Evolution of digital branding: IAB Portrait Ad


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Evolution of digital branding: IAB Portrait Ad

  1. 1. Evolu-on  of  Digital  Branding    A  COMPREHENSIVE  REVIEW  OF  THE  IAB  PORTRAIT  AD  UNITJUNE  2011  IPG  Media  Lab  with  Affec2va,  Dynamic  Logic,  and  AOL  
  2. 2. contents   Objec2ve   Methodology   Visual  Engagement   Relevance  of  Context   Emo2onal  Reac2on   Live  Campaign  Metrics  vs.  Benchmark   Impact  on  Purchase  Funnel   Summary   Appendix  
  3. 3. objec-ve   BACKGROUND   Users  have  learned  to  tune  out  standard  units  and   view  intrusive  units  as  annoying  or  frustra2ng.    Both   of  these  phenomena  contribute  to  stagna2on     of  ad  effec2veness.   With  a  fresh  approach  that  invites  consumers  to  stay,   the  IAB  Portrait  unit  was  designed  to  create  a  beRer   user  experience  and,  in  turn,  beRer  results  for  the   adver2ser.   GOAL   Prove  that  the  IAB  Portrait  unit  (previously  known  as   Devil)  will  cut  through  ad  blindness,  improve   emo2onal  connec2on,  contribute  towards  posi2ve  ad   effec2veness,  and  increase  purchase  inten2on.    
  4. 4. Methodology  1   VISUAL  ENGAGEMENT   2   EMOTIONAL  REACTION   Obtained  through  measuring  eye-­‐tracking   Biometric  monitoring  and  facial  coding   dura2on,  fixa2on  heat-­‐mapping,  and   analysis  to  determine  audience’s  emo2ve   sequence  analysis.   response  to  different  ad  formats.  3   INTERACTION     Aggregated  analy2cs  metrics  from  live  media  collected  to  verify  and  support  findings  from  the   visual  aRen2on  test  results;    control/exposed  survey  pertaining  to  interac2on  inten2on.  4   AD  EFFECTIVENESS     Standard  engagement  repor2ng  as  a  source   •  Online  Awareness   of  ad  effec2veness.   •  Ad  Believability   •  Brand  Appeal   Control/exposed  survey  designed  to  find   •  Brand  Interac2on   delta  aRributable  to  the  IAB  Portrait  ad  unit   •  Inten2on  to  Visit  Site/Become  Facebook  Fan   in  conscious  awareness  of  brand  adver2sing.   Survey  designed  to  measure  impact  on   •  Recommend  to  Family/Friends   brand  metrics,  including   •  Purchase  Intent   Page  4  
  5. 5. Portrait  cuts  through  banner  blindness   Compared  to  a  standard  ad  unit,  the  IAB  Portrait  is  no-ced  2x  as  fast,  and  viewers  look   at  it  4x  more  oQen  and  4x  longer.    300  x  250   300  x  600   Page  5  
  6. 6. Portrait  drives  fixa-on   Avg.  Time  to  First   Avg.  Total   Avg.  #  of   Fixa-on     Fixa-on   Ad  Units   Fixa-ons   (Seconds)   (Seconds)   Portrait   11.5   9.7   3.7   Compe--ve  Units*   6.35   15   1.9   Percentage  Difference   81%   -­‐35%   95%   *Compe22ve  Units  include  300x250  and  300x600   35% faster fixation IAB Portrait 81% more attention unit attracts 95% greater length of fixation Page  6  
  7. 7. Context  improves  a^en-on  On  contextually  relevant  pages,  viewers  fixate  on  the  IAB  Portrait  unit  much  faster    and  on  average  view  the  ads  longer.     Non-­‐contextual   Contextual   Avg.  #  of   Avg.  Time  to  First  Fixa-on     Avg.  Total  Fixa-on   IAB  Portrait   Fixa-ons   (Seconds)   (Seconds)   Contextual   11.5   9.7   3.7   Non-­‐contextual   9.8   15   2.8   Page  7  
  8. 8. Portrait  reduces  frustra-on  and  frowns  Brow  lowering  indicates  frustra2on  –  Portrait  shows  largest  decrease  in  the  occurrence  of  such  emo2ve  element.  IAB  Portrait  unit  exposure  generates  the  fewest  frowns  among  consumers.   *Compe22ve  Units  include  300x250  and  300x600   Page  8  
  9. 9. Live  metrics  beat  benchmark  IAB  Portrait  outperforms  Unicast  benchmarks  in  interac2on  rate  by  as  much  as  7x,  engagement  2me  by  as  much  as  2x  and  video  play  2me  by  as  much  as  6x.      This  finding  conforms  to  the  findings  from  the  lab  research.   AVG.  ENGAGEMENT  TIME   AVG.  VIDEO  PLAY  TIME   INTERACTION  RATE   (SEC.)   (SEC.)   *   1.43%   59   12   Campaign   7.82%   102   42   Average   *Unicast  InPage  Banner  -­‐  Q1  to  Q4  2010    Benchmarks   Page  9  
  10. 10. Posi-ve  impact  on  purchase  funnel  IAB  Portrait  generates  higher  ad  effec-veness  response  at  every  level  of  the  purchase  funnel.   COMPETITIVE  ADS   IAB  PORTRAIT  AD   Online  awareness   41%   51%     +25% Ad  believability*     62%   73%     +19% Brand  appeal*   55%   63%     +16% Brand  interac-on*   35%   46%     +31% Visit  site/Become  FB  fan*   29%   43%     +49% Recommend  to   family/friends*   24%   35%     +46% Purchase   intent**   2%   7%     +263% *  TOP  TWO  BOX   **  TOP  BOX   Compe22ve  Ads  include  300x250  and  300x600   Page  10  
  11. 11. reac-on   “ “ At  Chrysler  Group  we  consistently  look  at  how  we   can  engage  our  consumers  in  a  unique  and   interes-ng  manner  which  can  be  a  challenge  in   the  digital  space  where  the  customer  is  flooded   with  informa2on.    The  informa2on  gathered  from   the  AOL/IPG  study  enables  our  media  team  to   “ beRer  understand  how  we  can  interact  with  our   consumers  in  ways  that  captures  their  a^en-on   quickly  and  provides  them  with  the  key   informa2on  they  want  on  our  products.       Susan Thomson Head of Media Chrysler Group LLC  
  12. 12. reac-on   “ This  par2cular  ad  unit  allows  us  to  tell  a  story  as   well  as  create  an  opportunity  for  customers  to   engage  with  our  brand  the  way  that  they  want  to   engage:  [via]  video,  social,  product  informa2on.     Even  beRer,  we  are  gaining  consumer  insights  into   ” what  messages  are  resona2ng  so  that  our   messaging  remains  viable  versus  ex-nct.       Michelle Thomas Senior Brand Marketing Manager Zappos.com
  13. 13. reac-on   “ In  the  digital  age,  it’s  no  longer  just  about  the  ‘big   idea,’  but  rather  how  you  can  create  more   meaningful  and  immersive  brand  experiences  with   customers  that  drive  actual  business  results.   It’s  exci2ng  to  have  more  compelling  ways  to  tell   brand  stories  online.  With  the  mul--­‐faceted  IAB   Portrait  ad  unit  we  have  not  only  a  larger  canvas   ” for  brand  messages...  but  also  a  more  dynamic   context  for  crea-ng  brand  connec-ons.     Alejandro  Mendoza   Associate  Crea,ve  Director   SapienNitro  
  14. 14. summary   The  IAB  Portrait  unit  strongly  outperforms  other   op2ons  in  the  marketplace  (300x250  &  300x600)  both   quan2ta2vely  and  qualita2vely.   IAB  Portrait  unit  a^racts  a^en-on  35%  faster  than   compe2ng  units,  81%  more  a^en-on,  and  95%  more   -me  in  length  of  fixa-on.   •  Eye  fixa2on  on  IAB  Portrait  unit  rivals  the  content  itself.   Facial  recogni2on  analysis  shows  IAB  Portrait  lowers   nega-ve  emo-ons  by  almost  40%  with  less  frustra2on   and  fewer  frowns.   Live  media  metrics  show  interac-on  rates  increased   4.5X  to  7X.   Influence  rose  drama-cally:   •  Users  who  indicate  that  they  would  recommend  the  brand  or   product  to  family/friends  rose  46%.   •  Users  who  indicate  that  they  would  visit  the  brand  site/ Facebook  fan  page  increased  49%.   •  Purchase  intent  rose  263%.    
  15. 15. appendix   ADDITIONAL  RESULTS  &  METHODOLOGY   Qualita2ve  Metrics   Methodology  
  16. 16. IAB  Portrait  seen  as  involving  and  interes-ng     • (A+ve) • (A+ve) • (A+ve) Involving Unique Interesting • (A-ve) US  Overall  Norm   Disturbing Soothing Standard  Banner   • (P+ve) Premium   Unpleasant Mellow IAB  Portrait   • (A-ve) • (P+ve) Interacted  with  IAB   Portrait   Irritating Nice • (A-ve) • (P+ve) Boring Weak • (P-ve) Dull • (P-ve) • (P-ve) Page  16  
  17. 17. Methodology:  Eye-­‐tracking   •  The  IPG  Media  Lab  used  a  Tobii  T120  eye-­‐ tracking  monitor  in  a  neutral  facility  in   San  Francisco  the  week  of  5/23/11   •  26  Respondents  of  various  ages,  races,   educa2on  levels,  and  internet  usage   levels  were  shown  unique  combina2ons   of  web  pages  with  compe22ve  or  IAB   Portrait  ad  units     •  Par2cipants  were  told  only  that  they  were   tes2ng  “web  usability”   •  An  HD  web  cam  and  biometric  bracelet   were  also  used  simultaneously  About  IPG  Media  Lab:  At  the  center  of  Interpublic  Group’s  Mediabrands  network,  the  IPG  Media  Lab  helps  clients  and  agencies  put  innova,on  into  ac,on.  By  crea,ng  opportuni,es  for  marketers  to  iden,fy,  formulate  and  test  new  approaches,  the  Lab  mi,gates  risk  through  a  process  outside  the  normal  campaign  methodology.  Employing  crea,ve  thinking  and  a  suite  of  proprietary  research  tools  to  understand  how  emerging  media  impacts  purchase  decisions,  the  Lab  provides  hands-­‐on  guidance,  digital  media  insight  and  measurable  results  to  clients.  Our  product  framework  is  built  around  three  fundamental  pillars:  Diagnosing  Opportunity,  Priori,za,on  and  Deployment.  www.ipglab.com   Page  17  
  18. 18. Methodology:  Biometrics  •  Using  data  from  biometric  bracelets,   Affec2va  determined  when  par2cipants   were  experiencing  various  emo2ons  and   physical  responses  •  Using  video  from  eye-­‐tracking  sessions   par2cipant’s  faces,  Affec2va  determined   whether  emo2onal  states  were  nega2ve  or   posi2ve  •  All  responses  were  then  compared  against  a   2me-­‐line  to  eye-­‐tracking  data  to  isolate  just   responses  to  adver2sing    About  Affec-va:  Affec,va  grew  out  of  collabora,ve  research  at  the  MIT  Media  Lab  to  help  people  on  the  au,sm  spectrum.  We  apply  innova,ons  in  affec,ve  compu,ng  to  help  solve  difficult  problems  that  stem  from  misunderstanding  how  people  feel.  Our  customers  are  people  in  science  and  industry  who  use  new  technology  that  helps  improve  understanding  of  emo,on.  www.affec,va.com     Page  18  
  19. 19. Eye-­‐tracking  &  Biometric  Demographics    n=26,  All  Par-cipants  from  San  Francisco  Bay  Area   Gender   %  of  Total   n=   Educa-on   %  of  Total   n=   Female   54%   14   High  School   15%   4   Male   46%   12   Associates   4%   1   Bachelors   58%   15   Age   Masters   23%   6   18-­‐29   31%   8   30-­‐39   38%   10   Hours  per  Week  Using  Internet   40-­‐49   12%   3   1  to  15   31%   8   50+   19%   5   16  to  30   46%   12   31  to  45   12%   3   Race   46  to  60   12%   3   Asian   15%   4   Black   8%   2   Use  Computer  for  Work/School   Hispanic   8%   2   Yes   77%   20   White   69%   18   No   23%   6   Page  19  
  20. 20. Methodology:  Survey   Dynamic  Logic  surveyed  1,200  internet  users   •  The  survey  was  in-­‐field  May  27  &  28,  2011.   •  The  test  cell  design  used  samples  of  300  per  control,  300x250  unit,  300x600  unit,  and  IAB   Portrait  unit.  Each  300  person  cell  was  divided  equally  between  three  adver2sers  for  a   total  of  12  unique  cells.   •  The  first  half  of  the  survey  consisted  of  Dynamic  Logic’s  trendable,  standardized  ad   effec2veness  AdIndex  ques2onnaire  which  forced  exposure  to  a  test  ad  in  situ  within   contextually  relevant  web  content.  This  experimental  design  allows  for  quan2ta2ve   comparisons  of  control  vs.  test  cells.   •  The  second  half  of  the  survey  consisted  of  a  forced  exposure  to  just  the  ad  unit  followed   by  a  baRery  of  qualita2ve  ques2ons  designed  specifically  for     ad/copy  tes2ng     About  Dynamic  Logic:  Founded  in  1999  as  a  pioneer  of  the  digital  revolu,on,  Dynamic  Logic  helped  establish  the   Internets  true  marke,ng  value  to  businesses  by  developing  solu,ons  that  measure  beyond  click-­‐through  to   quan,fy  the  full  brand  impact  of  online  adver,sing.  Now,  as  part  of  Millward  Brown,  Dynamic  Logic  con,nues  to   lead  the  industry  —  developing  innova,ons  to  op,mize  and  track  digital  ad  impact,  specializing  in  emerging  media   plaVorms,  and  integra,ng  insights  across  all  digital  and  non-­‐digital  media.  For  marketers,  agencies,  and  publishers   alike,  Dynamic  Logic  offers  the  most  cuWng-­‐edge  and  adaptable  solu,ons  to  make  the  most  of  every  digital   marke,ng  dollar.  www.dynamiclogic.com     Page  20  
  21. 21. Survey  demographics  n=1,200  Online  panelists   Age   %  of  Total   n=   Gender   %  of  Total   n=   18-­‐34   49%   148   Female   69%   208   35-­‐49   29%   88   Male   31%   92   50+   22%   65   Hours  per  Week  Using  Internet   Income   31  hours  or  more   24%   73   <$40k   25%   76   21  to  30  hours   28%   83   $40k-­‐$75k   36%   108   11  to  20  hours   28%   85   $75k+   34%   102   5  to  10  hours   15%   45   Rather  not  say   5%   14   1  to  4  hours   4%   13   Less  than  1  hour   0%   1   Page  21