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Buying Types


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Buying Types

  1. 1. FACEFriend Analyst Controller Entertainer
  2. 2. FriendLIKESCaring for peopleChatting about feelingsPhysical touchRomantic moviesSpending time with family and friendsA relaxed pace of life and businessBeing helpfulLetting others make decisions for themOrganising social activitiesDISLIKESAggressive or pushy peopleShowing or dealing with angerSelfishnessPublic speakingHaving to make rushed decisionsViolent moviesOvertly business-focused peoplePoverty and/or injustice
  3. 3. FriendDOMaintain a calm toneRegularly ask if they are feeling ok aboutthe processTalk about yourself and/or feelingsAsk about their life outside of workPraise (especially third parties) and thanksDON’TRush the processInterrupt them when they’re talkingPressure them into decisionsBlame other people or speak negativelyabout othersIgnore emotional comments
  4. 4. AnalystLIKESNumbers and details Reading the fine-printFactsQuiet time - time to thinkTasks that challenge their mind ListeningSerious conversations that remain on trackDocumentaries and spy thrillersComputersDISLIKESAggressive or pushy peopleHaving to make quick decisionsLight or wishy-washy conversationFiction and fantasyLoud peopleRomantic moviesPublic speakingLarge crowdsDisco dancing
  5. 5. AnalystDODeal in facts and figuresBe detailedRegularly confirm the correct processBe patient and allow them to speakDON’TOveruse superlativesPush for decisionsRush the processTalk about feelings or become emotionalStray from the central subject matter
  6. 6. ControllerLIKESPoint-form factsThe big picture – macro viewpointFast-paced conversationBeing a leader and taking controlTo be constantly challengedOrderly and structured environmentsPublic speakingAction moviesDISLIKESWimpy or quietly-spoken peopleToo much detailFiction or fantasyLong-winded conversationDishonesty or lack of integrityFrivolous activities or tasksLoud, egocentric peopleParties or dancing
  7. 7. ControllerDOBe direct and to-the-pointDeal with factsTalk about outcomes and the macro visionMaintain positive eye contactAsk questionsAsk for their opinion and/or adviceDON’TUse superlativesStray from the central subject matterTalk about feelings or become soft (wimpy)Be drawn into their arguing (if any)
  8. 8. EntertainerLIKESBeing the centre of attentionTalking, especially about themselvesPublic speakingAction, parties and gregarious activitiesFast carsBright, loud coloursRecognitionAction moviesExtreme sportsMoneyDISLIKESAnyone who steals the lime-light away fromthemStaying on the subjectLosingDetails, facts or figuresQuiet environmentsAccounting or administrative workWaiting (for anything or anyone)Missing out on the action
  9. 9. EntertainerDOLet them talk the most - especially when itis about themselvesRelate solutions to them and how it willedify them… WIIFMPraiseStay macro and talk about outcomesAsk lots of questionsDON’TTalk too much about specifics and/ordetailsMonopolise the conversationTalk about yourself (unless asked to)Let them control the conversation or strayoff track for too longMake them feel like they are in the wrong…EVER!