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Clickfox & Edelman Customer Service Survey

  1. 1. Social Media: An Emerging Customer Service ChannelThe Leader in Customer Experience Analytics June 2011
  2. 2. How Your Business Can Avoid Unnecessary Costs If you are unable to get an inquiry answered or issue resolved in a timely manner via social media, what is your next point of contact with a company?Results: When customer service issues are not resolved via social  Key Takeaway:  When customer service media, customers turn to more costly channels. Each phone call to  issues are not resolved via social customer service, for example, can cost up to $15. This avoidable cost  media, they become very costly. negatively impacts a company’s bottom line. 
  3. 3. Word of Mouth in the Social Sphere How influenced are you by other consumer comments/stories about companies?Results: 96.5% of customers identify as  Key Takeaway:  The vast majority of customers are influenced “somewhat influenced” to “very influenced” by  by the perceptions and experiences of their communities. other customers’ comments about companies. Social media has transformed word of mouth marketing;  opinions are now spread instantly.
  4. 4. Knowledge is Power Would you be more likely to use social media for customer service and support if you better understood the tools available to fit your specific needs?Results: 76.1% of consumers would use social  Key Takeaway:  As customers adopt new social media media for customer service if they better  technologies, there will be an increase in use of social media understood the tools available to them. for customer service and more frequent testimonials of how  customers perceive their experiences.
  5. 5. Social Media Customer Service by Industry For which of the following companies have you sought customer service through social media?Results: More and more industries are  Key Takeaway:  Social media, once unheard of as a customer service employing social media as a customer  channel, has now proven to be both an effective and cost‐effective service channel. alternative to traditional customer service channels.
  6. 6. Next Steps for Your BusinessCustomers are not only willing to use social media for customer service issues—they’re coming to expect it as an option. When you respond immediately to customer service requests via social media  channels, you provide a positive customer experience upfront. This will prevent  customers from exploring other more costly channels to resolve their issues. It’s  important to build your social media infrastructures to properly engage with and  serve your customer base. The key to achieving seamless and cost‐effective  service is to monitor customers as they move from social media to other  channels—like your website or call center—so that issues can be easily identified  and quickly resolved.  Remember: your customers can be your best sales team or your harshest critics. Contact ClickFox today at to optimize your cross‐channel customer  service offerings, boost profitability and give your customers the best possible experience.
  7. 7. About ClickFoxThe leader in a new breed of experience analytics, ClickFox maps the complexmaze of customer experience journeys formed by interactions at every touchpoint with a company. Unlike business intelligence tools, ClickFox links disjointed, cross‐channel data  to fully understand and analyze customer behavior in a holistic view. Using  ClickFox, businesses can optimize performance to improve loyalty, raise  revenue, cut costs, enhance reputation, drive business strategy, and predict  future needs ‐‐ all with breakthrough speed and scalability. ClickFox’s patented technology can be installed in weeks to deliver a clear  picture of unstructured data and drive better decisions. Working with ClickFox,  Fortune 500 leaders in telecommunication, financial services, media  and  utilities collectively have added more than $1 billion to their bottom lines.  For more information, please visit
  8. 8. Contact ClickFox HEADQUARTERS R&D SUPPORT 3445 Peachtree Rd NE 2000 S Colorado Blvd Suite 1250 Tower 1, Suite 2300 Atlanta, GA GA 30326 Denver, CO 80222 CONTACT NUMBERS Additional ClickFox offices in EMEA and APAC  US toll‐free 877.256.3761 Outside US +1 404 351 8020 US direct 404.351.8020 US fax 404.351.2080 www.clickfox.comOver 400 respondents (67% male, 33% female) participated in the survey. Of those respondents, 53% were between the ages of 31 and 45. 62% of respondents have used social media for customer service issues or product/technical support. The survey results, key takeaways and next step recommendations are the opinions of ClickFox.