STARTERS                 Sizzling chili salt squid                                  Aubergine terrine*                 Sce...
IN BETWEENPLATTERS FOR TWO                                              SOUPS, BROTH & CHOWDERSSushi & sashimi            ...
FROM THE GRILLMEAT & POULTRY                                                                                      FISH & S...
SUGAR FIX                 Honey nut nougat			                           Bitter chocolate mousse                 Sugared pe...
Edmond Fallot mustard selection                                                          MUSTARDSDijon mustard            ...
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Sunset Menu Aug 2011


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Sunset restaurant, the best beef, the best seafood prepared any way you wish..sublime experience for the discerning diner.

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Sunset Menu Aug 2011

  1. 1. STARTERS Sizzling chili salt squid Aubergine terrine* Scehzean spice, ginger, tendrils, garlic, Mediterranean infused, zuccuni, chili citrus marmalade roasted red peppers, roasted garlic $ 26 confit, olive tapenade, $ 23 Green tea smoked salmon Miso jelly, nori sails, cured cucumber salsa, Salt and pepper Tofu yuzu and black sesame aioli Wok fried with pickled bean sprouts, $ 26 heirloom tomato, Japanese dressing $ 21 Crabmeat & avocado salad Watercress custard, mixed greens, Caesar tree wakame, flying fish roe caviar Romaine lettuce bacon lardons, $ 28 parmesan wafer, garlic croutons, Caesar dressing Black rice risotto $ 23 Baby capers, medley of forest mushroom, porcini dust, pecorino waife Grilled prawns $ 24 Garlic, lemon, Spanish sherry, parsley butter Lobster tian $ 24 Fresh mango, avocado, peperonata, pomegranate fondue $ 29 *vegetarianPrices are in US$, subject to 10% service charge and T-GST.
  2. 2. IN BETWEENPLATTERS FOR TWO SOUPS, BROTH & CHOWDERSSushi & sashimi Asian style fish brothRolled sushi maki (salmon, vegetable), Ginger and coriander flavoured fish brothreef fish and eel nigiri sushi, served with home made fish dumplingsiced tuna sashimi with Japanese ginger, $ 21radish pickles,lobster tail, Seafood chowderlangoustines, Clam chowder with seafood, saffron, garlicwasabi and soy sauce croutons and drizzled with chili oil$ 39 $ 25 Coconut kokonda (chilled)Chilled seafood Fresh local seafood infused w coconut,Chilled poached gambas, lime juice, ginger, mint and corianderyellow fin tuna sashimi, $ 28lobster medallions,Sevruga caviar, Gnocchi cappuccinoMarennes d’Oléron oysters, Shaved black truffle, hand rolled potatoScottish salmon, dumplings porcini frothsnow crab, $ 25clams,potted shrimps,Moreton bay bugs,jumbo langoustines$ 89All chilled seafood is served on the rocks with cognacflavoured roasted tomato aioli, Tabasco, chili sauce,soy sauce, shallot vinaigrette, sun dried tomatoes,capers condiments and spicy mayonnaise.Prices are in US$, subject to 10% service charge and T-GST.
  3. 3. FROM THE GRILLMEAT & POULTRY FISH & SEAFOODLager fed Tasmanian lamb loin, Darne of yellow-fin tuna,Moroccan spice, honey chick peas, avocado, tomato pearls, micro herbs, chilibalsamic syrup fried egg, tamarind custard$ 48 $ 43Kurabota pork rack, Water prawns, simply grilled,fennel apple relish, wasabi mash, gingered brandy butter, tomato rice pilafchartreuse jus $ 43$ 47 Sesame sea scallops,Air aged Australian Wagyu, wakame, watermelon lime salsa, ponzushitake fritters, horseradish custard, black truffle mayo$ 85 $ 44Black Angus striploin, Maldivian lobster,olive pommes tarte au tain, chocolaté jus gras Cajun spice, potato puree, asparagus$ 43 picada $ 49Margret duck breast,pickled Japanese cucumber, five spice, star anise Hiramasa filet,$ 41 cauliflower purée, saffron bouillon, seaweed gardenCorn fed chicken, $ 45goat’s cheese tian, lemon polenta,roasted red peppers Catch of the day,$ 43 French fries, caper aioli, citrus beurre blancAll meat & poultry are served with two of your following $ 42choices: mashed potatoes, marinated grilled vegetables,mixed green salad with olive oil and lime. All fish & seafood are served with two of your follow-All meat & poultry are also served with one choice of the ing choices: mashed potatoes with marinated grilledfollowing sauces: red wine, béarnaise, bbq, mushroom or vegetables or jasmine rice or mixed green salad withgreen peppercorn. olive oil and lime.Mixed seafood platter for twoWhole grilled lobster, king prawns, Maldivian reef fish, sautéed clams, scampi, scallops, fried soft shell crab,halibut filet, large langoustines on the plancha $ 265All served with lemon, marinated grilled vegetables, jasmine rice, Maldivian condiments with coconut milk.Prices are in US$, subject to 10% service charge and T-GST.
  4. 4. SUGAR FIX Honey nut nougat Bitter chocolate mousse Sugared peach, Dehydrated orange, sesame toffee, almond brittle, meringue clouds marshmallow logs $ 19 $ 18 Caramel date tarte Goats cheese licorice twists Candied popcorn, Vanilla jam, butterscotch nage, red onion relish, jindi double crème baked brioche $ 17 $ 19 Pineapple Martini Honeycomb, passion fruit custard, macadamia glass $ 18Prices are in US$, subject to 10% service charge and T-GST.
  5. 5. Edmond Fallot mustard selection MUSTARDSDijon mustard Other mustard varietiesWater, mustard seeds, vinegard, salt,spice. Pommery mustard, Meaux, FranceFood match: grilled red meat, lamb, Has been served at the tables of French Kings since 1632.cold cuts. The secret recipe belonged to the religious order of MeauxProperly the most famous mustard. and was passed on to the Pommery family in 1760 who to this day, closely guard its secret recipe. It is a deliciouslySeed style mustard grainy. Beautiful spread on a fine, aged cheese like aWater, mustard seeds, white wine French Comte or Italian Parmigiano Reggiano.vinegard, salt, mustard seed husks,sugar, spices. Vitlis Graspeed mustard, GermanyFood match: cheese like Parmigiano Fine combination of mustard seeds, grape seeds,Reggiano, Manchego, cold cuts, grape seed oil and honey gives this mustard its uniqueprosciutto or Iberico ham. taste. Produced only with organic ingredients it is a perfect accompany for grilled white meat like pork,Honey & gingerbread Dijon mustard chicken, veal dishes or crocodile.Water, mustard seeds, vinegard,honey, salt, sugar, gingerbread from Barlauch mustard, natur back, GermanyDijon, spices, natural extracts of plant Bear’s garlic or also called wild garlic it’s the mainand fruit. flavor in this very special mustard. It’s also based onFood Match: duck, lamb or grilled solely organic products its goes especially well withpork dishes. cold cuts, cured hams but also with grilled dark meat dishes like beef steaks, venison or lamb.Honey & balsamic mustardWater, mustard seeds, sugar, spirit Kloster Ruhn wild herbs mustard, Germanyvinegar, honey, salt, Balsamic vinegard Made from a secret recipe hold by the monks offrom Modena, citric acid, spice. Kloster Rühn for over 100 years. Main ingredients areFood match: must try with grilled a variety of 22 carefully selected herbs grown in theduck, venison or glazed chicken monasteries own garden. Very good with cold cuts,breast. grilled chicken and grilled red meat.Tarragon Dijon mustard Banyuls mustard, FranceWater, mustard seeds, vinegard, salt, Made with the locally famous Banyuls sweet wine frommustard seed husks, aromatic herbs, the Pyrenees region. This mustard has slight sweet, savoryleaves of tarragon, natural flavour of taste. Best with slightly sweeter meat like duck or venisontarragon, citric acid, sugar, spices. but also good with cheese like Manchego or Pecorino.Food match: try it with grilled tunaor crocodile meat and you will be Dusseldorfer Urtyp mustard, Germanysurprised. Produced since 1726 in Germany’s oldest mustard mile. Made of brown and yellow mustard seed it has aBlackcurrant Dijon mustard strong hot and malt flavor. Best with BBQ red meats,Water, mustard seeds, white wine, sausages or pork.vinegard, blackcurrant cream from Dijon,salt, natural flavour of blackcurrant, Colman’s English mustard (hot) , England, UKmustard seed husks. Colman’s Mustard, a uniquely prepared blend of mustardFood match: match it with slightly seed that produces a flavorful heat sensation, is widelysweeter meat like venison, duck and recognized as the English Mustard in the UK. Try it withpork. grilled steak or lamb you won’t be disappointed.