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The Web Presence Checklist


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The Web Presence Checklist

  1. 1. 5000 Yonge St, Ste 1901, North York, ON M2N 7E9 |marketingcopilot.com|T416 218 2009The Marketing CoPilot Web Presence Checklist:15Must-Have’sfor Today’s Savvy Website OwnersWhen developing or re-doing your website, there are lots of things to consider. MarketingCoPilot has developed this 15-item web presence checklist because we think these things areparamount to helping business owners not only build, but also manage their web presence overthe long term. Gone are the days when you could put up a website and not touch it for monthsor years.The behavior of your buyer has changed. You need to think about how this impacts whathappens when they go to find you online. How hard or how easy is that journey? It all startswith what you put on your website and how you manage that within your business!Do you have… Yes No MC Best Practice1. Social Media:You have social media accountsintegratedinto your website. People can tweet a post orconnect with you on LinkedIn. Few will follow yourcompany unless they have a deep or intimate relationshipwith you so providing your social accounts is often a wasteof time. Give visitors the option on your website to usetheir accounts to share your content wherever possible.☐ ☐For companies selling a product orservice to other business owners, werecommend, LinkedIn, Twitter,Google+/Gmail&slideshare for youraccounts and simple share icons on allpages for people to use their ownaccounts.2. Blog:You have fresh and relevant optimized contentnotonly for your trusted network but for search engines.Search engines look first at dynamic content on a websiteto determine how to rank a website.☐ ☐Dynamic blog content is important forSEO and for your prospects.Thinkabout what your prospects want toread and create blog categories tohelp them find it so you get lots ofengagement on your site.3. News section:You have a news and events sectionasanother way to generate dynamic content for yourwebsite. You can announce product launches, attendingtradeshows, speaking engagements, etc.☐ ☐News section can fall in your About Ussection or live in your blog andprovide markers to Google that thereis activity happening at your companyand site has not been orphaned.4. Forms:You have places on your website for people tosubmit their contact information rather than callingyou.Forms capture prospect information and provideclues to where people are in the buying process. Thinkabout all of the opportunities on your website where aform can capture interest.☐ ☐Don’t limit yourself to just a ContactUs form. Forms are a great way toengage a visitor who in turn providescontact information. Think about howyou set up pages and the informationyou request to ensure you don’tcreate friction in the buying process.5. Mobile version:You have gone to your website with yourown phone and experienced the content and informationon a mobile device.More visitors than you may think areaccessing your site via mobile – take a look at your Google☐ ☐Most websites should have a mobileversion. HTML5 or WordPress pluginshould be implemented for mobile.
  2. 2. |2 5000 Yonge St, Ste 1901, North York, ON M2N 7E9 |marketingcopilot.com|T416 218 2009Analytics and see what is happening when they get there.6. Website hosting:You have a webhosting company thatunderstands how to host a website with respect tosecurity, constant changes and server management.Yourserver is more important than you realize and Googlelooks at server attributes when it decides whether to trustyour website.☐ ☐Ensure your hosting companyunderstands hosting WordPresswebsites and you aren’t on a serverwith thousands of other sites whomay or may not be doing good things.7. Domain management:You have complete control overyour URL and know how to access it, when it comes up forrenewal and the associated names you should own thataffect your brand.☐ ☐You should have a complete list of alldomains your company owns. Youshould also be thinking about thestrategy of purchasing industry andproduct domain names.8. Email marketing & list building:You have aprocess formanaging email addressesboth in a legally compliantemail marketing tool and for email address submission onyour website.☐ ☐Constant Contact is a great tool toshare content and drive traffic to yrouwebsite. We recommend you find theright tool for you that is not Outlookand people can unsubscribe from yourlist if they choose to do so.Have you thought about these? Yes No MC Best Practice9. CRM integration:You have thought about managingleadsongoing from your website and created dripmarketing and constant touch points throughout the yearwhich can be tracked in a CRM tool.☐ ☐It is crucial that your email databaseand your CRM are up-to-date. You willneed to coordinate updates based onthe frequency of your emailcampaigns.10. Content: You have an editorial calendarand understandhow you will post and manage new content on yourwebsite in 90-day increments. Content included in thisplan should include type (static versus dynamic),segmentation of who it is for (current clients versusprospects), frequency and how you will track and measureit.☐ ☐We recommend vetting all possiblecontent based on your valueproposition, visitor needs andkeyword strategy to determine whatstays or goes. We also suggestdeveloping an editorial calendar andthinking about how the content willbe created.11. Downloads/conversion tools:You have something toshare that encourages engagement and conversion onyour website. This is your value-add content – you need todecide how people access it, how you track it and how tomanage that list ongoing (see Point #8).☐ ☐Determine what the right conversiontool is for your audience. It could beas simple as a checklist or a robust10-page guide - something of valuethat will help drive the right trafficthat would willingly provide theirinformation(email address) to receiveit.12. Automated lead nurturing:You have a clearly definedroad map for how to engage your audienceover the nextsix months and have a tool or defined process for leadnurturing.☐ ☐There are lots of marketingautomation tools available that makethe manual process of lead nurturingeasy but depending on the size ofyour company or the number of leadscoming in monthly, these tools maybe more hindrance than help. What isimportant is that connecting with
  3. 3. |3 5000 Yonge St, Ste 1901, North York, ON M2N 7E9 |marketingcopilot.com|T416 218 2009your audience happens regularly andyou have a process for managing this.13. DNS resolution:You know who is landing on yourwebsiteand what they are doing when they navigate yourwebsite.☐ ☐There are a number of tools on themarket that resolve the DNS of avisitor to your site. There is also a lotof data in Google you can use tounderstand some of these things aswell. Don’t just start rewriting contentor making assumptions – use yourdata to understand what people aredoing so you can improve navigation,engagement and conversion.14. User access: You have a list of people who are qualifiedto add content and they are managed through a tool orweb access document that keeps track of all user namesand passwords associated with your website. User andpassword management is a big issue in today’s digitallandscape. Have a plan for managing it!☐ ☐We recommend minimal users withminimal access. We also recommendeach user has separate accessinformation to avoid confusion andallow for easy transfer and shutdownof access.15. Google Analytics: You have Google Analytics set uponyour website and are tracking goals/conversion points. ☐ ☐Many business owner complain thatmarketing is not measurable. Today,it is more measurable than everbefore. Set goals for your webpresence and track everything so youcan stop doing what is not working.Next Steps…Download the Marketing CoPilot Process wheel and get started on the work that should bedone before you start building or enhancing your current web presence.Do you have?1. A well-articulated and tested value proposition(with supporting proof points).2. A buyer mapof how people buy a product or service like yours (this information content).3. A keyword strategythat helps determine how you will drive traffic to your value proposition.4. A wireframe indication how you will navigate your website and web presence based on yourvalue proposition and keyword strategy.This is where it all starts. If you need help, we run workshops on all of these topics to guidebusiness owners, entrepreneurs and CEOs in building websites that support the lead generationand buying process within their businesses.CONTACT INFORMATION????