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Six Principles of Social Media Marketing


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We are in an era where all business is social. Even the most staid institutions and regulated businesses are being pulled into the social sphere by their customers, clients and patients. Enter the socially connected business.

By embedding social into every part of your business and marketing practice, being a social business becomes much easier to manage and scale. This has a direct positive impact on your bottom line, shareholder and customer happiness and lead generation. Read on for all the details and download the full ebook here:

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Six Principles of Social Media Marketing

  1. 1. Community Ebook / October 2012 / / 1 888 672 3426Six Principles of SocialMedia Marketing
  2. 2. Community Ebook / October 2012 Six Principles of Social Media Marketing Six Principles of Social Media Marketing Introduction 1. Social Listening 2. Social Content 3. Engagement 4. Social Ads 5. Measurement 6. Workflow and Automation Conclusionwww.radian6.com1 888 6RADIAN (1 888 672 3426) Copyright © 2012 Marketing Cloud [2]
  3. 3. Community Ebook / October 2012 Six Principles of Social Media MarketingIntroductionWe are in an era where all business is social. Even the most staid institutions and regulatedbusinesses are being pulled into the social sphere by their customers, clients and patients. Upuntil now, social media marketing has seemed complex. The management of social business andmarketing integration has been scattered - too time consuming or seemingly difficult to scale for theaverage business to consider.Enter the socially connected business. By embedding social into every part of your business andmarketing practice, being a social business becomes much easier to manage and scale. This has adirect positive impact on your bottom line, shareholder and customer happiness, customer servicecapabilities, lead generation, analytics across departments and the internet, product development,and much more.Imagine a business where the interaction between your departments, your customers, your potentialcustomers, your suppliers and your shareholders was seamless and fluid, with no barriers tosuccess. If you understand these six principles of social media marketing, you can be on your wayto becoming a social business.www.radian6.com1 888 6RADIAN (1 888 672 3426) Copyright © 2012 Marketing Cloud [3]
  4. 4. Community Ebook / October 2012 Six Principles of Social Media MarketingChapter 1 /Social ListeningThe importance of present and active social listening can not beoverstated. Listening is one of the primary principles of socialbusiness and great social media marketing - it brings the world toyour doorstep, allowing you to respond and take action in an agileway that hasn’t been done before. Listening lends an unprecedentedagility and reach to businesses that fosters the kind of dialogueneeded to create a feeling of loyalty and trust.This loyalty and trust is the very foundation of your social business culture. It’s the mystery ingredientthat keeps customers coming back to companies like Apple, Inc., that allows Citi to respond topotentially sticky situations in a way that is fluid and transparent, and allows companies like FordMotor Company to have a brilliant success story in an economy where other automotive companiesstill struggle. Scott Monty discussing Ford’s social business model at Dreamforce ‘12In fact, this social business culture has — at its core — the ability not just to listen, but to listen in away that allows you to take action on the intel that you gather and to use the data that pours in. Thedata is useful not just for your direct advantage, but also for your employees and your customers’advantage as well. Having the kind of culture that actively listens and understands the customers,potential customers and shareholders who are also listening means you can cast a wider net andachieve the kind of buoyant success in business and marketing that feeds itself.www.radian6.com1 888 6RADIAN (1 888 672 3426) Copyright © 2012 Marketing Cloud [4]
  5. 5. Community Ebook / October 2012 Six Principles of Social Media Marketing Social listening has a variety of potential uses. Broad social listening works to help you stop a crisis, often before it has a chance to escalate. It helps you find new customers, see what your competition is doing, compete better, find new markets and save money and time on product development and market research. By learning to read and make use of the data flow that listening brings in, you create a path to a better social business experience for you and for your customers. Kimberly-Clark“Social, for Kimberly-Clark, is just amazing,” explains Mike McCranie, Global Director,Information Technology. “With a social network, we can have teams working in Buenos Aires,Argentina collaborate with teams in Sydney, Australia; Bangkok, Thailand with Dallas, Texas.Social makes this huge world we live in much, much smaller.”Kimberly-Clark is using an embedded social ecosystem to bring social business concepts andpractices to its team internally, then roll those successes out into enhanced social benefits forits customer base. By bringing the internal social concepts outside the company, Kimberly-Clark is able to track what people are saying to and about their brand (at over 30,000 mentionsa month on Twitter alone, there is plenty of useful data coming in). In addition to social listeningand engagement outside its walls, the brand uses the data to create reports that are useful forits R&D department. Adaptu.comWith social listening “...we can stay on top of what people are saying about as abrand with real time alerts, giving us a competitive advantage on helping us assist our users aswww.radian6.com1 888 6RADIAN (1 888 672 3426) Copyright © 2012 Marketing Cloud [5]
  6. 6. Community Ebook / October 2012 Six Principles of Social Media Marketingwell as engaging with current and potential users by talking about financial matters that relate tothem by directing them to resources,” explains Jenna Forstrom, Community Managerfor institutions like sometimes struggle to keep up with the demand for responsivebusiness engagement and problem solving. The consumer can often end up finding information andresources on their own if their financial institution is not a socially savvy business. Adaptu.comdecided to use social listening to turn this on its head, giving them the kind of information andconnection they needed to empower their customer to regain control of their finances. That decisionhas given strong gains in customer base and in customer satisfaction.Chapter 2 /Social ContentSocial content is the key that unlocks your social business. Sociallistening feeds the social business and social media marketingecosystem with constant, useful data. Social engagement makesyou human and accessible. Social content puts your core values,knowledge, talents, products, advice and services into a format thatcan be used, referenced and shared.The tenets of great, compelling social content are value, relevance, action and truth. Since manyof your leads will come from content sources, it’s important to produce the kind of content thatpeople trust -- that they can’t wait to read and share. Social content can also help with engagement(participating in a meme, for example, can certainly achieve instant shareability and increase fanengagement on a page), but the more relevant, actionable, valuable and less noisy your content is,the more quality it will deliver to you and to your customer. Compelling content allows your businessto level-up in a competitive business world.Think of your social content as an extension of you that is a teacher, a salesperson, a researcherand a storyteller. Fantastic content will help you develop brand thought leadership, educate yourcustomers, tell your story as a brand and give people who don’t know you yet a reason to comeback. It is a powerful lead generation tool, especially if your content has a high level of sharability.Content is infinitely scalable - it’s much easier to scale out from good content than to scale fromold-fashioned ads -- and each bit of content you create has the potential to shape shift and becomemore useful as part of your overall content engine.www.radian6.com1 888 6RADIAN (1 888 672 3426) Copyright © 2012 Marketing Cloud [6]
  7. 7. Community Ebook / October 2012 Six Principles of Social Media Marketing Some of the most compelling content in the summer of 2012 came, surprisingly, from a cookie. Oreo came out swinging with an image a day for 100 days in their Daily Twist campaign. What made this campaign compelling was the quality of, and thought behind, the content, even more than the refreshing lack of push marketing. In fact, other than coming from the Oreo social media accounts and using an Oreo cookie for each image, there was no traditional “marketing” used at all. In addition to customers embracing the campaign for originality, marketers marveled at it for being a campaign done responsively, in real time, by multiple agencies. What is the ROI on such an expensive campaign? On the surface, a 110% increase in engagement and a rapid rise in fans and followers. Deeper, a sense of customer loyalty was fostered as fans of Oreo rallied around the brand for some of the more potentially controversial Oreo (Kraft Foods) ideas. That kind of voluntary customer support is hard to find and can’t be bought, and has a direct correlation to a healthy bottom line.Chapter 3/EngagementEngagement is the bridge between listening and content for thesocial business. Connecting everything your company does withembedded social practices and tools is important to a true socialbusiness ecosystem. By using engagement to reach beyond thewalls of your brand, you enrich your other social efforts with valueand authenticity, giving you an agile platform to make businessdecisions, solve problems, share ideas, and have a two-way dialoguewith your community. Engagement lets you reach your customerand potential customers wherever they are.Engagement goes hand in hand with social listening to handle any conversations about your brandor potential crises as well. In a true social business, bolstering your engagement and social listeningwith measurement data will help you address any issue with pinpoint accuracy. Utilizing a CRMsystem to keep track of your customer engagement and activities, the ebb and flow of your contentand its reach enables your social business ecosystem to work. This is what it looks like when socialis truly embedded into your business framework.www.radian6.com1 888 6RADIAN (1 888 672 3426) Copyright © 2012 Marketing Cloud [7]
  8. 8. Community Ebook / October 2012 Six Principles of Social Media MarketingYou can use genuine, consistent engagement by your cross-departmental team to solve internaland external challenges, make customers feel special, enhance your social media marketing, andtell compelling stories from others. Engagement allows brands to humanize themselves by reachingout to help customers before you’re asked. Making new connections and customers and supportingyour community will make your brand resonate. There is no shortage of examples to call out that show companies are using social engagement well. TELUS, The University of Adelaide and eHarmony all come to mind. However, Outback Steakhouse kicked their engagement up a notch by encouraging their customers to pay the engagement forward. Their engagement campaign is a winner on many levels. First, because it was inspired by a YouTube video “30 gifts to 30 strangers in Sydney” - demonstrating that the brand is socially aware and has good listening tools in place. Second, they used their social business tools to identify a loyal Outback Steakhouse customer -- Dave Outback Steakhouse Parsons - and give him a gift (well, 40 gifts, to be exact). He was then encouraged to give the gifts away to strangers and friends.Parsons was thrilled, blogging his adventure and creating video content around it. More importantly,it reaped unexpected benefits for Outback, allowing them to reach a diverse audience that not onlyincluded Parsons’ friends and family, but his Mayor and celebrity animal trainer Jack Hanna! As anice touch, Parsons also gave one of the gifts to the video blogger that inspired it all, Lucas Jatoba.www.radian6.com1 888 6RADIAN (1 888 672 3426) Copyright © 2012 Marketing Cloud [8]
  9. 9. Community Ebook / October 2012 Six Principles of Social Media MarketingChapter 4/Social AdsLong gone are your typical broadcast, push ads. These ads are fallingby the wayside because they just aren’t effective. Sure, banner adsand other ad formats still exist and still convert, but customers expectmore. The ad has evolved, becoming social, interactive, entertainingor informative, and much more pull than push.Your social ad needs to entice the customer to do two things: take action with your brand, andpass on your message. Peer-to-peer recommendations are one of the most powerful tools in youradvertising arsenal. Creating and sharing compelling content is at the heart of achieving your adcampaign goals. Don’t forget: many social sites empower you to promote well-performing ad contentto increase its reach and longevity.Engaging social ads leverage friend-to-friend connections and sharing to broaden your reach,capitalize on holidays and user data on social sites to drive action, gather more info about potentialcustomers. These ads also promote users to opt in to your message, participate in contests,promotions, and sales, visit your online store, extend their engagement with you, and broaden yourreach with likes and other actions. Social ads that leverage the 90-9-1 rule for conversions and leadsdo very well for your brand (1% of people create content, 9% edit or modify that content, and 90%view the content without contributing at all). Ford “Escape Routes” Television Show on NBCFord used social advertising, listening and engagement tools to advertise their new “EscapeRoutes” show on NBC. By leveraging this “Escape Routes” Facebook advertising campaign, Fordsaw an overall reduction in the cost of people going to the website to sign up to participate in thewww.radian6.com1 888 6RADIAN (1 888 672 3426) Copyright © 2012 Marketing Cloud [9]
  10. 10. Community Ebook / October 2012 Six Principles of Social Media Marketingshow of 88% (cost per conversion) when compared to the cost of the same result at the start of thecampaign. By the final day of the campaign, their social business ecosystem and embedded toolshelped reduced the cost per sign-up and cost per click significantly.The entire campaign was presented over the course of five weekends, and over 420 millionimpressions were delivered. That shows the power of embedding social into your business for aresponsive social business ecosystem.Chapter 5/MeasurementIt is no longer plausible (or possible) to claim social mediamarketing and social business are too esoteric or ethereal tomeasure. You can indeed track the metrics that drive social mediafor your business. In fact the true social business follows a policyof “measure everything, leverage your data,” inside and out, formaximum success and accountability.Excellent social business measurement requires thinking differently about how and what youmeasure. Measure traditional web analytics, SEO, shares, social media marketing campaigns,employee performance and collaboration, ideas, leads generated, sales data as tied to socialcontent and engagement, content traction and reach, listening data points, ad conversions, costsand more. Create social measurement dashboards using spreadsheets, hashtags, keywords,landing pages and specific URL callouts.Learn how to filter your data! You will get a treasure trove of information you can use for everythingfrom lead generation to product development to improving content to spying on the competition.Your data dashboards will help you find the gold nuggets hidden in the ocean of information andquickly put them to effective use for your social business. Remember, social businesses see fourtimes their return on investment!www.radian6.com1 888 6RADIAN (1 888 672 3426) Copyright © 2012 Marketing Cloud [ 10 ]
  11. 11. Community Ebook / October 2012 Six Principles of Social Media Marketing House Party has built a business around sponsored parties for everyday influencers. Participants can host a party in their own home featuring products by participating brands like Kraft Foods, Sony Playstation or Ford Motor Company. The point of House Party is not to push product on consumers, but instead to gather feedback for the brands involved from the participants in a low-pressure, fun environment of actual use. Using social business measurement tools House Party is able to determine influencers, match them to brands, then track the data they generate over the course House Party of months. This results in deep reporting data being relayed to the brands for their use in future product development and current product marketing.Chapter 6/Workflow and AutomationWorkflow and automation is the cornerstone of the sociallyembedded, completely agile social business. The key to great socialmedia marketing is to keep your data and insights open and availableto all team members in every department. This is the first step tothe social business utopia of being able to anticipate changes inmarkets, to understand and meet customer needs, to iterate productdevelopment, to manage cost savings and to discover new customers.Now that 57% of social businesses outperform their competitors, becoming a social business is nolonger an option – it’s a must. This is where workflow and automation comes in, bringing togetheryour social listening, social content, engagement, measurement, and social ad reach into onemanageable system that your entire company can use to meet their needs.These processes are about bridging gaps and connecting the dots in a way that becomes partof the fabric and culture of your social business. A social business depends on a rock-solid CRMsolution to be truly effective. By putting the information of the entire social web at your fingertips andcombining it with real time metrics, engagement, content and solid customer data built over time,you develop the kind of relationship with a customer that makes them a customer for life. A customerfor life becomes your best brand advocate.www.radian6.com1 888 6RADIAN (1 888 672 3426) Copyright © 2012 Marketing Cloud [ 11 ]
  12. 12. Community Ebook / October 2012 Six Principles of Social Media MarketingTwo common outcomes of creating advanced social workflows, including the addition of logicalautomation, are solving company problems effectively and quickly, and fielding customer serviceissues. The added benefit to market research, product development, sales and marketing andoverall agility and response improvements can’t be overstated. Using a CRM effectively can changethe way you do business and give you the kind of staying power that businesses avoiding socialsimply don’t have. Virgin AmericaVirgin America attributes its rapid growth to its company culture. Key to ensuring that the entire staffof the airline is part of the culture and kept in the loop is the company-wide use of social businesstools that are both internal and customer facing.By using the tools to involve both employees and customers in the success of the airline and in animproved, smoother flying experience, Virgin America is building a loyal employee and customerbase and a stronger bottom line - by making flying about more than just profits. They want to be atrue experience that you treasure.Their vision for a truly social business, as shown in the link above, is one that comes from the very top ofthe organization. By focusing on the experience as a whole, from beginning to end, and using the rightsocial tools to make it happen across departments, Virgin America is making each customer feel special.This kind of customer contentment is difficult to achieve for an airline, and requires full integrationand adoption of the corporate culture and social business ideals, as well as real-time listening,engagement and measurement to keep the flow fluid and things running smoothly.ConclusionVirgin America and Ford Motor Company are some of the leaders of social business and socialmedia marketing. They have embraced the social business ecosystem from the top down, building anew business culture that other businesses now aspire to. The gains from adopting social businesspractices are immense, and include a reduction in email, in meetings and an increase in customerand employee satisfaction and profit margins.There is a social business evolution going on. There are 1.5 billion social users and 70% ofbusinesses use social to -- at a minimum -- connect with customers. According to a McKinsey reportestimate there is $1.3 trillion waiting to be gained from more effective and embedded use of socialmedia by business. The IDC estimates that the yearly growth of social media is as much as 47%with a 123% growth in engagement between customers and brands. This is huge news for a socialbusiness, and effective social business is the key to thriving in the new social future.www.radian6.com1 888 6RADIAN (1 888 672 3426) Copyright © 2012 Marketing Cloud [ 12 ]