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The Future of Mobile #ThinkThu @bitmakerlabs


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An overview of the trends and technologies that will drive Mobile over the next few years.

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The Future of Mobile #ThinkThu @bitmakerlabs

  1. 1. Businesses  still  found  opportunities  for   Mobile  applications.  
  2. 2. The  average  number  of  apps  used  per  month:  27  (Source:  TechCrunch  Q4/2013)  
  3. 3. Niche  use-­‐cases   Limited  appeal  
  4. 4. •  50  billion  connected  devices  by  2020  (Cisco)   •  IoT  product  and  service  suppliers  will  generate   incremental  revenue  exceeding  $300B  in  2020  (Gartner)   •  Worldwide  market  for  IoT  soluEons  will  grow  from  $1.9   trillion  in  2013  to  $7.1  trillion  in  2020  (IDC)   Image  Credit:  The  ConnecEvist  
  5. 5. Industry Groups Thread  Group  
  6. 6. Competing Standards