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Millennial Media S.M.A.R.T. Q2 2011


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Millennial Media S.M.A.R.T. Q2 2011

  1. 1. The Global Mobile Landscape Q2 2011MILLENNIAL MEDIA’S 50TH MOBILE INTELLIGENCE REPORTDriving the mobile ecosystem forward has been central to our company mission since we were founded more than fiveyears ago. This Q2 Quarterly SMART issue marks the 50th mobile intelligence report we have released since we producedour very first SMART report in March 2009. In addition to our monthly Mobile Mix and SMART reports, we also publishMobile Intel Series whitepapers, State of the Apps Industry Snapshots, and special releases to highlight important topics,year-end recaps, and go-forward predictions about the mobile space.MOBILE ADVERTISING GROWTH Mobile Advertising Revenue by Region, Worldwide In Millions of Dollars CHART A 2010 2011 2015 North America 304.3 701.7 5,791.4 Western Europe 257.1 569.3 5,131.9 Asia/Pacific and Japan 868.8 1,628.5 6,925.0 Rest of the World 196.9 410.4 2,761.7 Total $1,627.1 $3,309.9 $20,610.0 Source: Gartner, “Forecast: Mobile Advertising, Worldwide, 2008-2015” (as cited in press release, June 16, 2011) In June 2011, Gartner projected that the worldwide market for mobile advertising would double in 2011 from 2010 to $3.3 Did You Know? We saw an uptick in the number of brands who utilized mobile billion (see Chart A). The opportunity for video advertising in Q2, as they recognized the powerful brand marketers and developers to take brand-building and engagement opportunities it provides. advantage of the mass consumer adoption See page 6 for a spotlight on Interactive Mobile Video. of Smartphones and media tablets is now. Visit to sign up 2
  2. 2. Mobile Vertical Spending in Q2 Q2 2011Top 10 U.S. Advertising Verticals Top 10 International Advertising VerticalsQ2 2011 – Ranked by Spend Q2 2011 – Ranked by SpendCHART A CHART B RANK CATEGORIES RANK CATEGORIES 1 RETAIL & RESTAURANTS 1 PORTALS & DIRECTORIES 2 TELECOMMUNICATIONS 2 EDUCATION 3 FINANCE 3 TRAVEL 4 ENTERTAINMENT 4 ENTERTAINMENT 5 AUTOMOTIVE 5 FINANCE 6 TRAVEL 6 TELECOMMUNICATIONS 7 DATING 7 DATING 8 CPG 8 RETAIL & RESTAURANTS 9 PORTALS & DIRECTORIES 9 AUTOMOTIVE 10 PHARMACEUTICALS 10 TECHNOLOGY Source: Millennial Media, Q2 2011. Source: Millennial Media, Q2 2011.Q2 Insights: Vertical Explosion Year-Over-Year Spend Growth – Q2 2011/Q2 2010 CHART C Six verticals experienced triple digit growth or greater year-over-year. Four out of the six verticals featured in the Vertical Explosion were all consistently on the Top 10 Advertising Vertical Ranking since Q2 2010. VERTICALS GROWTH The Pharmaceutical vertical has only been on the Top 10 Advertising Vertical Ranking once to date, yet experienced explosive growth of FINANCE 1095% 426% year-over-year (Chart C). This is an indication that more 956% RETAIL & RESTAURANTS advertisers are moving out of the test phase of mobile and starting to make a consistent investment. PHARMACEUTICALS 426% AUTOMOTIVE 236% The Retail & Restaurants vertical grew 956% year-over-year (Chart C), 234% ENTERTAINMENT maintained the number one spot on the Top 10 U.S. Advertising Vertical Ranking (Chart A), and moved to the number eight position TRAVEL 145% on the Top 10 International Advertising Vertical Rankings in Q2 (Chart B). Advertisers in the Retail & Restaurants vertical leveraged mobile to Source: Millennial Media, Q2 2011. create awareness of seasonal retail promotions. The Finance vertical placed in the number three position and the number five position on the Top 10 U.S. and International Advertising Vertical Rankings respectively (Charts A & B). Finance grew 1095% “MOBILE INTEL SERIES: RETAIL” PROVIDES MOBILE year-over-year (Chart C). In Q2, insurance brands heavily utilized INSIGHTS FOR RETAIL BRANDS, INCLUDING: mobile for generating leads, while banking and credit advertisers ran Who mobile retail consumers are and what mobile campaigns to raise the awareness of their products and services. shopping behaviors they exhibit. Travel moved up three spots on both of the Top 10 Advertising Vertical What retail brands are doing in mobile now. Rankings in Q2, ranking in the number six (U.S.) and the number three How brands can navigate mobile to reach and engage (International) positions (Charts A & B). Year-over-year, Travel increased consumers when it matters most. 145% (Chart C). Travel advertisers leveraged mobile to drive application downloads in Q2. Travel applications have evolved from Download this special report at information and research tools to include transactional functionality. Visit to sign up 3
  3. 3. Q2 Mobile Advertiser Trends –Mobile Usage & Campaign Goals Q2 2011Advertisers’ Campaign GoalsQ2 2011CHART A “ Mobile is thethe number of mobile subscribersover three times first truly mass media. There are as 4% there are TV subscribers. Globally, it’s the most adopted technology and media channel in history. 9% 28% The engagement rates are higher. And inventory, 14% thanks to 24-hour access to users, is unmatched. ~ Paul Gelb, Mobile Practice Lead, Razorfish (July 2011) ” 17% 28% TOP 3 ADVERTISER TRENDS OF Q2 1 Brand advertisers increasingly usedvideo advertisingbrand awareness with an enhanced adoption of mobile mobile to drive as a tool to achieve this goal. From Q1 2011 to Q2 2011, the number of campaigns which focused on driving awareness increased 56%, from 9% to 14% (see Chart A). SUSTAINED IN MARKET PRESENCE LEAD GEN/REGISTRATIONS PRODUCT LAUNCH/RELEASE BRAND AWARENESS 2 AdvertisersoncontinuedBrand advertisersutilize local market targetingmobile strategies mobile. to aggressively leveraged the efficiency of INCREASED FOOT TRAFFIC to buy on a national scale, while delivering locally relevant messaging. SITE TRAFFIC Among targeted Q2 campaigns, 44% leveraged local market targeting,Source: Millennial Media, Q2 2011. representing 5% growth from Q1 (see Chart B on page 5).Data is based on the Top 750 Campaigns on Millennial Media’s Network in Q2 2011. 3 Brandsbrands the abilitymobile as aaudiences at scale, while also providing these further utilized to target mass media solution. Mobile enabledQ2 Insights: personal, relevant ads. The Top Campaign Goal in Q2 was Sustained In-Market Presence, which made up 28% of the Advertisers’ Campaign Goal Mix (Chart A). Brands with the goal of Sustained In-Market Presence drove application Smartphone Usage Trends Percent of Time Spent Using Smartphone at Home vs. On-the-Go downloads to engage consumers and drive re-use of InsightExpress, Q2 2011 their products and services. CHART B In Q2 2011, InsightExpress’ Digital Consumer Portrait 100 researched the time Smartphone owners spent doing 80 various activities on mobile phones, including using 49% 59% 55% 58% the internet, using mobile applications, playing games, 60 72% listening to music, and watching videos. SOMEWHERE 40 ELSE AT HOME This study revealed approximately 40% of a consumer’s 20 time was spent on mobile devices in the home. 41% 45% 42% 51% 0 28% Smartphones are replacing or being used in tandem with other electronic devices in the home to browse USE THE USE PLAY LISTEN WATCH INTERNET MOBILE MOBILE TO MUSIC VIDEOS the internet and entertain Smartphone owners by APPS GAMES listening to music or watching videos. Source: InsightExpress’ Digital Consumer Portrait Study, Q2 2011. Visit to sign up 4
  4. 4. Q2 Mobile Advertiser Trends –Campaign Targeting Methods Q2 2011Campaign Targeting Mix Targeted Audience MixQ2 2011 Q2 2011CHART A CHART B 13% 55% 45% 44% LOCAL MARKET AUDIENCE TARGETED DEMOGRAPHIC AUDIENCE BROAD REACH BEHAVIORAL AUDIENCE AUDIENCE REACH 43%Source: Millennial Media, Q2 2011. Source: Millennial Media, Q2 2011. Local Market is defined as a campaign targeting method which includes geographic location, DMA, state, international country, etc. Data is based on the Top 750 Campaigns on Millennial Media’s Network in Q2 2011.Q2 Insights: Advertisers using Targeted Audience reach campaign A LOOK BACK AT THE methods (Local Market Audience, Demographic Audience, FIRST S.M.A.R.T.™ REPORT and Behavioral Audience) represented 45% of the Campaign To celebrate the release of our 50th mobile Targeting Mix in Q2 (Chart A). intelligence report, we are highlighting some of the largest shifts in mobile advertising behavior since we Broad Reach targeting methods (Run of Network, Custom released our first S.M.A.R.T.™ Report in March 2009. Subnet and Channel) represented 55% of the Campaign Targeting Mix in Q2 (Chart A). Automotive and Travel brands created broad reach awareness campaigns in anticipation of Targeting Mix, 2009-2011 the summer buying and travel seasons. 2009 (Percent of Total Campaigns) 2011 DEMOGRAPHIC LOCAL MARKET Local Market Audience targeting experienced a 5% increase DEMOGRAPHIC LOCAL MARKET 19% 20% quarter-over-quarter and represented 44% of the Targeted 1% 1% Audience Mix in Q2 (Chart B). Advertisers in the Finance and Restaurant verticals leveraged Local Market Audience targeting to increase awareness of local promotions and drive customers to their brick and mortar locations. Source: Millennial Media, Q2 2011/ March 2009 Demographic Audience targeting represented 43% of the In the past two years, there has been a seismic shift in how Targeted Audience Mix and was the second largest targeting advertisers have leveraged mobile. Marketers have heavily method utilized in Q2 (Chart B). Insurance brands used increased the usage of targeted audience reach methods, Demographic Audience targeting to target customers who demonstrated by the growth of Demographic Audience and would likely be interested in their products or services, while Local Market Audience targeting, which have both grown from Retail brands used Demographic Audience targeting to reach 1% of all campaigns run to 19% and 20%, respectively. customers who were likely to make a purchase during the Moms, Dads and Grads shopping seasons. Visit to sign up 5
  5. 5. Q2 Mobile Advertiser Trends –Spotlight on Interactive Mobile Video Q2 2011DEFINITION: Q2 INTERACTIVE MOBILE VIDEO ADVERTISING STATS:Interactive Mobile Video – A high According to Nielsen, the number of U.S. mobile video viewers has grown 40% year-over-year.impact HD video ad layered with Within Q2, the number of times customers selected an interactive element oninteractive features that deliver a Millennial Media’s video ads doubled.uniquely mobile, actionable experience Customers who viewed the interactive mobile video ads selected the Replay buttonto customers. The interactive elements 2x more than any other button.encourage customers to engage with Advertisers who created interactive mobile video ads most frequently included thethe ad, and can be tailored by following interactive buttons:advertisers to deliver against their SHAREspecific goals. Drives viral benefits via social media. WEB Sends customers to a mobile web destination to fulfill a variety of advertising objectives. BUY Enables mCommerce capabilities, activating product consideration and purchase.CAMPAIGN HIGHLIGHT: PATAGONIA INTERACTIVE MOBILE VIDEO CAMPAIGN “ Implementing video helped us immediately grab the attention of our target consumer, and the interactive nature of the unit let us achieve our desired end result of driving app downloads and direct song purchases. ~ Christina Speed, Marketing Director, Patagonia ”GOAL:Drive app downloads and iTunes sales from the Patagonia Music Collectivewith a new interactive mobile video campaign.STRATEGY: DOWNLOAD THE FULLPromote the Patagonia Music Collective to eco-friendly consumers with an CAMPAIGN SUMMARY NOW!interactive mobile video ad featuring a song from popular artist Medeski & Wood. The ad’s interactive buttons were selected by Patagonia todrive the specific actions that best achieved their campaign objectives. The“Download” button let consumers download the official Patagonia MusicApp, the “Buy” button allowed them to buy a song directly from iTunes,and the “Replay” button allowed users to restart the video. Visit to sign up 6
  6. 6. Q2 Mobile Advertiser Trends – Campaign Engagement Methods Q2 2011Campaign Destination Mix Post-Click Campaign Action MixQ2 2011 Q2 2011CHART A CHART B 40 23% 35 40% 30 37% 52% 25 29% 20 26% 15 25% 10 19% 20% 18% 16% 15% 5 12% 0 APPLICATION ENROLL/ MCOMMERCE MOCIAL PLACE RETAIL SITE STORE VIEW WATCH DOWNLOAD JOIN/ MOBILE SOCIAL CALL PROMOTION SEARCH LOCATOR MAP VIDEO TRAFFIC TO SITE SUBSCRIBE MEDIA CUSTOM LANDING PAGE Source: Millennial Media, Q2 2011. APPLICATION DOWNLOAD Data is based on the Top 750 Campaigns on Millennial Media’s Network in Q2 2011.Source: Millennial Media, Q2 2011.Campaign destinations represent the immediate click-through from creative to site, landing page,or rich media. Data is based on the Top 750 Campaigns on Millennial Media’s Network in Q2 2011. Q2 Insights: Application Download grew 9% quarter-over-quarter and A LOOK BACK AT THE represented 23% of the Campaign Destination Mix in Q2 (Chart A). FIRST S.M.A.R.T.™ REPORT As Smartphone penetration continues to increase, advertisers are enhancing the functionality and utility of their applications while Campaign Actions & Destinations reinforcing their brands. The Travel and Retail verticals have led 60% other verticals in creating applications that make it easy for Q2 2011 customers to research and transact on-the-go. 50% 52% Q1 2009 40% In Q2, View Map grew 28% quarter-over-quarter as a Post-Click 30% 37% Campaign Action (Chart B). Advertisers in the Automotive and 20% 23% Telecom brands leveraged mobile in Q2 to promote new product 10% 15% 18% 3% 1% launches and drive customers to dealerships and retail outlets to 0% 6% complete their purchases. VISIT SITE WATCH VIDEO CLICK 2 CALL / PLACE CALL APPSTORE / APP DOWNLOAD Source: Millennial Media, Q2 2011/ March 2009 Retail Promotion experienced a 20% increase quarter-over-quarter, with 26% of the Post-Click Campaign Action In the past two years, mobile ad campaigns have evolved to Mix in Q2 (Chart B). CPG and Retail & Restaurant advertisers become more sophisticated in the way they engage customers. utilized Retail Promotion as a Post-Click Campaign Action to SIGNIFICANT GROWTH IN CAMPAIGN ACTIONS engage customers and drive sales during the Moms, Dads and Appstore/App Download grew 667% Grads shopping season. Visit Site grew 247% Watch Video grew 200% Mocial (Mobile Social Media) grew 5% quarter-over-quarter and Place Call grew from 1% to 37% represented 19% of the Campaign Destination Mix in Q2 (Chart A). In Q2, Telecom, Entertainment and CPG brands used mobile Visit to download campaigns to drive awareness of their social media promotions Millennial Media’s past reports. and contests. Visit to sign up 7
  7. 7. Q2 Developer & Publisher Trends Q2 2011Top 10 Global Application CategoriesBy Impressions – Q2 2011CHART A TOP 3 DEVELOPER / PUBLISHER RANK CATEGORIES TRENDS OF Q2 1 2 GAMES MUSIC & ENTERTAINMENT 1 Developers reinvesteddrive more appearnings into mobile advertising to more of their downloads. 3 MOCIAL MOBILE SOCIAL NETWORKING More downloads delivered more impressions, 4 COMMUNICATIONS 5 WEATHER resulting in more revenue through advertising. 6 NEWS 7 8 9 SPORTS HEALTH & FITNESS TRAVEL & LOCAL 2 Mobile videoDevelopers capitalized on the rich,in applications. advertising became mainstream 10 SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY engaging experiences interactive video ads delivered to their users. Source: Millennial Media, Q2 2011. 3 From indie to top game developers, a advertising asof the developer community embraced wide varietyHighlights of Device & Developer Trends a monetization strategy. Travel experienced a 57% growth quarter-over-quarter in application impressions (Chart A). In Q2 2011, there was a large increase in usage of applications related to air travel and mass transit/tourism guides. In Q2, Smartphones grew 8% quarter-over-quarter and led the Smartphone, Feature Phone & Connected Device mix with 67% of impressions. Connected Devices experienced a 13% growth quarter-over-quarter and accounted for 17% of the Smartphone, Feature Phone & Connected Device mix in Q2. Android maintained its position as the leading Smartphone OS NEW FEATURES NOW AVAILABLE! Impression Mix on our network in Q2, with 53% of impressions. An expanded version of our developer portal is now available. It’s packed with new features and iOS grew 4% quarter-over-quarter and represented 27% of the tools to help developers manage Smartphone OS Impression Mix in Q2. iOS is expected to see and grow their business. incremental growth with the release of the iPhone 5 in Q3 2011. Highlights Include: • My Apps Dashboard, which provides a snapshot of a developer’s apps, account activity and news. Did You Know? • House Ads to help developers promote their apps. • Improved reporting, including Country/Carrier breakdowns. House ads provide a free and easy way to • New design and improved performance. drive more downloads and revenue. • Improved help and support documentation. To start promoting your app today, • A feedback tool to allow developers to share their thoughts and insights. visit Visit to learn more. Visit to sign up 8
  8. 8. A Look Back at the First S.M.A.R.T.™ Report Q2 2011Top 20 Mobile Phones, 2009-2011Ranked by Impressions Rank Devices March Type 2009 Rank Devices June Type 2011 1 Apple iPhone 5.82% Smartphone 1 Apple iPhone 16.19% Smartphone 2 Samsung Instinct 5.07% Feature Phone 2 BlackBerry Curve 5.57% Smartphone 3 BlackBerry Curve 3.77% Smartphone 3 Motorola Droid 2.95% Smartphone 4 Samsung Messager 3.69% Feature Phone 4 Samsung Nexus S 2.71% Smartphone 5 T-Mobile Sidekick 2.81% Smartphone 5 BlackBerry Bold 2 1.99% Smartphone 6 T-Mobile Sidekick LX 2.26% Smartphone 6 HUAWEI Ascend 1.69% Smartphone 7 Palm Centro 2.05% Smartphone 7 HTC Evo 1.69% Smartphone 8 BlackBerry Pearl 2.02% Feature Phone 8 Motorola Droid X 1.66% Smartphone 9 LG Dare 1.68% Feature Phone 9 Samsung Vibrant Galaxy S 1.47% Smartphone 10 LG Rumour 1.67% Feature Phone 10 BlackBerry Torch 1.42% Smartphone 11 LG Vu 1.49% Feature Phone 11 Motorola Droid 2 1.37% Smartphone 12 T-Mobile Sidekick Slide 1.43% Smartphone 12 LG Optimus S 1.32% Smartphone 13 Motorola Q9 1.41% Smartphone 13 HTC Droid Incredible 1.30% Smartphone 14 HTC G1 1.33% Smartphone 14 LG Optimus V 1.20% Smartphone 15 LG Voyager 1.22% Feature Phone 15 HTC Desire 1.14% Smartphone 16 Samsung MyShot 1.22% Feature Phone 16 HTC MyTouch 4G Glacier 0.99% Smartphone 17 LG Shine 1.07% Feature Phone 17 HTC G2 Touch Hero 0.88% Smartphone 18 Kyocera Melo 1.07% Feature Phone 18 Samsung Forte 0.82% Smartphone 19 Samsung Spex 1.05% Feature Phone 19 HTC ThunderBolt 0.76% Smartphone 20 Samsung BlackJack II 0.99% Smartphone 20 Samsung Epic Galaxy S 0.73% SmartphoneSource: Millennial Media, 3/09. Source: Millennial Media, 6/11. Device Input Mix, 2009-2011 1 2 3 Top 3 2009 Connected Devices, 2011 Ranked by Impressions 27% 33% Touch Screen Source: Millennial Media, Q2 2011. Touch & QWERTY Apple Apple Samsung QWERTY iPod Touch iPad Galaxy Tab 4% Keypad 36% Top 10 Manufacturers, 2009-2011 Source: Millennial Media, 3/09. All Devices – Ranked by Impressions Rank Manufacturers March 2009 Rank Manufacturers June 2011 2011 1 Samsung 21.60% 1 Apple 30.76% 11% 2 LG 12.52% 2 Samsung 14.94% Touch Screen 3 Apple 11.35% 3 Research In Motion (RIM) 11.76% 14% Touch & QWERTY 4 Motorola 10.50% 4 HTC 9.92% 60% QWERTY 5 Research In Motion (RIM) 9.82% 5 Motorola 9.14% 15% Keypad 6 Sony 7.63% 6 LG 7.50% 7 Danger 7.54% 7 Nokia 2.70% 8 HTC 4.97% 8 HUAWEI 2.52% Source: Millennial Media, 6/11. 9 Palm 2.96% 9 Sanyo 0.80% 10 Nokia 2.45% 10 SonyEricsson 0.72% Source: Millennial Media, 3/09. Source: Millennial Media, 6/11. Visit to sign up 9
  9. 9. S.M.A.R.T.™ Glossary of Terms Q2 2011 Audience Takeover – A targeting technique that allows an advertiser to achieve dominant share-of-voice with a target audience. Behavioral Audience – A targeting technique that categorizes customers by their interests. Campaign Destination – Used to define where advertisers are sending consumers from their ads to view more content. Based upon thousands of campaigns, we find that campaigns drive to three primary destinations: Traffic to Site (the client’s persistent mobile site), Custom Landing Page (a special mobile landing page created for the campaign), or Application Download. Connected Device – A non-phone, Wi-Fi mobile device. This includes tablets. Cross-Platform – Pertaining to multiple devices (Smartphones, tablets, feature phones, connected devices), carriers (AT&T, Verizon, Vodafone, etc.), or platforms (iOS, Android, RIM, Windows Phone 7, Symbian, etc). Millennial Media is cross-platform – or “platform-agnostic” – because we do not focus on one single OS or device type. This enables advertisers to reach as many mobile users as possible, regardless of their mobile device or carrier of choice. Deal Size – The size of a client’s mobile advertising contract. Developer – Provider/creator of mobile applications. Developers range from large entities (brands, portals, news sites, etc.) to individuals who focus on just a handful of applications. Along with publishers, developers’ inventory is where advertisers’ ads run. Developers are to App as publishers are to WAP. eCPM – Also ‘Effective CPM’ or ‘Effective cost per thousand impressions’. Used as a performance measure to estimate earnings for every thousand impressions received. eCPM is derived by dividing total earnings over total number of impressions in thousands. Feature Phone – Any web-enabled mobile phone that is not a Smartphone. Impression – A count of the number of times an ad unit appears on a mobile device. Interactive Mobile Video – A high impact HD video ad layered with interactive features that deliver a uniquely mobile, actionable experience to customers. Inventory – The ad space available on mobile websites and applications. Local Market – A targeting technique that allows advertisers to customize their message to local markets – i.e. DMA to more precise levels of granularity. (Previously classified as “GEO” in earlier SMART reports). Mocial – Mobile Social Media networking sites and applications. Post-Click Campaign Action – The action a marketing campaign is driving the customer to take once an ad is viewed (i.e., Place Call, Download Application, View Map, etc.). Publisher – Provider of mobile sites of well-known brands, perhaps newspapers, broadcasters or portals. Publishers also frequently have their own applications. Along with developers, publishers’ inventory is where advertisers’ ads run. Publishers are to WAP as Developers are to App. SDK – Software Development Kit. A tool that enables developers to seamlessly integrate mobile advertising into their applications, thus monetizing their app. Developer partners on Millennial Media’s platform download and integrate our SDKs (available for a variety of operating systems – iOS, Android, Windows Phone 7, etc.) to gain access to the ads run by our advertising partners. Smartphone – Any web-enabled and application-enabled mobile phone that runs on an operating system and offers the user more advanced capabilities beyond just voice and mobile web access. Vertical – The classification of advertisers by industry. Visit to sign up 10
  10. 10. Summary & Reporting Methodology Q2 2011 About Millennial Media Millennial Media is the leading independent mobile advertising and data company. As an independent company, Millennial Media commands an impressive share of the mobile display advertising market. The company’s technology, tools and services also power some of the largest companies in the media business today. Millennial Media is committed to growing the mobile advertising marketplace by becoming the preferred partner to all advertisers seeking to reach mobile consumers, all application and media developers seeking to maximize ad revenue, and all mobile operators seeking to further monetize their networks. The company has received numerous industry awards including the 2010 OnMedia Top Private Company in Digital Media and the 2010 Stevie for the Most Innovative Company. For more information, please visit, join our Facebook community, or follow us on Twitter @millennialmedia. About S.M.A.R.T.™ The Scorecard for Mobile Advertising Reach and Targeting (S.M.A.R.T.™) delivers monthly insights on key trends in mobile advertising based on actual campaign and network data from Millennial Media, Inc. Millennial Media partners with major carriers, media networks and top-tier publishers to deliver the largest data set of any third-party U.S. mobile advertising network. As such, we are uniquely capable of reporting and analyzing the richest sets of carrier, device and campaign data collected over billions of monthly ad requests. Elevating and driving the whole mobile ecosystem forward is central to our company mission. Visit to sign up to receive Millennial Media-related news including the Mobile Mix ™ report, the Scorecard for Mobile Advertising Reach and Targeting (S.M.A.R.T.)™ report, and the newly released Mobile Intel Series. For questions about the data in this report, or for recommendations for future reports, please contact us at ©2011 Millennial Media, Inc. All rights reserved. All product names and images are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners. Visit to sign up 11
  11. 11. THE GLOBAL LEADER IN MOBILE INTELLIGENCE Visit to sign up for Millennial Media’s powerful research reports, including S.M.A.R.T, Mobile Mix, and Millennial Monthly.Follow us on Twitter @millennialmedia Like us on Facebook Connect with us on LinkedIn