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Df ebook confessions-of-kam


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Find out the secrets that Key Account Managers never share
Learn about the hard situations faced by Key Account Managers
Check if there are tools that can help with the hardships of Key Account Management.
Finally, find out how Key Account Managers can change the world!

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Df ebook confessions-of-kam

  1. 1. OF A KEY ACCOUNT MANAGER C NFESSIONS A 2018 DemandFarm Presentation on the beautiful people championing Key Account Management.
  2. 2. I am no ...Politician
  3. 3. I am no ...Movie Star
  4. 4. I am no ...Advertising Pro
  5. 5. I am a Key Account Manager
  6. 6. And I have Confessions too...
  7. 7. Key Account Management is... PAINFUL.
  8. 8. Most look forward to the Holiday Season but I quake in my boots just thinking about it! Why, you ask? This time of the year, I must create a comprehensive Account Plan for each of my Key Accounts. It takes work, strong intent and loads of thought to create a Win-Win proposition. You will see why...
  9. 9. Understanding the business of key accounts requires assessment of a number of factors - market demand, macroeconomic situation, company strategy, leadership and more. Pretty overwhelming!!! KEY ACCOUNTS’ BUSINESS
  10. 10. Understanding own company’s service offerings to create value for Key Accounts is not apparent. Strong assessment of existing internal capabilities plus the need to create opportunities for new products and services takes its toll. Pretty overwhelming!!! INTERNAL SERVICE OFFERINGS
  11. 11. INTERNAL SERVICE OFFERINGS KEY ACCOUNTS’ BUSINESS The Win Win Zone is a tough one. And even when you find it, the pain continues. WIN WIN
  12. 12. The Win Win Zone has operational inconveniences. No Single view of Account Poor UX of Systems Missing market insights Account structuring issues Overwhelming number of factors Task 2 Task 1 CalendarEmail Word Doc Excel Powerpoint 2 Powerpoint 1
  13. 13. The snow may be a pain to deal with but it is joy to play with!
  14. 14. I get to mould the snowman that is my Company’s Future.
  15. 15. I have the opportunity to impact revenue growth by executing Account Plans well. Key Accounts contribute to 80% of the Company Revenue. Thus, they have a strong correlation to company growth.
  16. 16. I contribute to product development. Working closely with clients allows me to have my ear to the ground at all times. I know exactly what is required and this allows me to give insightful inputs to the product / services development team which are always impactful!
  17. 17. I build relationships for life. Although building relationships with high flying corporate executives may not be easy, I do a pretty good job! So good that when the they move jobs, I get a little more busy.
  18. 18. Sometimes, I get to shape the Future of the World, too.
  19. 19. Let me ask you a question
  20. 20. I can change the course of history like my colleagues who have created these KAM Success Stories. Boeing-Nordam Timberland-Omni United Sintex - French Manufacturer
  21. 21. Did you spot my fellow Key Account Managers?
  22. 22. The Lap of Luxury Hobnobbing with corporate high-flyers isn’t easy. With limited time and a taste for lifestyle, they wine and dine in luxury. Sounds glamourous? It gets positively tedious!
  23. 23. In all this complexity and exhilaration, I need a companion. Maybe a tool that helps me in the process, nudges me, provides insights. Ask for a Demo TECHNOLOGY TO MANAGE GROW KEY ACCOUNTSAND