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Marketing Intuition Contest


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Test your marketing intuition and win a free B2B Summit Training DVD.

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Marketing Intuition Contest

  1. 1. Marketing Intuition ContestWhich treatment do you think won the test?
  2. 2. Experiment: Background and design Experiment ID: (protected) Location: MarketingExperiments Research Library Test Protocol Number: TP1297Research Notes: Background: A survey company seeking consumer opinions in exchange for a chance to win a trip to an exotic location. Goal: To increase the number of applications Primary Research Question: Which destination page will result in higher conversions to panelist sign-up? Approach: A/B multifactor split test #webclinic
  3. 3. Experiment: Control Control Logo Company #webclinic
  4. 4. Experiment: Treatment Treatment Logo Company #webclinic
  5. 5. Experiment: Side-by-side Control Logo Treatment Company Logo Company #webclinic
  6. 6. Find out the results today… Get the results of the test on today’s FREE 4:00 pm (EST) Web clinic: Hidden Friction: The 6 silent killers of conversion #webclinic