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See the Research in Action


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See the Research in Action

  1. 1. See the Research in Action:Dr. McGlaughlin personally reviews your pages withoptimization suggestions #webclinic
  2. 2. Join the conversation on Twitter #webclinic #webclinic
  3. 3. Today’s team Dr. Flint McGlaughlin Jon Powell Managing Director Senior Manager Research and Strategy #webclinic
  4. 4. PART 1: A Case Study from the MECLABS Library 4#webclinic
  5. 5. Experiment: Background Experiment ID: TP1423 – SMO Client Microsite Test Record Location: MarketingExperiments Research Library Research Partner: Sermo, Inc.Research Notes: Background: Sermo is a physicians-only social network that allows pharmaceutical companies to conduct survey research and promote products to their audience. Goal: To increase the amount of leads Primary Research Question: Which microsite will generate more total leads? Approach: A/B multifactor split test #webclinic
  6. 6. Experiment: Control ControlProblems with the Control:• Higher quality visitors are not converting because no true value exchange exists for those interested in the real products• Call to action is passive and assuming, There are too many other options that are much more appealing or convenient. #webclinic
  7. 7. Experiment: Treatment Treatment - Top #webclinic
  8. 8. Experiment: Treatment Treatment - Bottom 8 #webclinic
  9. 9. Experiment: Side-by-side Treatment Control #webclinic
  10. 10. Get a MECLABS Controlled Testing Environment 2 Controlled Testing Environment (CTE) Test Cycle #1 Your Creative Control TRT 1 TRT 2 TRT 3 Your Marketing Team Fully OptimizedEmbed a Science Lab in the Test Cycle #2 Page Goes Liveheart of your organization. Control TRTApply for a ResearchPartnership to LearnMore… 2MECLABS Certified Final 10 #webclinic
  11. 11. Experiment: Results 155% Increase in lead rate The new microsite’s lead rate increased by 154.7% Relative Statistical Level Design Lead Rate of Confidence Difference Control 3.5% - - Treatment 9.0% 154.7% 95%  What you need to understand: Bytosimplifying the process either process, visitors were more likely complete the messaging and based on the ease of finding a next step, the clarity of the value, or a combination of these two elements. 11 #webclinic
  12. 12. What we discoveredF Key Principles 1. Optimizing a web decision is not simply a matter of seeing problems and fixing a page. 2. To properly optimize a page you need new eyes to see with – the eyes of your customers. 12 #webclinic
  13. 13. Today’s Objective Today, we are going to apply 15 years of research and attempt to give you new eyes to see your own pages with. 13 #webclinic
  14. 14. PART 2: Live Optimization 14#webclinic
  15. 15. Live Optimization Virtual Job Fair Hosting Primary Objective: To get visitors to contact us for more information Primary Traffic: Adwords: virtual job fairs, virtual career fairs, online job fair Value Proposition: Reliable, easy-to-use service for hosting job fairs Page URL: #webclinic
  16. 16. Live Optimization Primary Objective: To provide Northeast Florida Community Hospice information to individuals and families who are in need of hospice care and to choose us to provide that care Primary Traffic: SEO and Organic Value Proposition: We have not clearly established a value proposition Page URL: #webclinic
  17. 17. Live Optimization ReadyTalk Primary Objective: To get 30- day Free Trial signups Primary Traffic: SEO, Direct & Retargeting display Value Proposition: 30 Day free trial of our $49 Audio & Web conferencing subscription Page URL: #webclinic
  18. 18. Live Optimization Maximum Results Group Primary Objective: Get people engaged so they will think of us when they need to purchase a home. Primary Traffic: Social media referral and Email campaigns Value Proposition: Tips, tricks and small contests to get email addresses from people. Page URL: #webclinic
  19. 19. Live Optimization Beads and Pieces Primary Objective: To get people to go further into our website and increase conversions Primary Traffic: Organic Search, wooden beads, wholesale Beads, Beads Value Proposition: You will be able to find something you want to buy in this site Page URL: #webclinic
  20. 20. Live Optimization ERA Environmental Primary Objective: To Get people to click through to the software overview page Primary Traffic: SEO & Direct Value Proposition: Were the best choice because we provide environmental management software, and include support from environmental experts. Page URL: #webclinic
  21. 21. Live Optimization Social Media Online Primary Objective: To get people to purchase the Facebook 101 class. Primary Traffic: SEO social media online classes, online facebook classes, facebook training Value Proposition: Students can get trained & certified in 4 weeks Page URL: #webclinic
  22. 22. Live Optimization Bakken Residential Suites Primary Objective: Convince corporate personnel that we are premier housing source and to contact us. Primary Traffic: Adwords and SEO Value Proposition: Stay a night...Stay a Year. Your home away from home in the middle of the Bakken, ND oil boom. Page URL: #webclinic
  23. 23. MarketingExperiments Optimization Newsletter Free subscription to more than $20 million in marketing research Join 98,000 of the top marketers from around the world as we work together to discover what really works.