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Mobilize! 24/7 Social Media & The Growth of Customer Advocates By Scotty Greenburg


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From the From the SocialPro Conference in Seattle, Washington, June 20-21, 2016.. SESSION: 24/7 Social Media & The Growth of Customer Advocates. PRESENTATION: Mobilize! 24/7 Social Media & The Growth of Customer Advocates - Given by Scotty Greenburg, @scottygreenburg - Tango Card, Marketing Lead. #SocialPro #22A3

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Mobilize! 24/7 Social Media & The Growth of Customer Advocates By Scotty Greenburg

  1. 1. #SocialPro #22A3 @ScottyGreenburg Scotty Greenburg, Tango Card MOBILIZE! 24/7 Social Media & The Growth Of Customer Advocates
  2. 2. #SocialPro #22A3 @ScottyGreenburg Here’s the agenda for the next 20 minutes:  Customer Strategy  Social Media Strategy  Customer Advocates  Automation  Make it Human! About the Session
  3. 3. #SocialPro #22A3 @ScottyGreenburg We make rewards easy to send and awesome to receive.  eGift Cards, Digital Prepaid Cards, Donations  Delivery Technology  Absolute dedication to customer service About Tango Card
  4. 4. #SocialPro #22A3 @ScottyGreenburg Customer Strategy “We don’t think of Tango as a rewards vendor; we consider Tango our rewards partner.”
  5. 5. #SocialPro #22A3 @ScottyGreenburg Support:  Customers  Their customers  24/7 service – 9/5 hours Customer Strategy
  6. 6. #SocialPro #22A3 @ScottyGreenburg While our technology runs 24/7… We can’t actually be available 24/7 – but our brand can be present. 24/7 Service?
  7. 7. #SocialPro #22A3 @ScottyGreenburg Increase brand footprint while maintaining brand voice and presence. Social Media Mission
  8. 8. #SocialPro #22A3 @ScottyGreenburg  We are in the office 7-5 PST  On call tech support + alerts  FAQs, Best Practices and Auto-response  Social Media  Advocates Presence
  9. 9. #SocialPro #22A3 @ScottyGreenburg  Create personality (brand voice)  Mobilize the customer’s voice (advocates)  Automate  Maintain personality What to do?
  10. 10. #SocialPro #22A3 @ScottyGreenburg  Sum of the people  Use brand aspects and company stories to create a persona  Know your audience  Stick to it and evolve Create Personality
  11. 11. #SocialPro #22A3 @ScottyGreenburg Advocate Marketing: Your customers are the most effective and engaging marketers you have. Identify Advocates
  12. 12. #SocialPro #22A3 @ScottyGreenburg  Organize them (We use Influitive)  Challenge them  Incentivize them  Recognize them  Repeat Mobilize Advocates
  13. 13. #SocialPro #22A3 @ScottyGreenburg #1 piece of feedback – more challenges! Identify and Mobilize Advocates
  14. 14. #SocialPro #22A3 @ScottyGreenburg Advocates become comfortable with brand voice:  Prompts to write  Sharing Tango Card thoughts  Their shares are our presence Push Brand Presence with Advocates
  15. 15. #SocialPro #22A3 @ScottyGreenburg Automate where possible
  16. 16. #SocialPro #22A3 @ScottyGreenburg  Challenges  Scheduling  Automated responses But remember… Automate where possible
  17. 17. #SocialPro #22A3 @ScottyGreenburg There’s no reason to do any of this if there isn’t ultimately a person to talk to. It’s people helping people
  18. 18. #SocialPro #22A3 @ScottyGreenburg A genuine, helpful response goes the furthest – even if it’s not instantaneous. Presence to Availability
  19. 19. #SocialPro #22A3 @ScottyGreenburg The results…  A wall of customer praise  Our customers don’t leave  They talk about us all the time!
  20. 20. #SocialPro #22A3 @ScottyGreenburg THANK YOU! SEE YOU AT THE NEXT MARKETING LAND EVENT!