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Instagram Insta-Success, Advanced Edition By Hayes Davis


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From the From the SocialPro Conference in Seattle, Washington, June 20-21, 2016.. SESSION: Instagram Insta-Success, Advanced Edition. PRESENTATION: Instagram Insta-Success, Advanced Edition - Given by Hayes Davis, @hayesdavis - Union Metrics, CEO. #SocialPro #23A1

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Instagram Insta-Success, Advanced Edition By Hayes Davis

  1. 1. #socialpro #23A2 @jdeeringdavis#SocialPro #23A1 @hayesdavis Hayes Davis CEO, Union Metrics Instagram Insta-Success Advanced Edition #SocialPro #23A1 @hayesdavis
  2. 2. #socialpro #23A2 @jdeeringdavis#SocialPro #23A1 @hayesdavis Instagram occupies a special place in our social media world. In six short years, more than 40 billion photos have been shared on the platform and Instagram now has more than 400 million monthly active users.
  3. 3. #socialpro #23A2 @jdeeringdavis#SocialPro #23A1 @hayesdavis 50,000 new photos were shared on Instagram in the past 60 seconds. That’s 80 million new photos and 3.5 billion new likes every single day.
  4. 4. #socialpro #23A2 @jdeeringdavis#SocialPro #23A1 @hayesdavis So, how to succeed on Instagram? It comes down to posting great content, finding the right audience and understanding how the platform is evolving.
  5. 5. #socialpro #23A2 @jdeeringdavis#SocialPro #23A1 @hayesdavis Posting is the easy part, right? Actually, it’s harder to do well than you might think. Let’s talk about it.
  6. 6. #socialpro #23A2 @jdeeringdavis#SocialPro #23A1 @hayesdavis Content is still king Put your best foot forward and post high-quality content. While photos get more engagement than videos on Instagram, test with your audience.
  7. 7. #socialpro #23A2 @jdeeringdavis#SocialPro #23A1 @hayesdavis …and it lasts longer than you think 10% of likes happen in the first 15 minutes and 90% of a post’s likes and comments happen in the first 12.8 hours. Most content lives up to 3 days.
  8. 8. #socialpro #23A2 @jdeeringdavis#SocialPro #23A1 @hayesdavis Measure your performance Here are some basic table stakes KPIs to track when measuring the performance of owned content on Instagram. •Post Cadence - Set a target of posts per day and hit it •Likes/Post, Comments/Post - The average number of likes and comments per post •Follower Net Change (%) - How much have your follower level increased or decreased
  9. 9. #socialpro #23A2 @jdeeringdavis#SocialPro #23A1 @hayesdavis Find your timing Instagram is very active on nights and weekends. Consider posting content outside typical US business hours. Test, test, test.
  10. 10. #socialpro #23A2 @jdeeringdavis#SocialPro #23A1 @hayesdavis Develop the right cadence Generally, more posts = more engagement but you will see diminishing returns. Test to find a cadence that works for you and then stay consistent. •Most brands post an average of 1.5 times per day (1-2 posts / weekday) •The vast majority of brands post less than 10 times per day •Avoid long gaps in posting; it often results in lost followers
  11. 11. #socialpro #23A2 @jdeeringdavis#SocialPro #23A1 @hayesdavis Nobody wants to post into the void. How do you find the right audience for your content?
  12. 12. #socialpro #23A2 @jdeeringdavis#SocialPro #23A1 @hayesdavis Choose the right hashtags The right hashtags can increase engagement by 30% or more but finding the right hashtags can be difficult. Here’s how to do it. 1. Pick a set of “seed” hashtags that you think your desired audience might use 2. Identify “adjacent” hashtags used alongside those “seed” hashtags 3. Analyze which adjacent hashtags are receiving strong engagement 4. Test your own content using those adjacent hashtags 5. Repeat
  13. 13. #socialpro #23A2 @jdeeringdavis#SocialPro #23A1 @hayesdavis A word about hashtag etiquette Nobody likes a blatant hashtag stuffer. Use between 3-10 hashtags per post and consider adding them in a comment separate from the caption.
  14. 14. #socialpro #23A2 @jdeeringdavis#SocialPro #23A1 @hayesdavis Know your influencers (or competitors) Most people just want to know when an “important” user follows their account. There’s a lot more to understanding influencers. •When monitoring hashtags, determine which users post most frequently and/or get the most engagement •Review specific posts to get inspiration for your own posts •Consider analyzing specific influencer behavior including which hashtags they use and when they post
  15. 15. #socialpro #23A2 @jdeeringdavis#SocialPro #23A1 @hayesdavis Find customers with geo data Instagram users frequently tag posts with a location. Use this for regional-level segmentation or location-specific analysis. •Monitor community or industry hashtags to identify geographic groups •Monitor brand-specific hashtags to see specifically where customers are posting •Especially valuable for retail- oriented brands
  16. 16. #socialpro #23A2 @jdeeringdavis#SocialPro #23A1 @hayesdavis Instagram is evolving quickly (finally). Here are a few things you need to know.
  17. 17. #socialpro #23A2 @jdeeringdavis#SocialPro #23A1 @hayesdavis API changes On June 1st, Instagram went live with a significant update to their API. Here’s what that means for you. •Less spam - Instagram applications are now approved by Instagram and must fit into specific use cases •More safety - Applications now request very specific permissions to access different kinds of data •Death of “web viewers” - Instagram removed the parts of the API that duplicate core viewing functionality
  18. 18. #socialpro #23A2 @jdeeringdavis#SocialPro #23A1 @hayesdavis More advertising (lots more) In September 2015, Instagram began opening their ad platform for self-service ads. There are now 200k advertisers on Instagram. •Deep FB integration - Utilize the same campaign tools for Facebook and Instagram and execute campaigns on both at once •Changing ad units- Carousels, action buttons, ad overlays dynamic ads •More targeting - Retargeting, utilizing Facebook demographics
  19. 19. #socialpro #23A2 @jdeeringdavis#SocialPro #23A1 @hayesdavis Product changes A whole new (very white) user interface, a whole new (very colorful) logo, more video, business profiles and more. •Video - Instagram is pushing video hard, including adding video views to the stream. Beware, video views are not accessible via the standard API. •Business profiles - Similar to Facebook pages. These add a contact button and include insights and promotion capabilities. •Insights - Rolling out slowly. Will provide some impression and demographic data.
  20. 20. #socialpro #23A2 @jdeeringdavis#SocialPro #23A1 @hayesdavis @hayesdavis Thank you! #SocialPro #23A1 @hayesdavis