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Marketing Eye is the most exciting innovation in marketing consulting today. As a company that helps small to medium sized businesses accelerate their business growth through an outsourced marketing model, we deliver companies with the most powerful marketing outfit in Atlanta.

Our model is simple; we provide businesses with a marketing manager and outsourced marketing team dedicated to ensuring that your business achieves its marketing goals. Complete with branding, graphic design, web development, search engine optimization, social media, lead generation and direct marketing expertise - Marketing Eye is the ultimate results-orientated marketing solution.

At Marketing Eye, we understand that your clients are changing. How and where they relate to your brand is now controlled by them. Not you. As they continue to evolve, so must you. How you market to them now will shape how they buy from you in the future. Our role is to assist you in ensuring that you build meaningful connections with your clients. We help you market to them in a way that resonates, connecting with them in a different way and transforming them into your brands most loyal followers. It's what we do best! Contact us!

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Marketing Eye: outsourced marketing department

  1. 1. We offer a complete outsourced Marketing Team
  2. 2. Marketing Manager Qualifications • 3+ years experience • Passionate with social media • Thinks outside the box • PR Expert
  3. 3. Graphic Design
  4. 4. Web
  5. 5. Our Model MARKETING EYE Audit of exisiting marcoms programs Audit of exisiting marcoms programs Appointment with marketing manager and team Appointment with marketing manager and team Marketing Eye maturity model Marketing Eye maturity model Analysis of your marketing and communications needs Develop strategy IMPLEMENTATION OF STRATEGY . PR . Communications . Social media . Events . Promotions . Advertising . Branding . Alliances . Lead generation / Sales support Annual marketing view RESEARCH BUILD BRAND • Magazine • Networking • Round Tables • Marketing Eye TV • Conference SALES Promote in Marketing Eye Marketing Magazine Month 3: Pulse Check Month 6: Performance Check Month 9: Survey FREE INTERN 1 DAY PER MONTH HOW WE WORK
  6. 6. Marketing Eye underpins your sales • Increase sales • Promote you brand • Connect online with prospects • Engage internally & externally at a level you have never experienced
  7. 7. Benefits from Marketing Machine & Entrepreneurs Magazine
  8. 8. Retainer model that produces monthly results
  9. 9. Connect with us (404) 626 8070
  10. 10. How Marketing Eye works