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Driver6, Inc. is a leading business and technology services firm specializing in Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) including Decision Analytics (Business Intelligence), Planning & Consolidation and Enterprise Information Management. Utilizing a combination of performance management techniques, leading edge technologies and our understanding of connected information, we redefine performance management. We create closed-looped, Environment-AwareTM performance management systems that connect businesses, enabling organizations to rapidly drive strategy and positively affect their business performance in a changing world.

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  • Driver6 Overview

    1. 1. An Enterprise Performance Management Company<br />Mark DollManaging Partner &<br />Founder<br />9/28/11<br />CONFIDENTIAL © Copyright 2010 Driver 6, Inc. All Rights Reserved<br />1<br />
    2. 2. “Driving a 6 Sigma Understanding of your Business”<br />Driver6, Inc. is a leading business and technology services firm specializing in Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) including Decision Analytics (Business Intelligence), Planning & Consolidation and Enterprise Information Management. Utilizing a combination of performance management techniques, leading edge technologies and our understanding of connected information, we redefine performance management. We create closed-looped, Environment-AwareTM performance management systems that connect businesses, enabling organizations to rapidly drive strategy and positively affect their business performance in a changing world.<br />CONFIDENTIAL Discussion Draft © Copyright 2010 Driver6, Inc. All Rights Reserved<br />9/28/11<br />2<br />
    3. 3. Vision<br />http://<br />
    4. 4. Environment-AwareTM Performance<br />Traditional performance improvement methods look at cost to maximize profitability… They only look at traditional internal financial measures or ratios, such as debt-to-equity or inventory turnover. More advanced organizations directly connect their internal systems for management decisions. However, they rarely have all the data in one place. They may have many dashboards that don’t tell the overall story and are difficult to use for decision making.<br />Leading-edge businesses combine traditional measures with new intentions, information sources and insights to create value and wealth in a rapidly changing world. We call this performance management that is Environment-AwareTM. These businesses are directly connected with community and industry measures. They are companies that compare themselves against a plan and their environments. Making your numbers while losing market share is not winning.<br />9/28/11<br />4<br />CONFIDENTIAL Discussion Draft © Copyright 2010 Driver6, Inc. All Rights Reserved<br />
    5. 5. From to Traditional to Environment-AwareTM Driver6 can help<br />9/28/11<br />CONFIDENTIAL © Copyright 2010 Driver6, Inc. All Rights Reserved<br />5<br />Environment-AwareTM<br />Innovation<br />Decision Oriented<br />Agile<br />Market Knowledge<br />Near Real-Time<br />Closed-Loop<br />Predictive<br />Connected<br />Business Drivers<br />Planning<br />Planning<br />Historical<br />Discipline<br />Ratio Analysis<br />Consolidation<br />Standardized Reporting<br />Compliance<br />Financial-Aware<br />
    6. 6. What are Environment-AwareTM Drivers? <br />Are strongly correlated to business objectives<br />Include data from the market<br />Create a model of the business<br />Contain financial and operation elements<br />Are linked to the process of business decision making <br />Can be visualized and communicated<br />Are closed-looped and continuously improve <br />Are adjusted for risk<br />Are specific and often shared by industry <br />9/28/11<br />6<br />When focused on, business drivers produce improvements in financial results. Business results often consist of a combination of strategic, operational and tactical components. An understanding and management focus on your drivers helps you to improve operations, create innovation and reduce the overall business risk. Environment-AwareTMdrivers connect to external sources and drive change on a dynamic basis. Generally, they:<br />CONFIDENTIAL Discussion Draft © Copyright 2010 Driver6, Inc. All Rights Reserved<br />
    7. 7. 10 Aspects of Performance Maturity<br />9/28/11<br />CONFIDENTIAL © Copyright 2010 Driver 6, Inc. All Rights Reserved<br />7<br />Performance Systems<br />Aspects<br />Strategic <br />Timely<br />Accurate<br />Visualization<br />Navigation<br />Agility<br />Adaptability<br />Content<br />Learning<br />Process<br />Basic<br />Unfocused/Tactical<br />Monthly / Quarterly<br />Not Validated<br />Reporting <br />No Drill Down<br />Static<br />IT Controlled<br />Internal Only<br />No follow-up<br />No integration<br />Advanced<br />Focused on KPIs<br />Near Real-time<br />Highly Validated<br />Interactive<br />Drill Downs<br />Dynamic<br />User Driven<br />Connected<br />Closed-loop<br />Fully Integrated<br />
    8. 8. The Driver6 Difference<br />
    9. 9. 9/28/11<br />CONFIDENTIAL © Copyright 2010 Driver 6, Inc. All Rights Reserved<br />9<br />START with Driver6<br />
    10. 10. START with Driver6<br />9/28/11<br />CONFIDENTIAL © Copyright 2010 Driver 6, Inc. All Rights Reserved<br />10<br />Speed - We know how to hit the accelerator. You will not find a faster high quality firm. <br />Technology – We are a certified SAP Partner. We can license, implement and support the full range of SAP solutions. <br />Accounting - We are the team for the CFO. We understand accounting & finance.<br />Responsibility - We are willing and able to take responsibility to design, execute and manage projects.<br />Talent - We know the talent in this industry. The Leadership is connected and experienced in the EPM & Reporting marketplace. This is our ONLY business. <br />“Driver6 is uniquely focused on assisting business executives to implement an analytic management approach … to navigate their options, choices and risk mitigation strategies. Driver6 backs your executive gut-feel with analytics and decision support methodology.”<br /> - John Schwarz - Former CEO Business Objects and SAP Board Member<br />
    11. 11. Technology Partners<br />9/28/11<br />CONFIDENTIAL © Copyright 2010 Driver 6, Inc. All Rights Reserved<br />11<br />Adaptive Planning is the worldwide leader in on-demand corporate performance management (CPM) solutions for companies and nonprofits of all sizes. Adaptive Planning’s solutions allow finance and management teams to obtain real-time visibility into performance metrics, streamline financial planning and reporting, and drive better business decisions. By offering affordable annual subscriptions and rapid implementations, and by eliminating the need for new hardware and IT support, Adaptive Planning makes it easy to move beyond spreadsheet-based processes without the cost and complexity associated with traditional on-premise CPM applications.<br />Oracle is the leader in Enterprise Performance Management (EPM), unifying Performance Management and Business Intelligence (BI), supporting a broad range of strategic, financial and operational management processes. Oracle provides a complete and integrated system for managing and optimizing enterprise-wide performance. This allows organizations to achieve a state of management excellence - being smart, agile and aligned - which provides competitive advantage and leverages their operational investments.<br />SAP helps companies of all sizes and industries run better. From back office to boardroom, warehouse to storefront, desktop to mobile device, SAP empowers people and organizations to work together more efficiently and use business insight more effectively to stay ahead of the competition. SAP BusinessObjects Planning and Consolidation is an Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) tool that can cater for all types of planning and forecasting, from simple small processes to complex multi layer processes, while also providing consolidation and easy to use reporting.<br />
    12. 12. Proven Results at Great Companies<br />© Copyright 2010 Driver 6, Inc. All Rights Reserved<br />
    13. 13. Broad Range of Products & Industry Skills<br />9/28/11<br />CONFIDENTIAL © Copyright 2010 Driver 6, Inc. All Rights Reserved<br />13<br />Current Success<br />Skills on-board<br />
    14. 14. Providing a full EPM Solution<br />9/28/11<br />CONFIDENTIAL © Copyright 2010 Driver 6, Inc. All Rights Reserved<br />14<br />Traditional suppliers ONLY Provide <br />Driver6 also Provides<br />Accounting & Financial Consolidation<br />Business Planning<br />Annual corporate, operational, capital, cash and resource planning <br />Statutory consolidation (GAAP & IFRS) including intercompany, consolidation rules, automated controls, reporting & XBRL Publishing, as well as, linking Planning to statutory systems<br />The Driver6 Difference<br />NetWeaver BW & HANA<br />Microsoft<br />Full deployment and support for Microsoft SQL & Analysis Services <br />Full deployment, integration with current BW client teams and support for NetWeaver BW, BEx and transition to HANA.<br />Approach<br />People<br />SAP Certified Business Planning and Consolidation (BPC), Data Integration and Microsoft Suite skills<br />Leading methods for implementation of planning & consolidation including process, accounting content, leading practices and technology accelerators<br />
    15. 15. We do more than just Planning & Finance…<br />Finance, Accounting & Performance Domain Expertise<br />SAP BusinessObjectsPlanning & Consolidation<br />Strategy<br />Business<br />Intelligence<br />Project Management<br />… we support & transform the core business of the CFO.<br />Industry Expertise<br />
    16. 16. Big4/SI<br />Driver6<br />Boutique<br />Strategic, executive level, Business Advisory, Multi-product roadmap<br />Large Multi-work stream projects<br />Blended > $350/Hr<br />Senior executive focused on politics <br />All Services areas<br />Business process<br />Ability to execute on large global projects<br />Strategic, executive, Business Advisory, Multi-product roadmap<br />End-to-end EPM solutions<br />Solution based, overall cost at a 20-40% discount<br />Senior Executive focused on Delivery<br />Dedicated to full Performance Management including EPM & BI<br />Decision making<br />Better decisions through creating Environment- Aware PM Systems<br />Tactical, project level, single product deal<br />Skills delivery only<br />Variable, but blended at >$250/hr<br />Limited project management<br />Single focus (BI or Planning or Profit)<br />Technology implementation<br />Bare bones technology implementation<br />The Driver6 Advantage<br />Client/SAP relationship<br />Typical project<br />EPM rates<br />Project leadership<br />Consulting focus<br />Fundamental consulting organizing principle<br />Differentiated by…<br />CONFIDENTIAL © Copyright 2010 Driver 6, Inc. All Rights Reserved<br />
    17. 17. Solutions<br />
    18. 18. Deliver End-to-End Solutions<br />Decision Analytics<br />Key Differentiators<br />Accounting & Performance Content<br />Support for Multiple Platforms<br />End-to-end with Business Intelligence & Enterprise Performance Management<br />Finance, Accounting & Statutory (GAAP & IFRS)<br />Performance Management<br />Approach<br />Planning & Consolidation<br />Microsoft<br />Virtual<br />“Cloud Based”<br />Oracle Fusion<br />SAP NetWeaver BW <br />Enterprise Information Management<br />Applications<br />Content<br />Platform<br />
    19. 19. Decision Analytics<br />Using facts to make decisions is not a new concept: companies are using business intelligence tools to identify, analyze and act on critical business issues every day. But the quality of the information gathered and how people act on this information varies widely from organization to organization. Often the overall impact of this analysis falls short of expectations and is not even communicated to a broad audience needed for decision-making. These companies haven’t understood that better decision-making has to be a core-competency. World-class firms know how to connect for accurate information, implement key decision technologies and implement proven performance management techniques. They have unique strategic ideas, they know how to connect to the external measures and are able to adjust quickly with agility to changing markets:<br /><ul><li>Driver6 can help you monitor, measure and manage how your organization is performing towards the achievement of its strategic goals, quickly assess performance and execute on areas that require action.
    20. 20. Driver6 can build full business intelligence systems including reporting, dashboards, visualizations as well develop predictive models of your business.
    21. 21. We support the full suite of technology solutions from Adaptive Planning, Oracle Hyperion and SAP Business Objects.
    22. 22. Driver6 has the information, technologies and management techniques to build an Environment-AwareTM performance system.
    23. 23. Driver6 can create a fact-based management environment that can stimulate innovation, profits and value.</li></ul>9/28/11<br />19<br />CONFIDENTIAL Discussion Draft © Copyright 2010 Driver6, Inc. All Rights Reserved<br />
    24. 24. Planning & Consolidation<br />To consistently manage your company's performance, you need to develop timely, accurate plans and budgets aligned with your strategic goals. To meet rapidly changing business conditions, you need the ability to seamlessly integrate corporate and departmental planning, quickly model business scenarios and re-forecast. Finally, you need a way to ensure a fully documented audit trail and compliance with strict guidelines for consolidating and reporting company information both internally and externally. Requirements need to be in accordance with regulatory requirements for International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and electronic filing of financial statements in Extended Business Reporting Language (XBRL) format.<br /><ul><li>Driver6 unifies and streamlines the planning, budgeting and forecasting process and can enable a faster close. Finance-owned and maintained, the application unifies planning, financial consolidation and management reporting for the enterprise – improving budget cycle times, driving compliance with regulatory and financial standards, helping reduce external audit costs, instilling confidence and reducing business risk.
    25. 25. Driver6 knows Enterprise Performance Management software solutions including Adaptive Planning, Oracle Hyperion and SAP business Objects and works closely with these solutions to accelerate your planning and forecasting project.
    26. 26. Driver6 knows accounting as well as technology. Many of our professionals are previous controllers or CFOs and all have transformed the planning, budgeting and forecasting process at many businesses.</li></ul>9/28/11<br />20<br />CONFIDENTIAL Discussion Draft © Copyright 2010 Driver6, Inc. All Rights Reserved<br />
    27. 27. Enterprise Information Management <br />Increasingly, companies are taking the view that information is an asset of the enterprise in much the same way that a company's financial resources, capital equipment, and real estate are assets. Properly employed, assets create additional value with a measurable return on investment. Forward-looking companies carry this view a step further, considering information as a strategic asset that can be leveraged into a competitive advantage in the markets served by the company.<br />Driver6 knows Enterprise Information Management (EIM) solutions. We can create, cleanse, integrate, manage, govern, and archive structured and unstructured data. <br />Driver6 uses Oracle and SAP solutions to enable enterprise data warehouse management, master data management, data integration and quality.<br />9/28/11<br />CONFIDENTIAL © Copyright 2010 Driver 6, Inc. All Rights Reserved<br />21<br />
    28. 28. The Success 6<br />
    29. 29. “The Success 6”<br />Factors that ensure success<br />In any implementation, success depends on more than just development, testing and a technical focus. It rests on how well the organization teams internally, if they are clear on the key changes that must occur, able to adapt and manage change, and select the right partners with the business and technical skills to help lead and implement the change. Through our extensive experience with global organizations and our understanding of BMS over the last month, we believe these following factors are key to the success of your performance management initiatives.<br />Ownership<br />Results<br />Priorities<br />Quality<br />Drivers<br />Delivery<br />CONFIDENTIAL Discussion Draft © Copyright 2010 Driver6, Inc. All Rights Reserved<br />9/28/11<br />23<br />
    30. 30. “The Success 6” - OWNERSHIP<br />Ownership<br />Results<br />Priorities<br />Quality<br />Drivers<br />Delivery<br />Ownership, resource involvement, buy-in<br />In our experience client ownership, involvement, and buy-in are key to a successful project, driving cost management, ROI and sense of organizational commitment. Our project approach starts with building a comprehensive team with domain expertise and experience that takes ownership and leverages a collaboration framework aligning to the business drivers in every element of the work plan. We do this by focusing on collaboration, iteration of the solution to draw out early user involvement and acceptance and knowledge transfer from the initial planning phase to the formal project close. This allows us to manage costs, deliver quick time to value and instill ownership in the client team throughout the solution lifecycle ensuring self sufficiency in ongoing development, support and improvement of the new business processes and supporting technologies.<br />CONFIDENTIAL Discussion Draft © Copyright 2010 Driver6, Inc. All Rights Reserved<br />9/28/11<br />24<br />
    31. 31. “The Success 6” - PRIORITIES<br />Ownership<br />Results<br />Priorities<br />Quality<br />Drivers<br />Delivery<br />Defining, aligning and managing priorities<br />Success depends heavily on how well the team understands the business requirements, priorities and is able to manage the transition to the future state management processes. For BMS to achieve their tracking, reporting and analysis goals, it is important to take the critical business needs and prototype as much and as quickly as possible to build a foundation for a rapid solution. It is far more costly in all respects to modify business processes, scope and functionality later in the project than it is to define and validate them from the beginning. This includes defining priorities and identifying issues related to business solution as early in the project lifecycle as possible. All specification, requirements and best in class solution development and delivery techniques need to be considered, adopted, and set as standards to be driven across all dimensions of the project. As such, business alignment, requirement definition and prototyping is needed at every phase to align the full scope and ensure these priorities are achieved at each phase of the project. <br />CONFIDENTIAL Discussion Draft © Copyright 2010 Driver6, Inc. All Rights Reserved<br />9/28/11<br />25<br />
    32. 32. “The Success 6” – DRIVERS<br />Ownership<br />Results<br />Priorities<br />Quality<br />Drivers<br />Delivery<br />Business drivers and solution definition<br />After the business priorities, scope and iterative approach is understood and aligned to support and optimize the business processes, it is necessary to define the business drivers, solution model and how these drivers will support the scope and business requirements throughout the project. This includes defining drivers, metrics, targets and the business data required to drive the meet the business priorities. Key dimensions are going to be consolidated cost, intercompany profit, tax, gross margin and both physical and financial views of inventory. It is important to ensure the visibility needed for these key solution areas are codified in the deliver models and are used to drive performance, achieve targets and are part of the continuous improvement cycle across all phases of the project. These business drivers directly impact the solution approach, design and iterations to ensure all stakeholders achieve the reporting, analysis and requirements, which are the foundation of success in this project. <br />CONFIDENTIAL Discussion Draft © Copyright 2010 Driver6, Inc. All Rights Reserved<br />9/28/11<br />26<br />
    33. 33. “The Success 6” - DELIVERY<br />Ownership<br />Results<br />Priorities<br />Quality<br />Drivers<br />Delivery<br />Business goals, solution approach, performance optimization, reporting, analysis<br />To ensure success in any reporting and analysis solution, the current reports, business data, user workflows and business rules need to drive the solution delivery. The complexity in the data, reports and views need to evaluated to ensure an optimal design, drive the right business result and accommodate the future business growth and performance needs. Business process priorities need to be defined, process flows mapped and understood and both data needs and user participation identified and pulled in early in the project to ensure efficiency in all reporting and analysis cycles. Reports are reviewed to identify the optimal design to take advantage of inherent dynamic capabilities, which can then minimize the number of reports required to meet reporting, analysis and stakeholder needs.<br />As the new system provides process optimizations and the finance teams gain efficiencies, executive and business leaders will expect to get immediate access to accurate information with insight and visualization. This is a natural expectation given the time and expense invested and used to support the business justification. Beyond the inherent reports and data views delivered during the first stage of the project, specific reporting, analysis, visualization and dashboard needs must be defined. This is an area that is often overlooked during initial planning and yet is critical to incorporate in every phase throughout the implementation.<br />CONFIDENTIAL Discussion Draft © Copyright 2010 Driver6, Inc. All Rights Reserved<br />9/28/11<br />27<br />
    34. 34. “The Success 6” - QUALITY<br />Ownership<br />Results<br />Priorities<br />Drivers<br />Quality<br />Delivery<br />Data quality, integration, automation and governance<br />One of the key challenges organizations face during performance management implementations is the ability to get and deliver automated, clean, consistent, and trusted information. This includes historical data on both an actual and plan basis and accessing data from on tax, consolidated costs, intercompany profit, gross margin and inventory. Inventory will be the most difficult given the inherent disconnect between the financial and physical view. Considerable data cleansing and transformation along with the ability to identify and quickly correct errors found during reporting is critical. Having a set of test data that can be validated as early in the project as possible, will be key to ensuring both trust in the reporting data as well as getting user testing and acceptance early in the project. Solution deliver strategies must encompass much more than the tools being used, but also the processes and ownership from both an IT and business user perspective.<br />
    35. 35. “The Success 6” - RESULTS<br />Ownership<br />Results<br />Priorities<br />Quality<br />Drivers<br />Delivery<br />Foundation for best-in-class performance management and market results<br />As you drive performance management throughout the enterprise, business performance improvements need to deliver quick wins and value today, cover core processes and lay a foundation for best practices in the future. Clear goals for success need to be defined, success criteria established and an approach that is bought into by all key stakeholders so that the success of the project can be measured and improved throughout every stage. This project will focus primarily on reporting in key operational and financial area of the business. However, additional value will be delivered as more reporting, analysis and visibility capabilities are delivered. In our experience, successful businesses don’t look at the initial reporting project as an end point but as a first step in a process focused on delivering insight to all users and stakeholders throughout the enterprise. More reports, analysis views, drill downs and dashboards must be identified, scoped and a roadmap developed so that these follow on expectations are not only managed but achieved. Best in class organizations view all performance management projects as delivering not only the insight the business needs to make more informed decisions but also look to combine data outside their organization for metrics, drivers and benchmarks to drive business process optimization and market growth.<br />CONFIDENTIAL Discussion Draft © Copyright 2010 Driver6, Inc. All Rights Reserved<br />9/28/11<br />29<br />
    36. 36. Approach<br />
    37. 37. A complete solution<br />9/28/11<br />31<br />Ability in implement performance management technologies<br />Ability to integrate information from current as well as environment systems<br />Ability to help with tradional performance systems while we help you to mature into Environment-AwareTM systems<br />Ability to assist management with the change process including individual and group performance incentives<br />Ability to manage the complete end-to-end program.<br />CONFIDENTIAL Discussion Draft © Copyright 2010 Driver6, Inc. All Rights Reserved<br />
    38. 38. Driver6 Approach<br />Implement Solution<br />Design Solution<br />Configure Solution<br />Project Transition<br />ProjectInitiation<br />Strategy<br />Industry Specialization<br />
    39. 39. ProjectInitiation<br />Our Approach – Project Initiation<br />Activities:<br /><ul><li>Establish the PMO and Steering Committee
    40. 40. Develop the project Work Plan and work breakdown structure (WBS)
    41. 41. Establish Status and Issue tracking policies and tools
    42. 42. Establish team and stakeholder communications plans
    43. 43. Identify BU stakeholders and super users
    44. 44. Assign roles and activities to project team and executive sponsors
    45. 45. Review and incorporate key business drivers into planning process</li></ul>Overview:<br />During the Project Initiation phase, the team will focus on defining project objectives, scope, risks, and other planning elements; building the PMO function; and developing the project Work Plan and final budgets.<br />Deliverables:<br /><ul><li>PMO – the Project Management Office will be established to coordinate the activities of the project team, interface with the Steering Committee, and manage/resolve internal and external project issues
    46. 46. Detailed project Work Plan
    47. 47. Project budget
    48. 48. Status and Issue tracking logs and procedures
    49. 49. Communications plan</li></li></ul><li>Strategy<br />Our Approach – Global Definition<br />Activities:<br /><ul><li>Facilitate a Design Workshop to develop a shared vision of the EdgeClient business intelligence and planning process
    50. 50. Document the global planning process, reporting, users, stakeholders and supporting data requirements
    51. 51. Define the global technical architecture and required BU entity infrastructure for rollout planning
    52. 52. Define the global BI & BPC application architecture and interfaces</li></ul>Overview:<br />During the Strategy phase, the team will focus on overall goals, linkage to the business and establish management goals.<br />Deliverables:<br /><ul><li>Design Workshop – plan and manage a facilitated team session of key stakeholders
    53. 53. Future State Global Planning Process
    54. 54. Future state Global Application/Technology Architecture
    55. 55. High-level report & Dashboard definitions</li></li></ul><li>Design Solution<br />Our Approach – Solution Design<br />Activities:<br /><ul><li>Design and document the functional solution planning units, as framed by the output of the strategy Phase
    56. 56. Design and document data conversion and integration requirements
    57. 57. Adapt business processes as required to support the business goals and solution design required by EdgeClient
    58. 58. Define ad hoc reporting, structured reporting and Dashboarding needs
    59. 59. Leverage business entity stakeholders to provide solution design input and to confirm and accept design</li></ul>Overview:<br />In Solution Design, each planning entity or like grouping of entities will work through a Solution Design phase, using the overall strategy framework.<br />Deliverables:<br /><ul><li>Planning Process Map
    60. 60. BI & BPC Solution Functional Design
    61. 61. Data Conversion and Integration Plan (scope and roles TBD)
    62. 62. Overall key reports & dashboard design and Ad hoc configuration</li></li></ul><li>Configure Solution<br />Our Approach – Solution Configuration<br />Activities:<br /><ul><li>Configure the BI & BPC applications as defined by the output of the Solution Design phase
    63. 63. Design workflow and business process outputs in support of the system definition
    64. 64. Manage the data conversion and application integration activities
    65. 65. Perform unit testing of application features</li></ul>Overview:<br />In Solution Configuration, each planning entity or like grouping of entities will work through a BI & BPC solution configuration process based on the entity planning design and the overall strategy.<br />Deliverables:<br /><ul><li>Configured BI & BPC applications
    66. 66. Execution of Data Conversion and Application Integration activities (scope and roles TBD)
    67. 67. Unit-Tested BI & BPC applications for business planning entity</li></li></ul><li>Implement Solution<br />Our Approach – Solution Implementation<br />Activities:<br /><ul><li>Complete unit, integration and system testing
    68. 68. Facilitate acceptance testing with business entity super users and key stakeholders
    69. 69. Confirm production readiness of accepted and tested system
    70. 70. Confirm training and deployment readiness of user community, support super users in the training rollout
    71. 71. Evaluate other Change Management challenges and resolution plans</li></ul>Overview:<br />In Solution Implementation, <br />each planning entity or like grouping of entities will complete system and acceptance testing, train users and establish production readiness. Strategies for cutover/parallel activities will be determined.<br />Deliverables:<br /><ul><li>Tested BPC System for planning entity - unit, integration and system tested
    72. 72. Accepted system as confirmed by user community
    73. 73. Trained BPC users (supporting role to internal trainers)
    74. 74. BPC Production ready system
    75. 75. Recommendations for ongoing change management issues</li></li></ul><li>Project Transition<br />Our Approach – Project Transition<br />Activities:<br /><ul><li>Transition application support for EdgeClient Corporate and BU users to internal resources
    76. 76. Manage the completion and standardization of project documentation
    77. 77. Assist in the development of planning activities for future functional enhancements
    78. 78. Plan activities for the design of driver, metric and Environment-Aware performance management capabilities</li></ul>Overview:<br />During the Project Transition phase, the team will ensure a successful transition of application support, project documentation and ongoing project management to the internal EdgeClient team. Next phase enhancements and strategic initiatives will be chartered.<br />Deliverables:<br /><ul><li>Transitioned application support
    79. 79. Completed document repository for project related deliverables</li></li></ul><li>Alignment, Project Management and Industry Specialization<br />Project<br />Management<br />Strategy<br />Alignment<br />Strategy Alignment, Project Management and industry Specialization activities are integrated into the core driver6 methodology and threaded throughout the duration of the project.<br />Project Management activities are led by the PMO and jointly managed by the project track leads (functional, application and technical). The PMO reports to the Steering Committee<br />Key Project Management activities include:<br />Overall project coordination throughout the project duration, across other internal EdgeClient initiatives, and in alignment with EdgeClient strategies<br />Risk Assessment and Mitigation planning<br />Incorporation of Lessons Learned <br />Management of Project Schedule, WBS and Budget<br />Provide industry specific advisory services to the complete team<br />Industry Specialization<br />
    80. 80. Management Team &<br />Selective Team Members<br />
    81. 81. Leadership with Values <br />Respect<br />Stewardship<br />Integrity<br />Value<br />People<br />
    82. 82. Our Team<br />9/28/11<br />42<br />Mark W. Doll,Managing Partner & CEO, Driver6, Inc. <br />Mark Doll is the Founder, Managing Partner and CEO of Driver6. Mr. Doll is a worldwide expert on performance management and the strategic use of information with over 25 year of experience. His clients include many of the Fortune 500 including Citibank, Shell Oil Company, Merrill Lynch and General Motors. Mark has a vast experience base including 13 years as a Managing Partner at Ernst & Young, an EVP at performance management software organization (Business Objects) and several years of working globally. Mr. Doll has recently returned from his two-year assignment in China. Mark is also a venture investor and a board member on numerous service and technology companies.<br />Previously, Mark W. Doll was the Managing Partner of the Far East Area Business Advisory Services practice for Ernst & Young. Mr. Doll was responsible for all Business Advisory Services including performance optimization, operational transformation, organizational change management, pre and post merger integration, customer and supply chain optimization as well as transforming the office of the CFO including performance management, shared services, outsourcing, off shoring and management reporting. The team Mark led advised the largest and the most information-intensive companies in the world based in China and the Far East. <br /> <br />Prior to becoming the Business Advisory Leader for the Far East at Ernst & Young, Mark was the Senior Vice President in-charge of Worldwide Enterprise Performance Management product line and Worldwide Consulting Services practices at Business Objects. In this role, he founded the unit and was responsible for transforming how global organizations optimized their resources through the use of leading edge software, services and industry expertise. His team offered CFO reengineering, problem solving through data visualization, metric management and financial reporting. <br />Prior to Business Objects, Mr. Doll has had numerous consulting leadership assignments at Ernst & Young. During his tenure, he has held leadership positions in the Computer Security and Business Continuity practice, High Growth Consulting practice, ERP and Process Improvement practices as well has led Consumer Products, Manufacturing and Financial Services Industry teams. Mr. Doll led a team of well over 1,000 professionals focused on the development of cutting edge solutions to the most complicated and challenging business problems facing the fastest growing and largest companies today. <br />Mr. Doll is a sought-after speaker on the topic of Performance Optimization at industry conferences worldwide. He has appeared before the House Energy and Commerce Subcommittee on Commerce, Trade, and Consumer Protection as an expert witness on the subject. He has appeared in numerous periodicals including Business Week, CEO and CFO Magazines, Information Week, Newsweek, and USA Today. Mr. Doll is the author of the bestselling book, “Defending the Digital Frontier: A Security Agenda.”<br />CONFIDENTIAL Discussion Draft © Copyright 2010 Driver6, Inc. All Rights Reserved<br />
    83. 83. Our Team<br />Trevor Walker Partner, Driver6, Inc.<br />Trevor J. Walker is Partner in Driver6, Inc. and is responsible for defining, building and leading Driver6’s services and solutions. Mr. Walker has over 20 years of expertise in global performance management solutions for organizations of any size and has held various leadership roles at leading-edge technology companies including SAP, BusinessObjects, Cartesis, Mercator Software and Hyperion Solutions. Mr. Walker’s breadth of leadership and domain expertise in Performance Management provides Driver6 and its customers with the experience necessary to define performance priorities, measurements and make these actionable in technology for world-class, closed-looped performance management solutions.Previously, Trevor Walker was the Vice President of the Center of Excellence for Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) and Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) at SAP. Mr. Walker was responsible for leading a team of domain experts in EPM and GRC to advise customers on best practices, map this to technology investments and SAP solutions to drive both customer performance improvement initiatives and revenue growth.<br />Prior to SAP, Mr. Walker was the Founder, President and Managing Partner of Perfiniti, a performance management consulting firm. In this role he built the firm and was responsible for helping global organizations like AT&T, J.D. Power & Associates, ArcelorMittal, and Comcast optimize their budgeting, planning, forecasting, consolidations and management reporting processes through the use of software and services expertise. Prior to Perfiniti, Mr. Walker was the Vice President of EPM Product Marketing at BusinessObjects. In this role he lead a team of EPM product experts responsible for defining the product strategy, communicating and helping customers realize its value, and serving as the key spokesperson for analyst and press.Mr. Walker is a recognized leader in Performance Management best practices and solutions and has appeared in numerous periodicals including the Financial Times.<br />
    84. 84. Our Team<br />9/28/11<br />44<br />A.J. Verdecchia Director & CFO, Driver6, Inc.<br />A.J. Verdecchia is Director & CFO of Driver6, Inc. Mr. Verdecchia has over 20 years of experience in accounting, finance, treasury, planning, information technology, human resources, risk management and corporate governance. He is also an Officer and Director of Configure, Inc, a leading IT and telecommunications consulting firm and a strategic partner with Driver6. Prior to joining Configure, he was Vice President, CFO and Treasurer of Union Drilling, Inc., a publicly-traded company in the energy industry. Previously, Mr. Verdecchia served as Director of Finance and Operations at Citrix Systems, Inc., a provider of access infrastructure solutions, where he assisted with the integration of several strategic acquisitions. Prior to Citrix, he served as a Controller at Coherent, Inc., a manufacturer of lasers and related photonics equipment, and Treasurer at Lumenis Inc. (formerly, Coherent Medical Division), a provider of medical/aesthetic lasers and light based technologies. Mr. Verdecchia holds a B.S. degree in Finance from the University of Maryland and an M.B.A. from Florida Atlantic University. He obtained his CPA certification from the State of Virginia. An accomplished finance executive with a broad industry background and skill set, Mr. Verdecchia been a strong contributor throughout his career and has distinguished himself by leading significant change, reducing operating costs, restructuring corporate debt, managing a public stock offering<br />and consistently delivering positive returns for shareholders. With management perspectives gained from assignments in oil and gas, communications software, high tech medical equipment and retailing, Mr. Verdecchia has shown a facility for navigating through complicated operational, financial and regulatory issues to deliver timely solutions. His skills in analyzing and solving to complex business challenges are complemented by a simple ability to visualize, understand and communicate the core issues at hand. Mr. Verdecchia has made contributions in high-growth environments as well as firms challenged by a struggling economy and deteriorating market conditions. He has consistently reduced costs, improved financial reporting, increased cash flow and reached targeted goals despite the obstacles in his path.<br />CONFIDENTIAL Discussion Draft © Copyright 2010 Driver6, Inc. All Rights Reserved<br />
    85. 85. Selective Team Members<br />9/28/11<br />45<br />Brian D. Beechler,Manager – Sales & Practice Support, Driver6, Inc. <br />Brian Beechler’s focus and commitment is to ensure Driver6 is a market leader in the EPM industry by establishing world class methodologies and best practices that translate into value for our customers. Mr. Beechler is also responsible for Driver6 staff development to ensuring all Driver6 consultants continue their subject matter experts and industry domain expertise. <br />Mr. Beechler has over ten years in consulting and is much sought after for his worldwide expertise in financial budgeting/planning and consolidations. Brian is certified in both planning and consolidation applications within the SAP BusinessObjects Planning and Consolidation product. Mr. Beechler has successfully implemented EPM solutions for global clients such as Bacardi Limited, Bank Leumi, Biomet, Epson of America, Fisker Automotive and Lorillard Tobacco. <br /> <br />Prior to consulting, Mr. Beechler spent over twenty years in various leadership roles and has been responsible for Financial Planning and Consolidations, Sarbanes-Oxley compliance, Business systems implementation, and IT/IS infrastructure. Brian has been a key senior management team member and has leveraged technologies to provide leading reporting and management for strategic business advantage.<br />Mr. Beechler has held positions at many global companies and achieved his greatest success as a Division Controller with ABB, a global leader in power and automation technologies and served with them for over ten years. Brian has also achieved success in building accounting departments in several start-up companies.<br />CONFIDENTIAL Discussion Draft © Copyright 2010 Driver6, Inc. All Rights Reserved<br />
    86. 86. Selective Team Members<br />Matthew J. Gualtieri, CPA, MBASenior Manager, Driver6, Inc.<br />Matthew Gualtieri is a Senior Manager of EPM Solutions at Driver6 Corporation and is responsible for assessing, defining, building and developing EPM solutions for Driver6 clients. Mr. Gualtieri has over 20 years of finance and accounting expertise for medium and large publicly traded multi-national organizations. He has led the successful delivery of several large-scale implementations and has held leadership roles in accounting and finance throughout his career. In addition, to his leadership roles he has experience across a broad range of industries including technology companies, such as SAP, BusinessObjects, and Cartesis. He is able to leverage his professional experience to deliver vertical solutions that focus on aligning organizations’ vision, strategy and processes.<br />Rod deVillersSenior Manager, Driver6, Inc.<br />Rod deVillers is a Senior Manager at Driver6, Inc. with over 20 years of experience delivering best practice solutions based on industry standards and internal process evaluation. With hand-on development and strong business knowledge, Mr. deVillers translates business needs into technically sound and functional accurate development plans.<br />Mr. deVillers has extensive experience designing, developing, project managing and implementing systems for Accounting, Financial Management and Customer Support organizations. He has strong background in SAP Business Intelligence (BI) Reporting, Integrated Planning (IP), SAP security management, Business Objects (BOBJ), Web Intelligence, Desktop Intelligence, Universe Builder, CMC, and BO security management.<br />Prior to Driver6, Inc., Mr. deVillers worked at Global Crossing for 11 years as a Senior Manager within Financial Systems, Cost of Access and Business Planning & Controls. Previously, he spent 10 years in a variety of Manager and Analyst positions at AT&T. <br />
    87. 87. Selective Team Members<br />9/28/11<br />CONFIDENTIAL © Copyright 2010 Driver 6, Inc. All Rights Reserved<br />47<br />S. Lance Harris<br />Senior Account Executive, Driver6, Inc.<br />Lance is a Senior Account Executive. Mr. Harris has over 10 years of experience at Business Objects and worked in a number of sales positions, including Pre-Sales, Channels, Mid-Market and Enterprise (Commercial and Federal Markets). While at Business Objects in a pre-sales role, Mr. Harris was responsible for generating opportunities relating to over $20 Million in license sales for a variety of clients, including U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, U.S. Security & Exchange Commission and The Carlyle Group. Mr. Harris was a Quota and Presidents Club attendee during the majority of his tenure at Business Objects. <br />Prior to Business Objects, Mr. Harris held finance and operations positions at PaineWebber (now UBS) and Marriott International. Earlier, Mr. Harris founded and operated a successful Real Estate investing company. Mr. Harris holds a BBA in Finance from George Washington University. <br />Matt Monroy<br />Account Executive, Driver6, Inc.<br />Matt Monroy is Account Executive at Driver6, Inc. and is responsible for developing and leading Driver6’s account success. Mr. Monroy has over 12 years of enterprise and marketing experience in global performance management solutions and has held several roles at leading-edge technology companies including SAP, BusinessObjects, Cartesis, and Hyperion Solutions. <br />Previously, Mr. Monroy managed sales development and growth of profitable new business for the Utilities and Retail verticals at SAP Americas. Mr. Monroy was responsible for implementing strategies for key account acquisition and retention and also identified revenue opportunities with new and existing customers for EPM and ERP solutions.<br />MrMonroy’s clients include Cargill, Hexion, SYCSO, and Pepsico were he assisted in streamlining and automating their planning, financial consolidation and management reporting processes.<br />
    88. 88. Selective Team Members<br />David June<br />Manager BI/EIM Solutions, Driver6, Inc.<br />Mr. David June is responsible for developing and delivering business intelligence solutions. With over twenty five years of consulting experience, Mr. June is an acknowledged expert in business intelligence and the tools from Business Objects, Cognos, Informatica, Microsoft, and Brio. <br />As a Principal Consultant with technology leaders such as SAP/Business Objects and Avanade, Mr. June has lead successful projects for clients in numerous industries including retail, energy, manufacturing, entertainment, financial services, and oil and gas.<br />Previous clients include DuPont, Shell, BP, Eli Lilly, Live Nation, Vera Bradley, Etrade, and Levi Straus.<br />Lauren Balsley<br />Associate, Driver6, Inc.<br />Lauren Balsley is an Associate at Driver6, Inc. and SAP Business Objects Specialist. Prior to joining Driver6, Ms. Balsley was a Payroll Administrator at Seal-Rite Door Company reporting directly to the Controller. Previously, Lauren worked in the Admissions Department at Muskingum College, her alma mater, and as a tax preparer at Liberty Tax Services. Mr. Balsley has a degree in Accounting, Business and Economics from Muskingum College and is currently preparing to obtain her CPA. <br />
    89. 89. Case Studies<br /><br />
    90. 90. © Copyright 2010 Driver 6, Inc. All Rights Reserved<br />Automating Planning & Forecasting to Power Growth<br />The Challenge<br />Fisker Automotive is a rapidly growing and American premium plug-in hybrid electric vehicle manufacturer founded in 2007 with a mission to redefine the luxury automobile with an unwavering dedication to sustainability<br />The Business Planning process is a complex and was completely managed in Excel<br />The dynamic business environment, rapidly evolving requirements, complexity of building a modern global automotive company with leaderships needs for constant and accurate financial information required an initiative to automate their planning, forecasting and reporting<br />Fisker Automotive needed a solution that could meet the demands of investors and management for timely and predictable results<br />Solution<br />Fisker’s management lead a strategic initiative to implement a scalable, automated Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) and planning system and selected SAP BusinessObjects Planning and Consolidation and Driver6 to lead this initiative<br />Benefits / Impact<br />Designed and built a scalable solution to plan and forecast volume, revenue & cost, overhead, fixed assets, R&D, cash, working capital and debt<br />Provided the ability to produce accurate and timely P&L, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow Statements<br />Implemented an end-to-end solution that enabled a greater level of granularity allowing senior management and investors to better analyze business results and make key strategic decisions<br />Delivered both structure and flexibility to improve confidence in results and allow the business to dynamically evolve<br />
    91. 91. Globalizing , Unifying & Accelerating Consolidation<br />© Copyright 2010 Driver 6, Inc. All Rights Reserved<br />The Challenge<br />Misaligned statutory and management consolidations for segment reporting and limited alignment to executive view of the business<br />Lengthy and manual monthly consolidation process<br />Limited global system controls over the monthly submission of financial information at both local and corporate level<br />Numerous translation issues associated with acquisitions through the segregation and application of historical rates for newly acquired entities versus legacy entities<br />Solution<br />Automate consolidation activities in a single global process<br />Develop a unified global model of statutory and management consolidations for segment alignment, reporting and analysis<br />Deliver an automated process to manage translation issues associated with acquisitions through the segregation and application of historical rates for newly acquired entities<br />Enhance monthly reporting cycles by automating close processes to run consecutively during the monthly close process<br />Improve controls around key business dimensions such as, entities and periods, as well as key business activities like mergers and acquisitions<br />Benefits / Impact<br />Accelerated, automated and created a more trusted global monthly consolidation process that: 1) Increased productivity by reducing review time and manual journal entries, 2) Increased transparency by improving visibility across geographic and functional areas of the organization in a more timely manor, 3) manage integration issues associated with acquisitions, divestitures and business re-organizations<br />Optimized and aligned business reporting processes that the unifies legal entity and management financial information in a single solution that improves management decision making on a near real-time basis<br />
    92. 92. © Copyright 2010 Driver 6, Inc. All Rights Reserved<br />Regulatory Reporting with BusinessObjects Webi<br />The Challenge<br />Astra Zeneca must disclose financial consideration given to physicians and other health care providers for services associated with marketing its’ pharmaceutical products<br />The reporting requirements are driven from both federal and state governmentsand is demanding in both details and breadth of information needed for all regulatory agencies<br />The data warehouse solution was developed but needed internal and executive reporting to give senior management the ability to view the regulatory reporting data summarized along several dimensions (product, provider, market, etc.)<br />Solution<br />Validated the data quality and model to ensure they met management’s requirements for reporting & analysis and developed six executive reports and dashboards<br />Development and documentation standards were established to ensure consistency and facilitate future maintenance and enhancements<br />Mentoring approach was utilized to report development to ensure Astra Zeneca personnel have the skills to maintain and enhance the solution<br />Benefits / Impact<br />In addition to meeting regulatory reporting needs, executive leadership and management now have timely, accurate analysis of expenses to health care providers<br />The ability to analyze information multi-dimensionally, including provider, product, location and function<br />
    93. 93. © Copyright 2010 Driver 6, Inc. All Rights Reserved<br />The Challenge<br />Standard SAP ECC provides little ‘out of the box’ reporting and existing reports rely on ABAP programs to extract SAP ECC data into flat files. Files are then converted to Excel spreadsheets which are manually converted into reports. The process is time consuming, error prone, and inflexible.<br />HMI has grown rapidly through acquisition and has recently completed consolidation of all divisions onto SAP ECC from basic business processing, but reporting still differs in content, format, and preparation among individual divisions<br />HMI did not currently have an experienced BI staff and needed a solution quickly.<br />Solution<br />SAP/BO Edge Bundle to provide BI infrastructure.<br />SAP Sales Rapid Mart to jump start reporting capabilities.<br />Mentoring approach to implementation to ensure HMI personnel have the skills to maintain and enhance the solution. <br />Benefits / Impact<br />BI infrastructure installed, configured, 2 years of data loaded and validated, core sales reports ready for implementation in 6 weeks.<br />Ability to do “Slice and Dice” analysis across sales territories, geographies, and regions.<br />HMI personnel have been able to effectively maintain the solution, have completed several new reports and are currently working to add additional data content.<br />Sales Rapid Mart Implementation<br />
    94. 94. Contact Us<br />Driver6, Inc. <br />1800 Hamilton Avenue, Suite 230<br />San Jose, CA 95125<br /><br /><br />Mark Doll, <br />Managing Partner<br />Office: +1.408.979.2272<br />Mobile: +1.408.888.0471<br /> <br />A.J. Verdecchia, Director & CFO<br />Office: +1.408.979.2283<br />Mobile: +1.682.667.2515<br /> <br />Trevor Walker, Partner, Solutions<br />Mobile: +1.301.841-6091<br /> <br />
    95. 95. Driving a 6 Sigma Understanding of your Business<br />