emails ;     Off-line . Most people will get to your website because you DIRECTED them there. Make sure your website is clearly visible on every marketing material you create – business cards, ads, your Personal Branding Brochure, Send Out Cards and anything else you do.     Consider updating your website every few years…a website is ALWAYS a work in progress.    
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  • Step 8 - Publicity We all know that important experts somehow show up in the newspapers, on radio shows and on TV. Most people still believe what they see on TV or read in the papers, as if a journalist checked out all the facts. The truth is that up to 75% of everything you see in editorial coverage is placed there by publicists. Editorial coverage is more memorable than advertising, but it is unpredictable. Get Your Name in the News News is what the editor says is news, trends, new info, happenings, etc. Study the writers and editors of targeted publications & TV news Learn to write a press release Follow up with a pitch call   Placing your press release on can increase your standing with search engines, and possibly get you some media interest.   What goes on in your business that you can write a press release about?  
  • Only one writing can have several lives
  • Public Speaking Learning to be a speaker will quickly advance you over your competition. Today’s buyer is an information hound. It is important that you develop a presentation on something of interest to your target market. Educate. Share your knowledge. This will convince listeners that you know what you are talking about. This will help you to be perceived as the authority. Weave your “message” into your speech and deliver it with passion and energy, as if it is the most important thing in the universe to know. NEVER sell from the podium! If you are a novice, consider joining Toastmasters!   Here are few ideas you can develop a speech about: Trends in Your Industry Trade Secrets How to Do What You Do What To Know When Hiring What You Are Your Success Story What can you speak about with authority?   If you want to be listed for FREE on the new San Diego Speaker’s Guild – Give me your business card.
  • Networking Business is about relationships . People like to do business with people they know and have had frequent contact with. Don’t be like the guy at the bar who thinks he can nail the cutie with one exchange that night. Networking is an art. Consistent participation sends a message…you are dependable and predictable. Networking is the single most productive use of your time and marketing money.   Network to – Meet people Gather business cards Collect email and snail mail addresses Make cooperative connections Look for power brokers Look for speaking opportunities Distribute your literature Sell your information products Gain a high profile   Where are you currently networking?   Are you making the most of your networking opportunities?   Where should you be doing more networking?  
  • If you give me your business card, I’ll send you occasional notices about cool stuff.
  • Personal Branding Power Point V3 3 11 09

    1. 1. How To Become a Celebrity in Your Field Personal Branding & You! Victoria Garcia, CEO Marketing Impressions
    2. 2. Rule #1 Branding Is More Important Than Sales
    3. 3. The Difference Between Sales, Marketing & Branding
    4. 4. We have moved from a selling world to a buying world.
    5. 5. We have moved from a selling world to a buying world. Being best in the marketplace doesn’t mean anything. Branding attempts to reverse the sales process. We loathe “sales people.” Why are brands big today? We love to buy. The more educated your client – the more sales resistant.
    6. 6. Rule #2 Visibility Is More Important Than Ability
    7. 7. All Things Being Equal…The More Visible Competitor Wins
    8. 8. Visibility Builds Credibility
    9. 9. Rule #3 Th ink You What You See is What You Get Formerly known as Perception Is Reality
    10. 10. Our Perceptions Define Our World
    11. 11. What Is Your Most Important Product?
    12. 12. Logic Always Loses Out To Emotion.
    13. 13. Rule #4 People Do Business With People They Like (And Are Impressed With) “ You like me. You really, really like me.”
    14. 14. The Power of Personality
    15. 15. Business is About Relationships
    16. 16. When People Like You, They Trust You Who Do You Trust More? People or Companies? You Must Make a Social Connection
    17. 17. Why You Should Promote Yourself First?
    18. 18. Your Most Important Service is…
    19. 19. Your Most Important Service is… Your Advice
    20. 20. It’s All About Building Trust “ You trust me. You really, really trust me.”
    21. 21. Work on Yourself* * This is the hard part.
    22. 22. Personal Branding Strategies
    23. 23. Specialization Builds Credibility
    24. 24. Personal Branding Strategies Specialize
    25. 25. Specialization Step 1 Chose Your Target Market Specialization Step 2 Find Your Passion Specialization Step 3 Develop Your Business Model
    26. 26. Strategy Lead
    27. 27. Leadership Is Charismatic
    28. 28. Personal Branding Tools Bad Branding is Worse Than No Branding at All Don’t make me barf. .
    29. 29. Personal Branding Tools Establish Your Identity
    30. 30. Personal Branding Tools
    31. 31. Establish Your Identity <ul><li>Your Company Name </li></ul>
    32. 32. Linda Stark Tom Huckabee Gayle Goldman Tamara Alter
    33. 33. Establish Your Identity <ul><li>Your Company Name </li></ul><ul><li>Always Use a Slogan or Tag Line </li></ul>
    34. 34. Linda Stark Change Agent Tom Huckabee CPA Gayle Goldman Quick Books Expert Tamara Alter Spiritual Jewelry Designer
    35. 35. Establish Your Identity <ul><li>Your Company Name </li></ul><ul><li>Always Use a Slogan or Tag Line </li></ul><ul><li>Have a Professionally Designed Logo </li></ul>
    36. 37. Your Personal Branding Photo <ul><li>Must be Shot by a PR Photographer </li></ul><ul><li>Not a Head Shot in a Box </li></ul><ul><li>Must Show Personality </li></ul>
    37. 42. Your Personal Branding Business Cards <ul><li>Put Your Photo on Your Card </li></ul><ul><li>Make it Clear What You Do </li></ul><ul><li>Use the Reverse Side </li></ul>
    38. 45. Publish or Perish <ul><li>This is the Information Age </li></ul><ul><li>Authors are Respected Experts </li></ul><ul><li>You Know Something We Don’t Know </li></ul>
    39. 46. Publish or Perish <ul><li>Start Writing </li></ul><ul><li>Create Information Products </li></ul><ul><li>Act like an Expert </li></ul><ul><li>Think Like a Publisher </li></ul><ul><li>Educate Your Target Market </li></ul>
    40. 48. Your Personal Branding Website Establish Trustworthiness Generate Leads Sell Your Information Products
    41. 49. Your Personal Branding Website User Friendly Attractive Design (Put Your Photo on it) Make Sure Your Content is Useful
    42. 50. Your Personal Branding Website Blogging Article directories Constant Contact Social Media
    43. 55. Publicity <ul><li>Get Your Name in the News </li></ul><ul><li>Use </li></ul><ul><li>Recycle Your Information </li></ul>
    44. 56.   Press Release Media PRWeb (link to your site)     Website Article Directory Submission to an Editor     Blog (link to your site) Book Email Newsletter (link to your site) The Life Cycle of One Article
    45. 57. Public Speaking <ul><li>Elevates You Over the Competition </li></ul><ul><li>Increases Your Credibility </li></ul><ul><li>List yourself for FREE at </li></ul><ul><li> </li></ul>
    46. 59. Networking <ul><li>Increase Your Visibility </li></ul><ul><li>Build Relationships </li></ul><ul><li>Speaking Opportunities </li></ul><ul><li>Display Leadership </li></ul>
    47. 60. Now, Get Out There and Become a Star!
    48. 61. Email or call me for a free ½ hour to talk about your unique business.