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Wikis and twitters and blogs, oh my


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A presentation made to the 2009 Coventry Teachers' Conference. There are screen builds so may only be properly viewable when downloaded. CC licence 3.0 noncommercial, attribute, sharealike

Published in: Education, Technology, Business
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Wikis and twitters and blogs, oh my

  1. 1. “Wikis and twitters and blogs, ohmy!” Is Web 2.0 technology a road schools should be going down? Mark Childs E-learning Development Fellow Coventry University
  2. 2. Web what?• Web 1.0 - linking together information over the Internet for people to access – webpages, movies, etc• Web 2.0 – bringing together user-generated content, wikis, blogs, social networking sites, 3D platforms• Web 3.0 – the semantic web, information organised, synthesised and presented
  3. 3. A range of services we take part in• for photos• for videos•••• for ppts•
  4. 4. Collaboration•••••
  5. 5. Some examples from HE• Wikis, ESOL teacher training, Kirklees College• Wikis, workplacements, BLU (Herts.)• Ning, Collaboration, Huddersfield University –• Blogs, Theatre, Warwick – _eumenides/ – stuffargh_work/
  6. 6. For: new forms of learning• Collaboration, Publication, Literacies, Inquiry• Socialising the expressive: media design, sharing, and publication• Socialising the reflective: blogs, social networks, and wikis• Socialising the exploratory: syndication, recommenders, folksonomies
  7. 7. For: new forms of learners• No Future Left Behind• nHo
  8. 8. Against• Distraction q• Dissent• Security of systems• Privacy of users• Policy
  9. 9.
  10. 10. Resources• Education 2.0