6 Principles of Social Media Marketing


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  • 6 Principles of Social Media Marketing

    1. 1. 6 Principles ofSocial Media MarketingJeffrey L. Cohen, Manager, Content MarketingSalesforce Marketing Cloud@jeffreylcohen/in/jeffreylcohen#MarketingCloud
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    3. 3. Social Media is changing everything.- Everyone, everywhere
    4. 4. 1Social Listening
    5. 5. Social Listening• Your company• Customers• Prospects• Competitors• Industry• Online reputation• Crisis• New employees• Influencers• New market and product opportunities
    6. 6. Social Listening - Examples 30,000 Twitter mentions per month Empowering customers
    7. 7. UseSocial Listening to solve a business problem or answer a specific question. Tweet This!@JeffreyLCohen #marketingcloud
    8. 8. 2Social Content
    9. 9. Social Content• Valuable• Educational• Actionable• Relevant• Sharable• Builds trust• Images• Videos• User-Generated
    10. 10. Social Content - Examples Marketing Cloud Ebook • 22,000 Views • 2,000 leads 300,000 Likes 110% in Engagement
    11. 11. Social Content needs to provide value and encourage action. Tweet This!@JeffreyLCohen #marketingcloud
    12. 12. 3Engagement
    13. 13. Engagement• Make customers feel special• Tell compelling stories• Be authentic• Help customers• Use multiple channels• Ask your audience to engage and share• Engage across departments• Use a CRM system
    14. 14. Engagement - Examples 13,000+ resolved issues
    15. 15. Engagement needs to provide value and encourage action. Tweet This!@JeffreyLCohen #marketingcloud
    16. 16. 4Social Ads
    17. 17. Social Ads• Promote well-performing content• Have a strong call to action• Entice your audience to share your message• Encourage peer-to-peer recommendations• Gather information about potential customers• Encourage participation in contest and promotions• Work to reduce cost-per-click• Promote likes
    18. 18. Social Ads - Example Reduced Cost of Conversion 88% Increased Sign-ups 620% Increased Click-throughs 26%
    19. 19. Amplify your company message with Social Ads by promoting successful content. Tweet This!@JeffreyLCohen #marketingcloud
    20. 20. 5Measurement
    21. 21. Measurement• Start with business goals• Metrics vs. tactics• Testing and optimizing• Sales and leads• Customer satisfaction• Customer service
    22. 22. EstablishMeasurements of success for your social media activities before beginning. Tweet This!@JeffreyLCohen #marketingcloud
    23. 23. 6Workflow & Automation
    24. 24. Workflow & Automation - Example Actionable Internet Mentions: • Case • Query • Rant • Rave • Lead • RFE • Fraud
    25. 25. Scale your social media efforts in two steps. 1. Create a Workflow. 2. Set up an Automation process. Tweet This!@JeffreyLCohen #marketingcloud
    26. 26. Social Media Marketing• Social Listening • Social Ads• Social Content • Measurement• Engagement • Workflow & Automation
    27. 27. Thank You!Contact us at www.salesforce.com/marketing-cloudor: facebook.com/marketingcloud @MarketingCloud linkedin.com/company/salesforce-marketing-cloud +MarketingCloud youtube.com/MarketingCloud