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When data-overwhelms


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Technology can transform the way you manage and leverage Key Account Data
In this Ebook you will get to learn:

The vital role Sales Ops plays in managing Key Account data
The challenges and barriers to effective Data Management
The Sales Ops wishlisht for managing data effortlessly
KAM Tech that enables seamless Data Management

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When data-overwhelms

  1. 1. When Data Overwhelms
  2. 2. The Secret to Sales success. Cornerstone or Millstone? Mind the Gap. Evaluating Technology for KAM Data Management. The time to start with KAM tech is now. Sales Ops Data Management Technology and Execution Building the Wishlist Talk to Us Content 1 2 3 4 5
  3. 3. Sales Ops DATA is the pivot around which Sales Ops adds value to the Sales& Marketing Organisation. Key Accounts have moved from opportunity management to building strategic partnerships and creating value. Intel is indispensable to spot opportunities for value creation. Enables both functions with all the intel they need to make critical strategic decisions. Sales Ops - The Secret to Sales Success
  4. 4. Key Accounts are complex entities, with vast reservoirs of untapped potential when it comes to cross selling and upselling within the same organisation. Identify & source technologies that can enable Account Management teams to be more efficient Analyse and interpret the data into intel for stakeholders to create growth and value Sales Ops helps: Sales Leaders are mostly “Data Fluent” but often lack the time or skills for effective data analysis. The Gap between Data and Intel
  5. 5. Managing data cleanliness and currency Managing effective information flow between key stakeholder functions Analysing & Interpreting the data for opportunities Sharing the right insights with stakeholders at the right time Implementing the right enabling tools and technologies How Sales Ops adds value to KAM teams:
  6. 6. Data Management: cornerstone or millstone..?
  7. 7. Data Management for Key Accounts can be overwhelming! Complexities of Key Accounts – global matrix organisations; dynamic strategy, competitive and regulatory landscape Connecting data over longer time frames and larger sets of buying units Collating, analysing, interpreting and sharing data stored in multiple formats in multiple repositories, including inboxes! The need for real time analysis of the right data sets to turn data into actionable insights Sharing the right intel at the right time with multiple stakeholders Ad-hoc reporting requirements of leadership and ongoing requirements of all other teams
  8. 8. Barriers to KAM Tech Key Accounts bring in a lion’s share of a company's revenues, but the enabling tools and solutions specifically developed for managing and growing Key Accounts have remained underwhelming. Institutionalizing KAM across the organization is a huge challenge and it cannot be done without the right technology enabler. Standardizing core Key Account Management processes becomes even more challenging when ‘sales superstars’ drive businesses and own key relationships. Challenges around data entry, standardization, currency and accuracy remain
  9. 9. “Key Account Management seems caught in the chasm between ‘art’ and ‘science’ so that neither end is being fulfilled optimally.” Sales Ops have somehow been working with sub-optimal models to deliver the insights and analysis needed to match the complexities of Key Accounts.
  10. 10. Can a better, more relevant technology transform the way we manage and grow Key Accounts? Here is a KAM Tech wish list: technology that can: Help in operationalising and driving follow through of any chosen KAM methodology Institutionalise the core KAM processes like analysis-planning-tracking-measuring, reviewing and governing of Key Accounts Leverage existing CRM data to populate the analytics Collate all the data into a single format and store it in a single platform Enable one-click, real time report generation, exporting and sharing
  11. 11. And most important: Technology that delivers the right customer-centric insights for clarity and action - the landscape, whitespace, relationship ‘type’, ‘health’, and ‘attractiveness’, financials - everything a KAM Team needs to make strategic decisions about the Key Relationship.
  12. 12. Going forward, data complexities will only get more overwhelming. Enabling KAM technology is a step in this direction. Organizations that have identified "Digital" as a business driver -in sectors such as Outsourcing, Manufacturing, Travel and Consulting - have taken the lead in leveraging KAM Tech, thanks to an empowered Sales Ops. How is Sales Ops in your Organization looking at Data?
  13. 13. Take a Free Trial Request Demo Book My Consultation 3 Ways to get Started DemandFarm is one such specialist Key Account Management technology that transforms the way Key Accounts are managed and grown.