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CONTACT Brochure


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A short overview brochure of Datasquirt's CONTACT non-voice communications platform to assist your call centre with your channel shift strategy.

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CONTACT Brochure

  1. 1. CRM/ACD Integration One screen to rule them allCONTACT™ is designed usingstandard Microsoft architecture and This screen shows the heart of CONTACT™, whereprotocols. It integrates easily into SMS, email, web chat, fax and social media contacts areyour existing systems. reviewed, replied to and categorised.Message WallboardA PC version of the traditional callcentre wallboard that continuallydisplays and updates, no matter whatpart of CONTACT™ you are using.Grade of service, wait times andhandle times are displayed in real-timefor each operator.CONTACT™ CRMCONTACT™ uses Microsoft SQL Serverto store customer channel and personalprofile information. The customerdatabase is viewed and edited fromwithin the message console.Multi-Channel BlendedCommunicationIcons show which communicationchannels the operator is monitoring.Message HistoryA detailed colour-coded CONTACT™history lets operators see previouscorrespondence and details foreach customer.Template MessagingCustomisable template forms let Real-time Reportingoperators pre-populate outbound Extensive online reporting of all inboundmessages with standard responses. and outbound activity – by queue,As well as reducing handling times, customer or operator. Managersthese templates ensure that messages can review a summary of all inboundare consistent and appropriate. and outbound communications.Contact us today to arrange a free, no obligation demo of CONTACT™- the sms, email, web chat, social media and fax software that makesintegration easy:• UK : + 44 (0)20 3006 8280 • Australia: +61 2 9956 3877 • New Zealand: +64 9 358 5878 or toll free 0800 328 277 Northern hemisphere: email Southern hemisphere: email www.datasquirt.comThis brochure is printed using mineral free (vegetable based) inks on PEFC accredited stock.
  2. 2. Harness the power of SMS, email, web chat, Fax and social media in your call centre SMS Email Fax Social media Web chatThe explosive growth of email, texting, web chat, Twitter and Facebook is aphenomenon that businesses need to harness – both to seize opportunities andto manage risks. CONTACT™ puts every new channel of communication at yourcall centre’s fingertips. CONTACT™ software enables call centres to excel at handling SMS, email, web chat and fax communications New CONTACT™ Social adds easy management of social media channels, such as Twitter and Facebook Complementing Voice
  3. 3. CONTACT™ software enables call centres to excel at management of email, SMS, fax, web chat and social media communicationsTogether or standaloneCONTACT™ communication channels are designed to easily integrate with your current voice or email services.CONTACT™ offers sms, email, fax, web chat and social media in one easy to implement hosted package or you canpick and mix to suit your requirements. You can buy them all together or one at a time, paying as you go.Compatible with your technologyAll CONTACT™ software integrates easily with existing CRM and ACD systems.Hosted, or on your own serversYou can use CONTACT™ as software as a service (SaaS), accessing it securely over the internetand paying as you go. Alternatively you can run CONTACT™ from your own servers,within your own firewall. CONTACT™ SMS SMS CONTACT™ Email Email The use of SMS is helping organisations worldwide If you want to introduce or extend email services in to reduce costs and improve customer service. your call centre, CONTACT™ makes it fast and easy. If your call centre is already working with text messaging, CONTACT™ will improve efficiency. Automate inbound and outbound email, to send invoices, manage promotions or create marketing campaigns Or if you want to introduce text messaging into your call centre, CONTACT™ makes the transition easy. Respond efficiently to customers’ email questions and requests Lets you automate inbound and outbound SMS messages, for things like account balance requests, Use approved templates for automated responses, orders, promotions, surveys and more to ensure consistency and efficiency Gives your operators the ability to send and receive Let team leaders review outbound emails before SMS one-on-one with your customers they are sent Lets you create inbound and outbound campaigns Use broadcast scheduling to stagger sends and responses Supports keyword matching to direct inbound messages to the right people in your team Get full reporting of opens, click throughs, unsubscribes and bounces, which are essential Full message history, for audit tracking and accountability for email marketing campaigns Get a complete view of activity with a fully searchable message history by customer
  4. 4. CONTACT™ Social Social media CONTACT™ Fax Fax N ECONTACT™ Social makes it easy to manage Physical fax machines waste space and resources. Wsocial media in your contact centre. You’ll be able They also tie up valuable staff time, especially whento monitor and respond to positive and negative a hard copy fax needs to be retrieved from storage.comments and leverage the viral power of social media. Fax broadcast scheduling and throttling to stagger sends Integrates with your database/CRM or other channels, or you can use it standalone Express fax broadcasts (blasts) for emergency events or announcements Lets you know the instant your customers comment about you, on any social media platform, and what they say Templates for manual and automated responses to inbound faxes (e.g. order receipt confirmations) Tracks and records all dialogue on all platforms against customer records Searchable history by customer record and easy, electronic retrieval of all faxes Lets you prioritise comments by customers, influencers or sentiment Conversion of each fax to a PDF file for routing, processing and searchable archiving Automatically routes comments by different customers to different operators Electronic storage of all faxes received Lets supervisors screen tweets or comments Easy sending of one-to-one fax communications by your team before they are posted CONTACT™ Web chat Web chat Multi-channel implementation With one click on your website, customers and Looking to expand its ability to communicate in the prospects can open a live chat session with most convenient channels for citizens, business your representatives. owners, students and employees, Wokingham Borough Council implemented the CONTACT™ You can determine which operators can hold live multi-channel solution for SMS, email and web chat. chat sessions and how web chats are queued Launched in just a few weeks – the fastest deployment Your operators can select and drop-in standard, ever for the Council – the CONTACT™ solution interfaces frequently used, words or paragraphs with CRM and voice systems to offer an easy and Message quality can be managed, including spelling, convenient way to communicate timely information. grammar and vocabulary usage Team leaders can monitor web chats Case Study – Wokingham Borough Council ContaCttM SMS, email and web chat You can search web chat history by customer record and retrieve chat sessions for management reporting and accountability Voice CRM Call System Centre Customer us today on 0800 328 277 or visit to view a demo of CONTACTTM