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LA Verti project brief sales

  2. 2. PROJECT OVERVIEW Address : 1991 Taft Ave., Pasay City Land Area : 1‐Hectare(10,086 SQM.) Type of Development : High‐rise Residential Condominium ‐ 2 Buildings 41‐Storeys each ‐ 35 Residential Floors + 6‐Level Parking Podium Unit Types : Studio, 1‐BR, 2‐BR & 3‐BR  Total Units : 1,380 Units (690 Units per Building) Total Parking Slots : 507 Parking (36.74% or 1:3 Ratio) Building Footprint : 40% of Lot Area Open Space : 60% of Lot Area Price : 1.8M – 5M
  3. 3. The  project  is  located  in  Pasay City,  bounded  by  Donada St. on the West and  Taft Ave. on the East. Manila Bay View Makati-Ortigas Skyline View LOCATION
  4. 4. • BUSINESS DISTRICT o Makati – 1.5 km o Roxas Blvd – 750m • COMMERCIAL o SM Mall of Asia– 3.5 km o Robinson Malate – 2.7m o Harrison Plaza– 1.3km • SCHOOLS o St. Scholastica– 1.2 km o La Salle – 1 km • HOSPITALS • Manila Sanitarium– across the street of LVR • Philippine General Hospital • Ospital ng Maynila DISTANCES
  6. 6. MARKET LANDSCAPE • The  Pasay‐Taft‐Manila  area  has  a  number  of  condominium  developments  catering to students, foreigners and the investor market. Developments in the  area offer mostly studio and one‐bedroom unit inventories. These competing  projects usually feature a commercial component within the development but  are  limited  in  terms  of  open  space  areas  and  amenities.  Unit  areas  usually  range within the following: ‐Studio:  22‐28 sqm ‐2 BR:  46‐65 sqm ‐1 BR:  22‐48 sqm ‐3 BR:  48‐63 sqm • Price range for condominium projects in the area range from 1.6M to 2.5 M for  Studio and 1 BR units while 2 BR to 3BR units range from 3M to 6M.  • Most  developments  in  the  area  are  marketed  as  ideal  halfway  homes  for  professionals,  investors  and  the  academe.  Most  offer  convenience‐friendly  services  and  features  designed  to  make  living  worry‐free  and  comfortable.  Leasing  opportunities  and  rental  potential  are  also  part  of  these  projects’ marketing propositions. 
  7. 7. • Based on a product concept test conducted among probable target market, the  project will appeal to a viable market of end‐users and upgraders. The project  will emerge as the first to offer a viable and ideal residential option for families  looking to upgrade to a new home in the area.  • The marketing communications slant that will appeal most is one which speaks  to those seeking for “a modern living at its most refreshing”. • La Verti is one of the select condominium developments in the area to offer  extensive top‐class ground‐level amenities providing a resort‐feel. • La Verti can also claim an advantage in terms of exclusivity and security as the  project is a fully‐gated community with amenities and shops available only to  residents.  • The  La  Verti has one  of the most competitive prices in  the  area  in  terms  of  value for money (price/sqm, amenities & location, quality). MARKET LANDSCAPE
  8. 8. VALUE PROPOSITION WHAT : An exclusive high‐rise residential community offering fresh & ideal  lifestyle options HOW : Through an innovative mix of resort‐type features and hyper‐ amenities WHO : For the career‐driven yet family‐oriented, moderately‐earning Filipino  decision‐makers WHY : Desiring a comfortable, secure and high‐quality home  WHERE : Located in the central Roxas Blvd‐Taft/Pasay‐Buendia area WHEN : In a time of increasing cramped and limited condominium spaces
  10. 10. Breathing spaces through Landscaping and the  LUMIVENTTE DESIGN TECHNOLOGY The project features a unique tower plan that optimizes natural light and ventilation  into the living spaces. Balconies in all units provide homeowners their own quiet spot  to enjoy their surroundings and the city views. Landscaped Sky Patio’s every five floors  further enhances the resort like atmosphere throughout the entire building.
  11. 11. Modern and Innovative Expressions for  Varied Lifestyles Here, residents will discover that resort like and medium density‐living can  merge  with  innovative  building  design  features  and  well  conceived  space  planning which in turn caters to the home‐seekers’ perception of urban high  rise living.
  12. 12. First Rate Amenities and Open Spaces With a 40:60 building footprint to open space ratio, homeowners will experience a welcoming ambience  as they are greeted, upon entering the property, by ground level amenity areas and expansive open  spaces not found in other condominium projects. First rate amenities include, gazebos, adult swimming  pool,  kiddie pool,  tree  court,  playground,  basketball  court,  fitness  gym,  game  room,  videoke room,  function hall, lounge / open social hall, podium garden, deck garden and the Sky Lounge. From  the  hotel  – like  lobby,  landscaped  open  spaces,  social  halls  and  entertainment  areas  to  the  topmost floor, social interaction, career and lifestyle enhancements for residents are possible all year  round 
  13. 13. Strategic Location and City Skyline Views Location  is  ideally  situated  at  the  converging  point  of  Manila‐Pasay‐Makati.  The  project is at the heart of the city and within striking distance of all landmark cultural,  commercial, business and educational locations in the metro.  Aside from the Makati Central Business District, commercial establishments such as  Robinson’s Malate, SM Manila and the Mall of Asia are no more than 3.5 Kilometers away. Educational Institutions such as the De La Salle University, UP Manila and St.  Scholastica along  with  prominent  cultural  and  arts  destinations,  the  CCP  Complex,  Intramuros, museums, the Roxas Blvd. district and the Rizal Coliseum are all within a 2  kilometer reach.
  14. 14. A Worthwhile Investment Centrally located, travel time from home to commercial and lifestyle hubs or  business  establishments  are  minimized  thus  saving  up  on  gas  mileage.  Its  close proximity to schools provides the option of renting out their units to  students  or  professionals  working  in  the  immediate  area.  Families  with  children studying or working in the area have the option as well to use their  unit as halfway homes. All these benefits are well within an affordable pricing  package indicative of the developer.
  15. 15. Efficient Property Management  within a Secure Environment To free residents from everyday worries, a property management team shall  oversee  the  management  of  daily  services,  upkeep  and  maintenance of  perimeter grounds and building features, all within the comforts of a secured  enclave in the city.
  17. 17. Primary Target Market A. Demographics  – Modern,  upwardly‐mobile,  young  start‐up  families/young       professionals  and  some  upgraders from  the  Buendia‐Pasay‐Taft,  Manila  area  who  desire an ideal home environment within the  city. They are the ones who look for  halfway homes from work and school.  B. Psychographics – These are people looking for independence, and ready to build  their  families.  They  seek  to  provide  the  best  home  environment  for  their  families  while pursuing their flourishing professional careers. 
  18. 18. Personification Allan  and  Victoria  have  been  married  for  12  years.  The  couple  are  both  resident  doctors in Ospital ng Maynila. They’ve been blessed with two lovely daughters, 8 year  old Patricia and 5 year old Nicole, both are studying in St. Scholastica’s College Manila. Ever since the couple started a family they lived with Allan’s parents’ in their Palanan,  Makati residence  because  of  proximity  to  their  work  place  and  to  their children's  school. As  they  live  in  a  congested  place,  the  couple  makes  sure  that  they  bring  their  daughters out of town during weekends so they can feel refreshed, relaxed and ready  to go to back school.
  19. 19. NEEDS & BENEFIT ANALYSIS Emotional Need Benefit Activities & Experience Link to Product/ Amenity Young start-up family aims to have a work-personal life – harmony to nurture their growing relationship Urban family in search for upgrading to a better home A startup family searching for a good home deal that would allow them to still keep the life they lead and be able to pursue other interests. A family of achievers, busy with their budding careers who still yearns to spend their time away from work with the family A family looking for ways to unwind and relax after a hard day’s work Accessibility to the workplace. Travel time are minimized, gives you more time to do the activities you love at home & at work. A community that ensures ones security & worry-free living A true value-for-money purchase that gives you a lot at a price that will not empty your bank account. Spend quality time with family and lead a hassle-free life, let the PMO take care of the little things for you Enjoy an “alone” time to de- stress inside the community Get home early to have enough good quality time to enjoy preparing dinner and other bonding moments with your loved ones Come home to a secure environment. Leave home with less worries as the community presents a safe environment. Live the life as you always did and not worry on where to get your next down payment Enjoy bonding moments with friends and relatives and plan a family leisure activity at the sky lounge Chill out at the podium garden or at The Observatory for the needed “me” time Introspect while gazing at the stars or at the majestic view of the city at the sky garden/sky lounge, enjoy a dip in the pool, take a breather at the podium garden Strategic Location 24 HR security, guarded entrance gate Reasonably priced units with Flexible payment terms Upgraded Property Management services Amenities
  20. 20. Secondary Target Market A. Demographics – Those who desire to invest in ideal halfway homes for immediate  or  future  use.  These  include  parents  seeking  for  the  right  second  home  for  their  children  who  will  soon  be  studying  and/or  working  in  the  city  as well  as  out‐of‐ towners or OFWs who are looking at having a second home in the city. B. Psychographics – These are people who are already financially established. They  are generally practical‐minded people who now seek the best things that money can  buy for them and their families. They are supportive parents who wish to provide only  the best for their children. They value quality living and are willing to pay the price if  the product is worth it.
  21. 21. Mike, 31 years old, is a graduate of International Academy of Film and Television in  Cebu. He is now one of the top Art Directors in a multinational Ad Agency. He lived in  an old studio apartment upon transferring to the cramped city of Manila.  Since Mike has a passion for collecting classic movies he bought the most advanced  home theatre. He also showed more interest in photography when he started working  in Manila. He would eventually love to have a home that has a great view of the city’s  skyline Personification
  22. 22. NEEDS & BENEFIT ANALYSIS Emotional Need Benefit Activities & Experience Link to Product/ Amenity Young professionals yearning for a secured & peaceful environment for his immediate plans of having a family Parents who wants to own a second home for their kids who will soon have to attend to high school or college in nearby institutions in the area OFWs looking for a second home for their family located within the city and accessible to important areas and still gives comfort to everyone A family looking for ways to unwind and relax after a hard day’s work Secured environment in a resort-like themed community No need to travel long hours as the community is nearby private & exclusive institutions for the kids to attend to. Accessible to exclusive schools, modern hospitals, popular malls, etc. that offers amenities that the whole family will enjoy Enjoy an “alone” time to de-stress inside the community Enjoy a safe stroll inside the community with family members. Less worries for the busy parents Have enough time to bring & fetch your kids to school before & after going to work. Take a dip with you and your kids in the pool or enjoy game time at the entertainment room, enjoy a fit lifestyle with the use of the gym, relax and just have fun Chill out at the podium garden or at The Observatory for the needed “me” time Introspect while gazing at the stars or at the majestic view of the city at the sky garden/sky lounge, enjoy a dip in the pool, take a breather at the podium garden 24-hr security Gated Entrance Perimeter Fence Strategic Location Strategic location Amenities Amenities
  24. 24. Land Area: 1-Hectare (10,086 sq.m.) Building Height: 131.7 m (approx.) Perimeter Fence Height: 2.5-3 m East Entrance Main Entrance SITE DEVELOPMENT PLAN
  25. 25. AMENITY CONCEPT The building is purposely built to occupy only half of the lot in order to give‐ way to having a large open space for outdoor amenities.  This  aims  to  provide  a  genuine  Resort  Environment  within  the  City where  residents can experience a Park‐Like Atmosphere with amenities that open  up to the sky and keep them in touch with the outdoors.
  26. 26. “Modern Contemporary” Style is mainly progressively current  and not typecast to any period or  influence. It is characterized by: • Emphasis on massing and  proportion •Devoid of ostentatious decorations  or “unnecessary detail” •Clean, uncluttered façade  treatment •Building façade is articulated by the  play of colors, form and texture ARCHITECTURAL THEME
  28. 28. Outdoor Amenities
  29. 29. Pool Area
  30. 30. Children’s Play Ground
  31. 31. Basketball Court
  32. 32. Tree Court Area
  34. 34. Multi‐Function Hall
  35. 35. Game Room
  36. 36. Fitness Gym
  37. 37. Sky Lounge
  39. 39. Porte Cochere
  40. 40. Hotel‐like Lobby
  41. 41. LUMIVENTTE Technology It is breakthrough system by DMCI Homes that is built to maximize natural light and air‐flow into  every unit promising comfortable and healthier living everyday
  42. 42. Atrium
  43. 43. Podium Garden
  44. 44. OTHER BUILDING FEATURES •CCTV in common areas  •Wi‐Fi ready indoor amenity area •Provision for individually metered utility and cable connections for each unit •Stand‐by power generator •Automatic fire sprinkler and fire suppression system •Fire alarm system  •Centralized mail room •Single loaded hallway  •5 High Speed Elevators per bldg 
  46. 46. Main Gate with Guard House and Car Barrier
  47. 47. Laundry Pick‐up Station
  48. 48. OTHER DEVELOPMENT FEATURES • Perimeter fence • Garbage holding area • Water Station • Security Office
  49. 49. PROPERTY MANAGEMENT  SERVICES • Security for common areas • Utilities application assistance • General maintenance of common areas • Acts as liaison between the developer and the owner • Events organizing
  50. 50. UNIT LAY‐OUTS
  51. 51. Typical Studio Unit Approx 24 sqm with balcony sq.m. sq.ft. Dining/Hallway 7.00 75.35 Kitchen 5.50 59.20 Bed Area 8.00 86.11 T&B 3.50 37.67 T otal 24.00 258.33 Balcony 4.50 48.44 AR E A DISCLAIMER: SPECIFICATIONS HEREIN ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT PRIOR NOTICE
  52. 52. Typical 1 Bedroom Approx 31 sqm sq.m. sq.ft. Dining/Hallway 11.00 74.47 Kitchen 4.50 48.43 Bed Area 11.50 123.78 T&B 4.00 43.05 T otal 31.00 289.73 AR E A DISCLAIMER: SPECIFICATIONS HEREIN ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT PRIOR NOTICE
  53. 53. 2-Bedroom B (Mid Unit) Approx 48 sqm with balcony sq.m. sq.ft. Living/Dining 14.50 156.07 Kitchen/Hallway 10.00 107.63 Bedroom 1 10.00 107.63 Bedroom 2 8.00 86.11 T&B 5.50 59.20 T otal 48.00 516.64 Balcony 9.00 96.88 AR E A DISCLAIMER: SPECIFICATIONS HEREIN ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT PRIOR NOTICE
  54. 54. Typical 3-Bedroom End Unit Approx 66 sqm with balcony sq.m. sq.ft. Living/Dining 25.00 269.10 Kitchen/Hallway 6.00 64.58 Bedroom 1 12.00 129.17 Bedroom 2 8.00 86.11 Bedroom 3 6.00 64.58 T&B 1 5.00 53.82 T&B 2 4.00 43.06 Total 66.00 710.42 Balcony 9.00 96.88 ARE A DISCLAIMER: SPECIFICATIONS HEREIN ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT PRIOR NOTICE
  55. 55. UNIT FINISHES Studio & 1BR Units 2BR Unit 3BR Unit Living / Dining / Kitchen Vinyl Planks with baseboard Bedrooms Toilet & Bath Balcony Interior Walls Toilet & Bath Living / Dining / Kitchen / Bedrooms Toilet & Bath KITCHEN AREA Entrance Door Bedroom Door n/a Toilet Door Balcony Door WINDOWS Aluminum framed glass panel (where applicable) Wooden dooe with louver on metal jamb Aluminum framed glass panel (where applicable) Wooden door on metal jamb Wooden panel door on metal jamb Granite finish countertop with complete cabinet system Painted ficemboard finish Painted plain cement finish 40x40cm Ceramic tiles with baseboard FLOOR FINISHES DOORS WALL FINISHES CEILING FINISHES 30x30cm Ceramic tiles with pebble wash-out 20x20cm Unglazed Ceramic tiles Vinyl Planks with baseboard Painted plain cement finish above tile Painted finish
  56. 56. UNIT FINISHES Studio & 1BR Units 2BR Unit 3BR Unit Entrance Lockset Bedroom Lockset n/a Toilet Lockset Water Closet Lavatory Wall-hung lavatory Under counter type lavatory Under counter type lavatory Wall-hung semi-pedestal type for common toilet Shower Head and Fittings Holder Kitchen Sink Single bowl stainless steel Kitchen Faucet and Fittings Toilet Exhaust Kitchen Exhaust Provision for rangehood Ceiling-mounted exhaust fan Lever-type Wall-mounted exhaust fan TOILET AND KITCHEN FIXTURES Top flush, one-piece type Exposed shower and mixer type White, recessed type Single bowl stainless steel with drainboard FINISHING HARDWARE Lever type keyed lockset Lever type keyed lockset Lever type privacy lockset * Mirror Cabinet will be provided for Studio and 1BR units
  57. 57. UNIT MIX AND PRICE RANGE Unit Types Unit  Mix % Price Studio (24 to 28.5 sqm) 240 35% PHP 1.8 Mn – 2.4 Mn 1BR (28 to 31 sqm) 80 12% PHP 1.8 Mn – 2.6 Mn 2BR (48 to 56 sqm) 270 39% PHP 3.4 Mn – 4.2 Mn 3BR (66 sqm) 100 14% PHP 4.7 Mn – 5.0 Mn 690 100% North Tower
  58. 58. PAYMENT TERMS AND OTHER  SELLING DETAILS Reservation Fee  Php 20,000 Minimum Downpayment 20% New payment scheme will apply: 10% discount in cash payment 4% discount on 30‐70 payment term  5% discount on 40‐60 payment term  6% discount on 50‐50 payment term  No discount on 20‐80 payment term Balance may be settled through in‐house or bank financing. 2% PDC discount will be applied provided complete documents and PDCs are  submitted within 30 days from reservation date. 2% rebate (based on list price) will be given to the buyer after release of loan  from the bank.
  59. 59. WHY CHOOSE LA VERTI? •• The only exclusive and highlyThe only exclusive and highly‐‐secured residential highsecured residential high‐‐rise tower in Taft Avenue.rise tower in Taft Avenue. •• The only property that offers The only property that offers LumiventteLumiventte Technology. Technology.  •• The property offers The property offers 40:60 building footprint to open space ratio. •• The property offers single loaded hallways, Atrium Parks and SkThe property offers single loaded hallways, Atrium Parks and Sky Patios.y Patios. •• La Verti is one of the select condominium developments in the area to offer     extensive top‐class ground‐level amenities providing a resort‐feel. • The La Verti has one of the most competitive prices in the area in terms of  value for money (price/sqm, amenities & location, quality). •• Quality turnQuality turn‐‐over finish.over finish. •• Presence of Property Management group upon turnover of unit .Presence of Property Management group upon turnover of unit .
  60. 60. Your Green Getaway in the Urban JungleYour Green Getaway in the Urban Jungle …….. It’s a home surrounded by greenery where natural light  and  air,  flow  everywhere,  with  resort‐style  amenities  and  modern  conveniences  within  reach.  It’s  the  perfect  setting  for those who want to change and enhance their way of life.  …….. Despite all the commotion around us, you know you have  nothing  to  be  stressed  about.  Because  when  you  come  home,  you  know  that  the  important  people  and  things  in  your  life  are  around  you  in  a  relaxed  and  comfortable  atmosphere.  ........ Take  a  breather  from  the  exhausting  daily  grind.  Come  home  and  relax  in  a  place  where  nature  and  modern  conveniences meet. It’s a new way of living ‐‐‐ recharge and  revitalize your life here! ....Where life takes you to a refreshing direction. La Verti…
  61. 61. ““I need a breather everyday I need a breather everyday  to deto de‐‐stress.stress.”” The consumer insight...