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  • Bruno Voicing his opinion on Sous Vide. He sees Suos Vide as the cooking process brings the surpasses expected results from all cooking. Yes this may be a small quote to sum up a WIDE range of information when it comes to Suos Vide but I feel it is all that needs to be said……
  • There are many translations of this story but this summarized story tells us how the idea that slowly cooking meat at a low temp will leave the cut very tender.
  • Count Rumford or also known as Sir Benjamin Thompson didn’t create the sous vide we know today, he mealy paved the path to the road for Georges parlus and Bruno Goussault to both in deferent ways develop Sous Vide into a precise tool in a chefs skill set. This couldn’t have been feasible without the development of food safe plastic films in 1960’s
  • All these old methods of cookery have feature found in sous vide….Slowly cooking food in a protected pouch is used in all of the above, wether it be a actual pouch or a protective layer that will help keep flavour and control cooking processes like steaming or boiling
  • Day 1: I used 4 samples with variant lvls of stock and air, after having no luck with a 5 min window between undercooked and a glutinous mass, I decided to cooking in a pan and transfer into a sous vide method half way through cooking.Day 4: plated several times to make sure I was happy with the dish. Also added a Wight wine butter sauce beblanch
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  • No fuss cooking: chuck it on and start another job but this also created another word and that’s Fidgety, found myself finnishing all my prep and just waiting for the chickentime consuming : takes a long time to sous videGreat: amazing flavour this can range from the freash flavour of vegetibles be retained or the rich flavour of a marinade that’s been cooked into the meatFlavour: lots of it Time and temp sensitiveTender meatA lot of trial and error to ensure you have the best resultI see this product booming in the future with the huge increase in cooking programs on tv will start making people more awear that good food can be made just by simply keeping water at the same temp…….
  • John's Sous Vide power point

    1. 1. Sous Vide Project By John Goldie “In cooking success is not extemporized. It’s built on precision, the quest for truth, and the purity of flavors and textures.” -Bruno Goussalt
    2. 2. Introduction In this project I will produce an in depth study of the culinary production system Sous Vide. I will also design a Sous Vide product based on the Risotto brief given to us by Watties.
    3. 3. The History &background ofCooking Under Pressure
    4. 4. BackgroundA short story of the earliest account ofSous Vide… With the idea in mind that food would benefit by less heat in cooking Count Rumford came up with an experiment to slow cook mutton under pressure. After waiting 3 hours he became frustrated with the result of his raw mutton and chucked it back in the water for the maids to clean, they had the idea that it wasn’t there job so left it. The next day the maids and Count Rumford come to the kitchen to find a perfectly cooked peace of mutton that was soft moist and full of flavour.
    5. 5. Time Line Sir BenjaminThompson in 1799 ----- Chef Georges Pralus Count Rumford 1967 – 19 74 1802 Food safe plastic films 1960s Bruno Goussault
    6. 6. Cultural History Corn husks were One of the most traditionaltossed onto glowing French preparation methods, embers in Mexico cooking en papillote, involves packaging food in a parchment paper envelope. . Whole pigs were slowly roasted underground in Hawaii Preparing food at low Early cultures in temperatures in China used clay sealed vessels is one pots to simmer of the oldest forms of tough meats cooking.
    7. 7. Brief To Produce A Product That Has A Risotto Starch Cooked Sous Vide For A Heat And Eat Style Product.
    8. 8. Risotto DevelopmentDay 1: testing the cooking times for RisottoDay 2: testing to see if pan then sous vide method worked and also sous vide 3 samples of chicken for correct cooking timeDay 3: testing components such as creamed leek and bacon soilDay 4: plating of dish with tweaks here and there
    9. 9. Dietary and Nutritional Information Can be easily edited to be a vegetarian dish, remove meat.
    10. 10. Costing information
    11. 11. Overall Analysis TenderNo Fuss Cooking Sensitive Flavourful Trail and error Fidgety Time Consuming Great
    12. 12. References • http://www.techne- .pdf • Posted by Pablo Escolar at 8/24/2010 08:00:00 AM Labels: Modernism, Molecular Gastronomy, Sous Vide storical-note-count-rumford.html • Under Preasure- Thomas Keller • on=recipe.display