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Entrepreneurship 101: B2B Sales


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Presentation for MaRS Entrepreneurship 101 session on B2B Sales. The presentation highlights Value Proposition, Targets, Process tools, CRM, Sales tactics, Cold Calls, and Meeting plans.

  • Thanks for sharing. Outbound prospecting is so important for a more predictable sales process. We're currently using a sales prospecting tool called which grabs us the professional email address of our prospects in real-time, and also allows us to reach out to them using the internally built email automation tool. I'd be interested to hear if anyone else uses this system?
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Entrepreneurship 101: B2B Sales

  1. 1. Presentation forEntrepreneurship 101: B2B Sales February 6, 2013 @markeelliott
  2. 2. Agenda• Introduction• Value Proposition• Targets• Process Tools• CRM• Cold Call vs. Warm Call• Leveraging Social Media• Other Sales Tactics• Meeting Plans• Great Resources• Questions @markeelliott
  3. 3. Introduction• Mark Elliott, Co-Founder• VA Partners provides part-time sales and marketing• 15+ Years of Sales and Marketing• Created a $600,000 annual annuity stream for a finance company• Grow Financial client from 1 to 50z+ customers and double revenue• Booked over 70 meetings using Social Media• New clients for web based company increased revenue by 50%• Worked with 60+ clients over 6 years @markeelliott
  4. 4. Value Proposition • What benefits are you selling? • Revenue increase • Cost reduction • Productivity improvement • Avoid something bad • Quantify the benefit • Selling through a channel • Multiple value propositions • How are you different vs. your competitors@markeelliott
  5. 5. Targets • Where do your benefits best match-up? • Vertical focus • Horizontal focus • Leverage knowledge and success to own a market segment • Best contacts within a company • Could be multiple • All organizations don’t work the same way • Call high in the organization@markeelliott
  6. 6. Sales Process Tools • Path to Sales Success • Activity targets Prospecting • Handling objections • Sales deliverables Qualifying • PDF Brochure • Presentations Proposing • Proposals Closing • Web update Roll-out@markeelliott
  7. 7. Sales CRM • Accounts • Contacts • Activities • Opportunities • Notes • Leads • Share information@markeelliott
  8. 8. Cold Calls vs. Warm Calls • Book time in you schedule • What is your goal? • Research • Company • Person you are contacting • Call the right person • Have the right message • Prepare for objections you may face • Call at start and at the end of the day@markeelliott
  9. 9. Leverage Social Media • LinkedIn • Complete Profile • Make it easy to find and connect • Connect after…. • Ask for introductions • Send InMail • Twitter • Use tools, like Hootsuite • Schedule Tweets • Create lists • Engage@markeelliott
  10. 10. Other Sales Tactics • Research • Social Media • Web • Jigsaw • Targeted Email • Networking • Inbound leads • Website • Social Media • Inbound Marketing@markeelliott
  11. 11. Meeting Plans • Ask questions • Sample Agenda • Introduction • Overview prospect • Overview your organization • Next steps • Who are you meeting? • What are they hoping to get out of the meeting? • What are your goals? • What are your next steps?@markeelliott
  12. 12. Great Sales Resources Peer2Peer Senior Sales Sales Peer to Peer Linkedin Group @markeelliott