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MaFI Top Influencer of the Month Award Rules


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MaFI Top Influencer of the Month Award Rules

  1. 1. MaFI Top Influencer of the Month rules, criteria and principles an initiative of
  2. 2. What are the Awards for? to promote online discussions to identify discussions that are worth synthesising and sharing worldwide
  3. 3. Selection • The Top Influencer of the Month will be selected using two objective variables: number of posts (P) and number of members responding to the discussion (M), excluding the facilitator . • The score will be calculated as P x M • Awards will not be given to the same member in two consecutive months. In these cases, the runner up will be the winner. • Discussions started by the facilitator do not participate.
  4. 4. Rule for discussions that last more than one month • Discussions enter the competition in the month that they are created • All the posts count, even if the discussion is active for more than a month • Discussions can not receive the Award more than once, even if they are subsequently “revived” by new inputs of members • Discussions (winners or runner-ups) that have been converted into learning/training materials can be revised as a result of new inputs
  5. 5. What is the prize? The winner will get a £30 (USD 45 approx) voucher to buy books from Practical Action Publishing's vast catalogue at:
  6. 6. What is the prize? The discussions created by winners AND runner-ups will be prioritised to become MaFI learning and training products. These products (papers, briefings, podcasts, videos, etc.) will inform the thinking and practices of inclusive market development practitioners and policy-makers worldwide.
  7. 7. promote discussions that are making markets work to end poverty at scale using facilitation you can be the next of the Month! Top Influencer even the simplest ideas or questions can start a “learning revolution” in MaFI