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Tivoli garden residences


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Tivoli garden residences

  1. 1. Where Gardens Reach Up to the Sky
  2. 2. Imagine stepping away from the stressful urban jungle, into a peaceful, refreshing tropical garden reaching to the sky.
  3. 3. Experience living in Tivoli Garden Residences, the only high-rise garden community that provides access to lush Asian tropical sky-gardens. Now, young families with modest income can lead the modern condominium living perfectly combining the comforts of a rejuvenating garden community.
  4. 4. Why choose Tivoli Garden Residences? With the growing demand at work, a person tends to yearn for his home to have a relaxing, nature-rich surrounding. Being close to nature has a refreshing effect to highly-stressed individuals. Tivoli Garden Residences aims to answer this need and provide a sound investment to young professionals in the metro via its: – Modern In-City Living – Tropical modern design – Sky Patio – Country Club-like Amenities – Worry-free Everydays – DMCI Heritage and Quality Workmanship
  5. 5. Modern-in City Living • Situated in an ideal location that’s close to all your needs, Tivoli Garden Residences is set near the Makati-Mandaluyong Bridge. • It is just a few minutes away from the Makati, Mandaluyong and Ortigas business districts, letting its future residents save on travel time to and from work therefore, giving more time to what matters most, their family
  6. 6. Very accessible to the following areas: • International Airport: – Ninoy Aquino International Airport – 7.8 km. • Commercial Areas: – Ayala Shopping Center – 2.3 km – Rockwell Power Plant – 0.9 km • CBDs: – Makati CBD – 6 km. – Bonifacio Global City – 3.1 km. – Ortigas Center – 3 km • Hospital: – Makati Medical Center – 2 km. • Schools: – Assumption College – 3 km – La Salle School – 3.8 km – Ateneo Graduate School of Business - .9 km – Mapua 1.9 km – Colegio de Sta. Rosa – 1 km • BPO Hubs – Pacific Star Plaza – .75 km – RCBC – 1.5 km – People Support – 2 km
  7. 7. Tropical Modern Design Tivoli Garden Residences is a community designed to provide its residents with the comforts of modern living with a garden oriented environment. Distinct classical features of the structures such as its four-sided dome showcased at the roof of the clubhouse, entrance gates, verdant landscaping in and outside of the buildings and the unobstructed entry of natural light in its interior corridors are a complete contradiction to the cold, steel and glass structures of the other urban residential condominiums found in the metro.
  8. 8. Sky Patio Each of the six high-rise towers comes with atriums and plazas in every five floors, all contributing to the garden setting the development aims to evoke.
  9. 9. Residents within the five floors will have visual access to the central garden or the atriums. While residents of the first three floors can take full advantage of the plazas found at each side of the floor level. Units that would have direct access to the plazas are found at the first floor of every five floors. Whereas the two levels above will have units that would have direct visual access to such, having railings along the corridors. 6th -7th Floor Building Plan
  10. 10. Cross-section of plaza from outside
  11. 11. Front Elevation
  12. 12. Lower Ground Floor Building Plan
  13. 13. Ground Floor Building Plan
  14. 14. 2nd Floor Building Plan
  15. 15. 5th Floor Building Plan
  16. 16. 6th Floor Building Plan
  17. 17. 8th Floor Building Plan
  18. 18. Penthouse Floor Building Plan
  19. 19. Roof Deck Floor Plan
  20. 20. Country-club like Amenities • A myriad of country club- like amenities found across the different towers have been designed for each family member to enjoy. • The complex has allotted 15,400 sqm to well- landscaped open areas combining passive and active spots.
  21. 21. Worry-free Everyday • Day to day upkeep is never a problem with DMCI Homes’ Property Management Team, professionally-trained to look after the daily maintenance of the building structures, landscaping, facilities, common areas and amenities.
  22. 22. DMCI Heritage and Quality Workmanship DMCI Homes is the country's only triple A builder/developer that provides young upwardly mobile families of modest income with high quality homes in fully serviced, centrally located communities. D.M. CONSUNJI, INC.D.M. CONSUNJI, INC.
  23. 23. With a 50-year heritage of building some of the most recognized landmarks around the country, the same expertise and world class standards are offered with every DMCI Homes property. The passion to build projects with only the highest quality is relentless. The many years of experience in building landmarks gives DMCI Homes the unique ability to provide first rate construction techniques that other developers cannot allowing the company to build better homes faster.
  24. 24. In full detail
  25. 25. Urban Oasis This master planned urban oasis sits on a 2.7 hectare land, composed of 6 high- rise residential towers with a range of 24-28 residential levels. Bauhinia, the first tower will have 28 levels of all residential floors and will be ready for turn-over by January 2009. Eugenia and Heliconia buildings will be ready for turn-over on December 2010 and December 2011, respectively.
  26. 26. Tropical Towers in Focus Each level has an average of 15 to 16 varying unit types per floor.
  27. 27. All units will have their own balconies. Higher floors will have a view of: Manila Bay, Mandaluyong, Ortigas, or Makati skylines.
  28. 28. • Automatic fire sprinklers are provided for each unit. • Emergency back up power supply is available at hallways and elevators. While clubhouse remain fully operational during power black out. • Overhead water cistern on every building for ample water supply to residents. • Podium parking areas at Eugenia, Heliconia, Iris and Hibiscus Towers (B to E Towers)
  29. 29. • Single-loaded corridors give ultimate privacy to units owners. • Atriums can be found at the center of each building on every 5 floors whereas sky gardens are located on the first 3 floors of every 5 floors. These allow residents to have access or views of greens even inside the buildings. This encourages natural lighting and ventilation to come-in, exuding an airy ambiance. • Three high speed elevators are provided with one passenger elevator dedicated to bringing down garbage at certain points of the day minimizing unpleasant odor.
  30. 30. Choose from a variety of units suitable for your family. Because you know what you want… • 2-bedroom Typical Unit - 48 sq m or 48.5 sq m (2 units per floor) – Master’s Bedroom - 11.5 sq m – Bedroom 2 - 7 sq m – Kitchen - 5 sq m – Living / dining -19.5 sq m – Toilet and Bath - 5 sq m * Balcony – 6 sq m
  31. 31. • 2-bedroom (end unit) - 51.5 sq m – Master’s Bedroom - 12 sq m – Bedroom 2 - 8 sq m – Kitchen - 5 sq m – Toilet & Bath - 5 sq m – Living / dining - 21.5 sq m
  32. 32. • 3-bedroom Unit - 70 sq m or 70.5 sq m – Master’s Bedroom - 12 sq m – Bedroom 2 - 7 sq m – Bedroom 3 - 9.5 sq m – Master’s T & B - 5.5 sq m – Common T & B - 4 sq m – Living / dining - 27.5 sq m – Kitchen - 4.5 sq m
  33. 33. • 3-bedroom Unit (tandem) - 93 sq m – Master’s Bedroom - 21 sq m – Bedroom 2 - 9 sq m – Bedroom 3 - 12 sq m – Master’s T & B - 5.5 sq m – Common T & B - 5 sq m – Living / dining - 28 sq m – Kitchen - 6 sq m – Maid’s room - 6.5 sq m * Balcony - 6 sq m
  34. 34. Turn-over Finishes RESIDENTIAL AREA • Floor Finishes – Living, Dining & Kitchen Ceramic Tile with baseboard – Bedroom Laminated Wood Flooring System – Toilet Unglazed Ceramic Tiles • Wall Finishes – Interior Walls Painted Finish – Toilet Glazed ceramic tile, painted plain finish above tile • Ceiling Finishes – Living, Dining & Kitchen Painted plain cement finish – Bedrooms Painted plain cement finish – Stairwell Painted plain cement finish – Toilet Painted gypsum board ceiling • Kitchen Area Granite finish kitchen countertop with complete cabinet system
  35. 35. Turn-over Finishes • Door – Entrance Door Solid core mdf skin panel type door on metal jamb with aluminum screen door • – Bedroom Door Solid core mdf skin panel type door on metal jamb – Toilet Door Solid tkd framed panel type door on metal jamb • Windows Powder Coated • Finishing Hardware Lever type lockset for main entry & bedroom toilet and bath doors • Toilet and Kitchen Fixtures – Toilet Fixtures “Hawson” or approved equivalent – Toilet Exhaust “Broan” or approved equivalent – Kitchen Sink “Teka” or approved equivalent – Lavatory “Hawson” or approved equivalent – Shower Faucet & Fittings “ China” or approved equivalent – Soap Holder & Toilet Paper Holder “China” or approved equivalent
  36. 36. Community that Works! Trained professionals from DMCI Homes’ Property Management Team is more than willing to extend utmost assistance to all residents to ensure safety and peace of mind: • Application of telephone, electricity, cable or internet of the purchased units. Forms can just be submitted to PMO and application will be processed for the residents. • Installation of curtains, aircon system • Checking and fixing of electricity outlets, cleaning of aircon units • Facilitating meetings and community programs such as Family Day, Christmas Party, Halloween • 24-hour strict security monitoring
  37. 37. Affordable Rates From P 2.7 M to 4.6 M
  38. 38. Country Club-like Amenities Bauhinia (Tower A) Sky Lounge
  39. 39. Country Club-like Amenities Clubhouse Amenities Lounge Area Convenience Store Videoke Room Game Room Children’s Center Function Room Business Center Meeting Room Gym Central Amenities Area Lap Pool Kiddie Pool Leisure Pool Pool Deck Playground Activity Area
  40. 40. CLUBHOUSE
  42. 42. Country Club-like Amenities Podium in between Iris and Hibiscus (Tower D & E) A. Basketball Court B. Badminton Court
  43. 43. Country Club-like Amenities Within the parking podium of Eugenia and Heliconia (Towers B & C) a. Water Refilling Station b. Laundry Pick Up Service
  44. 44. Our core target market and their triggers
  45. 45. Single / Young Urban Professionals EMOTIONAL NEED BENEFIT ACTIVITIES & EXPERIENCE LINK TO PRODUCT / AMENITIES Career-minded individuals like yourself are looking for a peaceful home that is not too far from your place of work. They aim to achieve a balance between work and home life. Being near to your place of work makes a big difference. You reach the office still fresh, energized and ready to face the challenges of the day, without feeling too tired brought by long travel time. Same thing happens when you reach home in the evening, you still have enough time to meet up and bond with friends or just enjoy a longer ‘me’ time. Situated within a 30-km radius to the major business district of Makati and city of Mandaluyong, you get to save on travel time allowing you to have more free time friends and self. It is a few minutes away from Makati CBD, Mandaluyong, Ortigas and Rockwell Center (near commercial establishments) Has 24-hour access to public transportation, and easy access to MRT & LRT as well as major thoroughfares like: EDSA, C5
  46. 46. Single / Young Urban Professionals EMOTIONAL NEED BENEFIT ACTIVITIES & EXPERIENCE LINK TO PRODUCT / AMENITIES Young highly-stressed individuals who are exposed to a demanding work life, there is a need to come home to a place that exudes a relaxing ambiance brought about by the greens and verdant landscaping and gardens. With the lush greenery that greets you as you enter your community and even meets you as you go up the unit, there is enough to make a resident feel recharged. This makes one’s feel more productive since he has enough energy to do what he wants to do even after office. Relax and unwind in Tivoli Garden Residences Sky Lounge and enjoy the magnificent views of the city while you marvel in its abundantly-landscaping, just a step outside the lounge. Take a dip after a hectic day in the office at the swimming pool Perfectly end your day with friends in indoor or alfresco dining area Resort-like amenities: Swimming pool / wading pool Indoor and Alfresco Dining Sky Lounge
  47. 47. Early Nesters (30 to 40 years old / starting a family) EMOTIONAL NEED BENEFIT ACTIVITIES & EXPERIENCE LINK TO PRODUCT / AMENITIES When starting a family, a major consideration is the environment and security of the kids while they are away The very peaceful and safe environment serves as a natural and suitable setting for a starting family. In Tivoli Garden Condominiums, residents are assured that their toddlers / children can grow up in a very peaceful and safe environment, distancing them from the chaos of in-city living. 24-hour security Gated entrance Perimeter fence
  48. 48. Early Nesters (30 to 40 years old / starting a family) EMOTIONAL NEED BENEFIT ACTIVITIES & EXPERIENCE LINK TO PRODUCT / AMENITIES Living in a high-rise property does not feel cramped or claustrophobic With ample open, landscaped areas combined with a resort-like amenities, I am assured that my kid will not be confined within the four corners of my unit. With open landscaping, sky-garden, it will be conducive for my kids’ curiosity in learning more about his environment. A kid can explore his environment nurture his inquisitive mind 70:30 open space to building footprint Lush landscaped area at the ground floor, Variety of activities can enjoy at the amenity area Tropical sky gardens every five floors Single-loaded corridors for exclusivity, with atrium allowing natural flow of light and ventillation
  49. 49. Full Nesters (41 – 45 yrs. old / with children in grade school) EMOTIONAL NEED BENEFIT ACTIVITIES & EXPERIENCE LINK TO PRODUCT / AMENITIES As working parents, you often have to leave your children at home. This is never an easy thing to do, as this leaves you worrying about them the whole day. You want to be able to find a home where you are assured that your children are always secure. The gated entrance with 24- hour security assures you that your children are safe at all times, giving you peace of mind while at work. Here in Tivoli Garden Condominiums, residents are assured that their toddlers can grow up in a very peaceful and safe environment, distancing them from the chaos of in- city living. Gated entrance 24-hour security Perimeter fence
  50. 50. Full Nesters (41 – 45 yrs. old / with children in grade school) As a parent, you want to spend as much time with your children as possible, sharing bonding moments and activities that the whole family can enjoy. The relaxing ambience provides a venue for bonding between you and your children. Shoot hoops with your kids after work at the basketball court. Catch up on your kids’ day while you have a snack and chat with them by the poolside. Resort-like amenities EMOTIONAL NEED BENEFIT ACTIVITIES & EXPERIENCE LINK TO PRODUCT / AMENITIES
  51. 51. Question and Answer