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Email Copy Tested

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Email Copy Tested

  1. 1. Email Copy TestedHow adding urgency increasedclickthrough rate by 15%
  2. 2. Experiment: Background Experiment ID: Internal Urgency Email Test Location: MECLABS Research LibraryResearch Notes: Background: This email was sent to the MarketingExperiments list of about 85,000 marketers informing them about an upcoming Web clinic. Goal: To increase email clickthrough. Primary Research Question: Which messaging will generate the highest clickthrough rate: urgent or non-urgent? Approach: A/B Split
  3. 3. Experiment: Control ControlWhile the control has manyof the elements of aneffective email, the readerhas no urgent reason toclick the call to action.
  4. 4. Experiment: Treatment TreatmentTo produce an element ofurgency in the email, wesimply added 3 words tothe bottom of the email:*Limit 1,000 attendees
  5. 5. Experiment: Side-by-side Control Treatment
  6. 6. Experiment: Results 15.4% Increase in clickthrough rate The treatment generated 15.4% higher clickthrough than the control Version Delivered Emails CTA Clicks* CTR Rel. diff Stat. ConfControl (No Urgency) 44,225 354 0.80% - -Treatment (Urgency) 44,079 407 0.92% 15.4% 95%  What You Need to Understand: By adding a level of rate by 15.4%. the treatment out-produced the control in clickthrough authentic urgency, *Primary call-to-action clicks only