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Employment workshop 2


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Employment workshop 2

  2. 2. advice.
  3. 3. IT’S A COMPETITION…What will set you apart from the other 50-100applicants for that one position?How will your accomplishments compare to yourcompetition if you don’t feature them?The answer: Next slide
  5. 5. CIRCULAR FILINGExamples such as…•Typos and mis-spell•Grammar•Inconsistent alignment•Contradict self•Lie•Space badly•Info doesn’t add up
  6. 6. RESUMES HAVE THREE MAIN FORMATSChronological-•Easy to read and follow•Shows solid & consistent work history•ProgressFunctional•Based on knowledge, experience•Omit positions, dates•Masks timeline, more questions than answersHybrid•Combines Chronological and Functional•Lacks organization
  7. 7. THE ANATOMY OF THE RESUME• ID• Branding Statement• Core Competencies, Professional Skills• Feature accomplishments, impact, results, achievements• Education (Related to the position)
  8. 8. THE PRIZE IS TO CUSTOMIZEResearch the company brand•Go to Co.’s website•Network with people who work for the co.•Call the company’s #800•Follow the company’s Twitter, LinkedIn,Facebook groups•
  9. 9. REALITY CHECKHow many ways you can network?After work, parenting events, sportingevents….
  10. 10. IMPORTANT NUMBERS YOU SHOULDKNOW 40.3Average number of weeks it is taking job seekers to find a job finance/6-warning-signs-you-could-lose-your- job-1.aspx
  11. 11. IDWrong: Right:Mark Dyson Mark Dyson9200 North Boulevard Ave Chicago, IllinoisChicago, Illinois 60600 708-365-9822Home: 312-760-0600mdyson@gmail.comCell:
  12. 12. OBJECTIVE/SUMMARY/?Who cares?I am a hard-working, dynamic, reliable retail associatethat has a proven track record of excellent attendance.I possess gret written and Oral communication andexcel at meeting monthly sales quota.Not measurable, hard skill, not seeable
  13. 13. BRANDING STATEMENT 2 ORCONTRIBUTION STATEMENT ASSISTANT RETAIL SALES MANAGERAspiring assistant retail sales manager who increased2011 sales by 20% from 2010, and rated 2nd out of 100salespeople in the region. Successfully developed a 5point closing sales method implemented throughoutthe company.
  14. 14. BRANDING STATEMENT 2 ORCONTRIBUTION STATEMENTMs. C is the president of Strategic Management, aSocial Media Optimization Firm. She leads a team ofconsultants who empower various entities from non-profits to politicians to Multi-million dollar a yearcompanies to have a dynamic online presence. Hercompany, not only custom develops Social Mediasites, but provides clients consultation, contentmanagement and consistent branding across the web.Strategic Management also does Return OnInvestment and Online Reputation Managementtracking and digital marketing.
  15. 15. BRANDING STATEMENT 2 SOCIAL MEDIA DIRECTORLeader, visionary, and influencer in the Houston social mediacommunity, and enthused to have ignited a furious campaign to bring10-30% increase in website traffic success for struggling companies.Empower small start-ups to larger $50M entities to proclaim andpossess a powerful presence in their web space with #1 Googlerankings. Inspire clients to unleash their creative and innovative soulsto unearth their brand’s potential, cultivate a progressive social engineoptimization strategy, and launch their new online image.
  16. 16. REALITY CHECKWrite your own branding statement using theexamples used:•One adjective•Be specific•Think contributions and solutions
  17. 17. JOB ACCOMPLISHMENTS• Sit and think hard about the impact, achievements, results—Brainstorm!!• Old job performances• Talk with co-workers• Letters of accommodations, thank-you letters• Job Descriptions• Clean your files, closet (Thanks Kate Stocklin, CPRW!)
  18. 18. RESUME BODY1. Create bullets but fewer2. Value injected3. Handle difficult or challenging situations (without names) Coworker, Customer, Business Partners4. Process, People, Technology5. Profit, savings in manpower hrs., time/cost = $6. Adapted to change with culture, merge7. Solutions and contributions8. How your role contribute to team success9. Improve department or company’s competitive edge
  19. 19. EXAMPLE OF AN EFFECTIVE BODYTHE WILL GROUP/MAVIS CONSTRUCTION CHICAGO,ILLINOISVICE PRESIDENT OF OPERATIONS APRIL 2002-DECEMBER 2010Manage and lead the operation charge for 10 employeeswith full $2M P&L responsibility for the company’s projectmanagement and consulting portfolio. Build coalition andmanaged communication with owner, design firm, buildingmanagement, tenants and municipal entities such ascommunity relations.Cultivated client relationships and manage company assetsto handle growth, revenue generation, and profitmanagement. Coordinated management and monitoringconstruction and quality control phases of six collegecampus building with $198M budget.
  20. 20. EXAMPLE OF AN EFFECTIVE BODY 2Oversaw the implementation of “The Learning Basket Approach”,providing leadership and mentoring to Mentor Teachers, CenterDirectors, Social Workers, Community Workers and Parents.Networked and hosted relationship building with a diverse group oforganizations and clients.Designed, conducted, and launched the Learning Basket Approach tovarious school districts including the Stockton School Project and theNiles School district project. Supervised three (3) staff facilitators andone (1) consultantMeasured project success in meeting funding objectives. Managed two(2) Illinois State Board of Education grants of $30,000. Directed guerillamarketing like strategies for outreach to involve parents with goals toincrease male participants by 30% by handing out flyers business-to-business and person-to-person
  21. 21. Past job, past tense.Present job, present tense.
  22. 22. REALITY CHECKHow can you improve the body of yourresume?
  23. 23. EDUCATION AND CERTIFICATIONSPlace this section according to what is emphasized in the job description• If education is critical, place right before the professional experience• Consider if education is not mentioned at all if you want to include advance degrees
  24. 24. TAKE HOME POINTS• Forget the bad advice• Perfectly written resume (no grammar, spelling, typo errors)• Keyword selection is critical• Focus on your contributions and solutions• Results, accomplishments, achievements, impact, successes• Specific skills• Emphasize relevant skills and education
  25. 25. TAKE HOME POINTS 21. Spelling, Typos, and Grammar MATTER!!2. Vague descriptions are useless3. LIES! LIES! Are unforgiveable!4. Misuse of words5. Work gaps need clarification in recent jobs6. Using white fonts to stuff keywords on your resume7. Do not send a PDF file8. Use recognizable job titles