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The Programatic Marketers Guide to Social Commerce By Brad O'Brien


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From the SocialPro Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada, November 18-19, 2015. SESSION: Your Social Store: Boosting Retail & Ecommerce Through Pinterest, Facebook & Twitter. PRESENTATION: The Programatic Marketers Guide to Social Commerce - Given by Brad O'Brien, @tweetsofbrad - 3Q Digital, Director of Social. #SocialPro #22B

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The Programatic Marketers Guide to Social Commerce By Brad O'Brien

  1. 1. #SocialPro #22B @tweetsofbrad Brad O’Brien / Director, Paid Social / 3Q Digital THE PRAGMATIC MARKETER’S GUIDE TO SOCIAL COMMERCE
  2. 2. #SocialPro #22B @tweetsofbrad  Advertisers doubled social spend from 2013 to 2015  Facebook leads at 65% of social spend SOCIAL CAN DRIVE SERIOUS RESULTS Source: eMarketer
  3. 3. #SocialPro #22B @tweetsofbrad  A common opinion less than 2 years ago!  Social marketers constantly were on the defense for showing ROI BUT IT WASN’T ALWAYS THIS WAY
  4. 4. #SocialPro #22B @tweetsofbrad  Actually, I’m a data- loving SEO by trade  I witnessed Social marketers reporting on the wrong metrics  I saw Social Commerce explode first-hand “YOU’RE A ‘SOCIAL GUY’, OF COURSE YOU THINK SOCIAL MEDIA IS A RESULTS DRIVER.”
  5. 5. #SocialPro #22B @tweetsofbrad  Facebook realized it is a data company  Their biggest asset  Unmatched targeting  Consumer adoption  The ‘chasm’ was crossed in late 2013 and early 2014 SO, WHAT CHANGED?
  6. 6. #SocialPro #22B @tweetsofbrad  Saw brands go from zero social commerce to seven figure spend per quarter (profitably!)  Must’ve been huge brands with innovative products right?  No! WHAT KIND OF SOCIAL COMMERCE SUCCESS?
  7. 7. #SocialPro #22B @tweetsofbrad  Follow the ROI  Go where your customers are  Put a lot into a little, rather than a little into a lot SOCIAL COMMERCE AT SCALE DOES NOT REQUIRE EQUAL EFFORT ON ALL PLATFORMS
  8. 8. #SocialPro #22B @tweetsofbrad  Facebook always.  Instagram has same targeting as Facebook  Use what has worked on Facebook on Twitter  Leverage non-brand keywords for Pinterest WHAT SOCIAL PLATFORMS SHOULD I INVEST IN TO DRIVE SOCIAL COMMERCE?
  9. 9. #SocialPro #22B @tweetsofbrad  Dynamic Product Ads  Carousel Ads  First Party Data  Custom Audiences  Lookalike Audiences WHAT WILL GIVE ME THE BEST RETURN FOR MY FACEBOOK BUDGET AND LIMITED RESOURCES?
  10. 10. #SocialPro #22B @tweetsofbrad  Just like any other performance-based digital channel!  Use click-through data; not view-through  Don’t have to question correlation vs. causation HOW SHOULD I MEASURE THIS CHANNEL?
  11. 11. #SocialPro #22B @tweetsofbrad  Unfortunately, no  People-based marketing vs. intent-driven  Ebbs & flows are normal/expected AWESOME! SO MY SOCIAL COMMERCE WILL BE A CONSISTENT, PREDICTABLE CHANNEL?
  12. 12. #SocialPro #22B @tweetsofbrad 1. Consolidate to Black Friday Weekend and Cyber Week on Social 2. Consider your Q4 conversion rate with CPMs. Great time for LPO 3. Advertisers will be dumping budgets EOY 4. Monday 12/7 & 12/14 will be huge for ecom 5. Lean on value props of shopping online 6. Stress urgency while reaffirming delivery 7. Pull out all the stops! State your guarantees 8. Take advantage of low CPMs in early Q1 9. Use what works at holiday & apply to evergreen 10. First party data, segmented, drives scale at any time of year TOP 10 TIPS TO ROCK Q4 2015 & 1H 2016
  13. 13. #SocialPro #22B @tweetsofbrad THANK YOU! JOIN US @SMX WEST SAN JOSE, CA MARCH 1-3, 2016