The Content Gap Checklist


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The Content Gap Checklist

  1. 1. 5000 Yonge St, Ste 1901, Toronto, ON M2N 7E9 ||T416 218 2009Synposis:Every entrepreneur and business leaderspends many a sleepless night figuring outthe fastest route to finding customers andkeeping customers (and world domination).But for many, something happened that theyweren’t quite prepared for:Buyer behaviour haschanged!What your customer wants to see, learn andunderstand before they speak with a salerep or anyone from your company, hasraised the table stakes. We call this THECONTENT GAP.The Content Gap:How ready are you to growyour business?A new checklist for the savvy entrepreneur.
  2. 2. © 2013 All rights reserved. Marketing CoPilot Inc.|2Marketing CoPilotGo-to-Market ChecklistThe purpose of this checklist is to a realistic approach to the market place andwhat content exists in your business to assist in the Buying Process of yourcustomer.Business Strategy MapStart your checklist here:Here’s the problem: the content andinformation required to really add more leads tothe sales pipeline and support the sales process,rarely exists. The information that should be onthe website to help people self-serve is neveravailable. And, the work that needs to happento really understand how to sell something andwho is going to buy, rarely gets done.How real is The Content Gap inyour business?
  3. 3. © 2013 All rights reserved. Marketing CoPilot Inc.|3Requirements Yes No MC Best PracticeProduct/Service Content Readiness1. Features & functions:There is a clearlydefined set of features or services you offerwhen a customer “buys” something fromyour company.☐ ☐We call this the “offer” and it is a specificoutline of what a client gets when theywrite you a cheque for something.2. Integration to customers’ business:Youhave a documented explanation of how theproduct/service integrates into a customer’sbusiness.☐ ☐Sometimes we call this the “before andafter” document. Before our customer did“this”. After we implemented our productor service, the customer now does “this”.3. Ease of installation:Your installationprocedures are clear or you havedocuments outlining what a customer does“Day One” when working with you.☐ ☐People forget that after they sellsomething, it needs to be delivered. Notbeing able to paint a clear picture of“what happens next” is often a stumblingblock in adoption of a product or service.4. Value to customer:You haveproduct/service proof points to prove thevalue you bring to customers.☐ ☐Sometimes this comes in the form of acase study, but you have at least oneproven installation of your product orservice in which a client agrees that therewas a quantifiable outcome toimplementing something.5. Ease of support: You have a clear definitionof how you will support a customer duringthe lifecycle of the product/service.☐ ☐When people are looking to buysomething or hire someone, they want tounderstand how they will be supportedafter doing so. This is often a point theywant to understand before they call asales rep.6. Ease to use: You can articulate how yourproduct/service simplifies the customer’sbusiness.☐ ☐How someone will use yourproduct/service and the business benefitsthey derive is more important than what itis.Next Marketing Content Readiness checklist »Requirements Yes No MC Best Practice
  4. 4. © 2013 All rights reserved. Marketing CoPilot Inc.|4Marketing Content Readiness7. Competitive analysis: You have a list ofcompetitors or alternatives that peoplewould buy instead of your product orservice.☐ ☐Don’t forget that along with companiesthat look like you, there are other ways tosolve a business problem. Do you have adeep understanding of the many ways todo something and what you come upagainst most?8. Market segmentation: You have a cleardefinition of who fits best and why, and youknow where they are and how to reachthem.☐ ☐SMB is not a segment nor is one or moreindustry verticals. A segment is a group ofwell-defined people that your product orservice perfectly fit. If you are a smallcompany (under $5M and 20 employees)it must be very focused or you won’t haveresources to properly target. Beingeverything to everyone will lead you to benothing to anyone.9. Proof of value proposition (ROI): You havedocumented proof points that indicate thevalue you stated was delivered.☐ ☐If you state, “we can save you 30% peryear in your business because of theefficiency of our product or service,” youneed to be able to prove it and have acustomer confirm it.10. Collateral materials: You have organized,branded documents that are used in thesales process clearly defining yourproduct/service.☐ ☐Many companies start their marketingprogram by creating product information.What do you have so far and what isoutstanding to create?11. Advertising, shows and PR: You have otheroutbound marketing tactics you will beusing to reach your target segments.☐ ☐Many companies start their GTM strategyby hiring a sales rep. This approach isbased on one-to-one selling and it stillmeans that person requires tactics to helpthem with market awareness anddocumentation to push out into themarketplace.12. Customer testimonials: You havereferences to use in the marketing and salesprocess that will vouch for your value andcan be used in written material.☐ ☐ If you are a new entrant in themarketplace, credibility matters.13. Pricing model: You have a clear pricingstructure, or ranges that indicate what youget paid and can publically state this pricingmodel.☐ ☐Once a prospect is engaged and thinksyou can help them solve their problem,the next question they ask is, “howmuch?” When you provide the answer inwriting, it can be a powerful tool to helpyou qualify people quickly either in or outof the sales process.Next Sales Content Readiness checklist »Requirements Yes No MC Best Practice
  5. 5. © 2013 All rights reserved. Marketing CoPilot Inc.|5Sales Content Readiness14. Channel or partner strategies: You haveidentified people who can help you sell byreferring you or reselling your product orsolution.☐ ☐Many people forget that a website is alsofor all of the people that exist outside yourcompany that could assist in the leadgeneration process. How good are yourmaterials or website in helping thirdparties with this process?15. Support to your distribution channels: Youhave a defined process and documentationfor people selling on your behalf.☐ ☐If someone wanted to pass you a lead,what would the process be and do youhave documentation that helps someoneelse sell on your behalf.16. Clear sales process: You have documentedthe steps in the sales process with aconfirmed lead definition and qualificationprocess.☐ ☐Most companies rely on their network togenerate interest and have not clearlydefined how they sell or who they sell to.This makes it very hard for someone elseto sell on your behalf, including new salesreps to your company.17. Sales pitch: You have a documented salespitch that has been tested with prospectsand proven to close deals.☐ ☐Many people start their pitch with “whatthey do” making it really hard to gettraction. You have to start with theproblem you solve that is compellingenough for someone to stop and listen.18. Sales engineering: You have peopleinvolved in the technical details of sellingyour product or service.☐ ☐Explaining how a product or service fitsinto someone’s business is paramount tohelping someone envision why they wantyour product or service.19. Lead generation: You have a cleardelineation between mild interest and aconfirmed, sales-ready lead with metricsand tracking that can be shared betweensales and marketing.☐ ☐Many companies do not delineatebetween where marketing and sales.There is often confusion about who isresponsible for what and the honestdefinition of a sales-ready lead and howmany are required to hit the revenueforecast.20. Product or services training: You havetraining that you offer to new customers toensure adoption of your product or service.☐ ☐Training material is hard to create butpowerful once developed. It confirms thelevel of sophistication in a company.21. Sales training: You have documented (andoffer to new reps) training with respect towho to look for in the marketplace andwhat to say when you find them.☐ ☐If you can’t teach new people how to sellyour product or services, you likely don’tknow who you are selling to or why.22. Sales expansion: You have a vision andstrategy for where your next target marketwill evolve once you get traction in themarket you are now serving.☐ ☐Understanding where the next group ofprospects may come from is important tounderstanding if your value proposition isresonating with the market.Add your results »Next your final score »
  6. 6. © 2013 All rights reserved. Marketing CoPilot Inc.|6How did you score on yourGo-To-Market Checklist?Your final score is »Your final score will identify yourcurrent business Go-to-Market strategy stage.Stage 1 »BrochureModeIf your total scoredis 14 or lessof Yes’s on this checklist, youare in what we call, “brochure-mode” or Stage One. You haveyour solution ready to go butyou are lacking someimportant information aboutyour buyer and what they willneed to see to start theirbuyer journey. Your “self-serve” information is likelynothing more than a productbrochure and won’t reallyguide prospects to the nextstep in the buying process orto measurable conversionpoints where you candetermine what they needand why they need it.Stage 2 »BuyerConversation-readyIf your total scoreis more than15 Yes’s, you are well on yourway and could be using yourcontent to start the buyerconversation online. If youhave not thought about valueto customers and how thiscontent could be used in emailcampaigns or blog content,then you have a greatopportunity available to helpyou turn your website intoyour best sales tool.Stage 3 »Poisedfor GrowthIf you scored a perfect set of22 Yes’s on this entirechecklist, then you are likelygenerating lots of leads onyour website today andkeeping customers engagedthrough value-added content.Well done! You’re poised forgrowth.If you want to learn about how you could close The Content Gapinyour business, go to and learn moreabout how to turn your web presence into your best sales tool.Good luck with your World Domination!Marie WiesePresident & Founder Marketing CoPilotmarie@marketingcopilot.com416-218-2009