Salesforce Marketing Cloud Webinar: How to Effectively Engage Your Customers on Facebook


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This webinar, presented by marketing thought leader and author, Ekaterina Walter, will walk you through some of the tips of effectively engaging your fans on Facebook, discuss the framework of scaling your social presence globally or across multiple topics and/or business units, and show several examples of how Intel engages its 14 million global fans with various programs and updates.

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Salesforce Marketing Cloud Webinar: How to Effectively Engage Your Customers on Facebook

  1. 1. How to Effectively Engage Your Customers on Facebook Ekaterina Walter Social Media Innovator, Intel Author of “Think Like Zuck” @Ekaterina@EkaterinaWalter
  2. 2. Why Facebook?• One billion monthly active users• Approximately 81% of monthly active users are outside the U.S. and Canada• 584 million daily active users on average• 604 million monthly active users who used Facebook mobile products• Almost one billion pieces of content are shared on Facebook daily• 300 million photos uploaded to the site per day• 24.3 percent of the top 10,000 websites in the world have some form of official Facebook integration on their home pages• In the United States, one in every five Internet page views occurs on @Ekaterina
  3. 3. 40% of Fortune 100 Companies Show Website Traffic Decreasing Source: Adgregate and Webtrends @Ekaterina
  4. 4. @Ekaterina
  5. 5. Brand Ambassadors Die Hard Intel Fan - Damien Bayless@Ekaterina
  6. 6. News FeedFacebook: ~16%of your fans see your content intheir News Feedon any given day@Ekaterina
  7. 7. Engagement = Growth Take off your marketing hat and put on your user hat!@Ekaterina
  8. 8. Know Your Audience@Ekaterina
  9. 9. Develop Your Brand VoiceDevelop your own brand identify, your specific brand voice.For example, if your brand has a fictional spokesperson, usetheir voice.@Ekaterina
  10. 10. Be Human. Be Spontaneous.@Ekaterina
  11. 11. Respond@Ekaterina
  12. 12. Offer a Challenge@Ekaterina
  13. 13. Encourage Shares and Mentions To tag someone, type @ and then the friend’s name or name of the page you are the fan of@Ekaterina
  14. 14. Activate Your Fans… Put Them in Charge@Ekaterina
  15. 15. Celebrate Milestones@Ekaterina
  16. 16. Offer an Inside Look@Ekaterina
  17. 17. Use Photos Facebook: 2X engagement with visual@Ekaterina
  18. 18. Facebook: 2X engagement with visual@Ekaterina
  19. 19. Keep it shortA study by Buddy Media showed that posts 80 characters orless in length receive 27% higher engagement rates. If you plan to advertise on Facebook, your post should be no longer than 90 characters.@Ekaterina
  20. 20. Be Seasonable and TimelyFans are more likely to engage with topics that are alreadytop of mind (current events, holidays, news). Facebook: posts mentioning Independence Day on July 4th generated about 90% more engagement than all posts published on that day@Ekaterina
  21. 21. Fill-in-the-Blank PostsFacebook: fill-in-the-blank posts generate 90% moreengagement than the average text post.@Ekaterina
  22. 22. Content Considerations • Short, skimmable • Try to use less than 250 characters (90 is optimal) • Don’t forget critical info (dates/times/links/eligibility)Format • Include call to action • Tips, how-to tutorials • Bring in experts for weekly chats • Fun facts, trivia, breaking news/announcements • Polls, questions, fill in the blank • 3rd party content on the topic • Exclusive offers/contentContent • • Video and photos where possible Fan posts • Seasonal and timely posts • Build anticipation leading to an event/announcement @Ekaterina
  23. 23. Use Cover Photo Creatively@Ekaterina
  24. 24. Use Cover Photo Creatively@Ekaterina
  25. 25. Use Cover Photo Creatively@Ekaterina
  26. 26. Visual Synergy:Cover Photo, Profile Image, App Images@Ekaterina
  27. 27. Target Your Status Updates@Ekaterina
  28. 28. Post Frequency and Timing Facebook: engagement with pages is highest 9pm-10pm, with 18-24 age group most active@Ekaterina Source: comScore
  29. 29. Cross-Platform Approach@Ekaterina
  30. 30. Cross-Pollinate. Promote both online and offline.@Ekaterina
  31. 31. Facebook + Email@Ekaterina
  32. 32. Managing Your Presence@Ekaterina
  33. 33. Moderation Guidelines@Ekaterina
  34. 34. Moderation Guidelines (cont.)@Ekaterina
  35. 35. Analytics• Growth• Reach• Engagement• Demographic• Content strategy• Media investment• Competitor analysis@Ekaterina
  36. 36. Consider Sponsored Stories@Ekaterina Source: PageLever
  37. 37. Facebook Ads Help Increase Engagement Engagement after post was promoted Organic engagement@Ekaterina
  38. 38. Scaling Globally @Ekaterina
  39. 39. Infrastructure• Publishing• Monitoring/moderation• Customized tabs creation with branding consistency• Applications• Intel branded asset library• Analytics @Ekaterina
  40. 40. Enablement Consistent Branding Training/Tools Editorial Calendar Looking for Engagement Tips and Tricks? FACEBOOK • Digital IQ Training: DigIQ_505 Facebook Community Manager Series (for existing and STRATEGY approved Facebook community managers only) • Course goes over all elements of the page you need to know, lots of engagement tips, tricks to help increase your organic fan growth Governance/ Guidelines/ Voice Playbooks Monthly Forums
  41. 41. Blog: Twitter: @Ekaterina Book: